Restaurant Week Hawaii Menu Preview – Diamond Head Market & Grill

– As we make our way to our next stop, what you might not know
about Hawaii Restaurant Week is that the proceeds support the Culinary Institute of the Pacific which is a place near and
dear to our next chef’s heart, and it’s right down the street. (upbeat music) So now, I’m in the Lexus UX hybrid. Now, this baby gets up
to 41 miles per gallon, and if you’re headed out for
a night out with your friends or you wanna go on your favorite hike, it’s the ultimate crossover. Well, I am with famous,
award-winning, Kelvin Ro from Diamond Head Market and Grill. And you also wear another hat over at the Culinary
Institute of the Pacific, and tell me why that’s
so important to you. – Well, I actually am helping to build the Culinary Institute up there at KCC, and we’ve been working on
it for about 20 years now. And we’re so glad that we have this venue of Restaurant Week Hawaii
as our benefit every year, showcasing all the restaurants around town and promoting them. – You know, we’re actually in
your restaurant development studio kitchen, and tell us
what you’re gonna be preparing for your Restaurant Week specials. – So this year, for
Restaurant Week Hawaii, we’re going to do a spicy
and sweet Korean chicken and kalbi ribs combination, and it comes with a garden salad. It’s actually a romaine
salad with our house honey mustard dressing
and our house made kimchi. – Oh, so you made the kimchi too? – Yup, it’s the authentic Korean-style–
– Aunty dug a hole in the back. – No, (laughs) no, but close. – Okay (laughs). – So it’s gonna be a great
special for the week. It’s gonna be $14 for the combination for the salad and the entree. – And I know people love
your scones, it’s just a hit. Everybody loves it and that’s gonna be on the market side.
– Yup, we’re gonna do a special to honor
Restaurant Week this year. We’re gonna offer a scone
and coffee combination. And that will be at $5
and 50 cents, so they get a little break on both dishes
during Restaurant Week. Just to get people to
come through and visit us if they haven’t been. It’s a great opportunity to try it. – Alright, well I’m excited to try this. I’ve been drooling ever since I saw it. Here, I’ll get you a piece, Chef. – Thank you, I hope you like it. – I love it, cheers. – The sweet and the spicy and the char. – Alright, well this is delicious. Chef, see you at Restaurant Week. – Thanks, Olena. (upbeat music)

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