Rhian is shocked to see Amelia in Corazon’s cooking class | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Hello, Ma’am? Hello, Rhian? How are you? I’m fine. That’s good to hear. I forgot that you’re holding
cooking classes today. You don’t have to come here
if you’re busy, Rhian. No, I mean… I’ll be dropping by
once my shift ends. Wonderful. I’ll see
you later, then. Yes, Ma’am. Okay, bye. Tell Tonyo to clean
the pool, okay? Okay. Where’s Tiago? He went to the resthouse. Just tell him
I’m coming home late once he gets back. What if he asks me
what you’ve been up to? Tell him I went out
to catch a snake. You have
to remember that skill is just
one aspect of cooking. Going with your gut feel and having a keen
sense of taste are just as important. Keep in mind that skills
can be taught, but feelings can’t. Think about it, if we’re happy and
passionate about what we’re doing, our cooking
would reflect that. – Am I right?
– Yes. Now, the first dish
we’ll be making– Oh, sorry! Sorry! Excuse me. Am I late? Amelia, what brings
you here? I’m here to learn from
the master herself. About how she used her
charm to convince my husband. I’m joking! Seriously, I’m here for
cooking lessons, Corazon. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t mind, of course. Shall we start? Please give her a hairnet. Like I said, it’s all about
personal taste. So you can add as much salt and pepper
to taste. Now, all we have to do
is wait for it to simmer. And let’s have a break while doing so. Be back after
10 minutes, okay? Thank you, Ma’am. Sorry. Excuse me. Ma’am? Oh, Rhian. Sorry I’m late, I was busy. It’s okay. You can join us
in making the next dish. Lesson’s already done? Wait, you’re that nurse. We’ve met a few times already. You were at the
fundraising event too, right? Amelia, this is Rhian. She’s one of my… …students here in
my cooking class. She also helps me prepare, and clean up after
cooking sessions. Wow, how sweet. You two are really
close, huh? I’m sure you’re a
great cook by now. Maybe you could teach me
whenever you’re free? You might know some things
that we don’t. I don’t think
I know that much. All I know are the things
Ma’am Corazon taught me. That’s all I know so far. It looks like you’re
getting used to this. What about your job? Oh, I’ll never quit my job. That’s my sworn duty. And I will perform my duty
until the very end. I sure hope so. Excuse me. I said, excuse me.

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