Real Talk From NFL Chef Charity Morgan

– My husband, 276 at
the time, other players, 300, 320-pound guys… that were eating vegan. If someone would’ve
told me five years ago, you would be vegan and
will you not only be vegan, but you will be a vegan
chef for NFL players and celebrities, I would’ve said, please, whatever you’re smoking, stop now. I feel like everybody
has a different journey and when they stumble upon this. And for a lot of younger
generations, like NFL guys who are in their 20s, who are instant millionaires overnight, I couldn’t talk to them
about environmental reasons. I couldn’t talk to them
about health reasons. They got on the field by eating meat. I had to talk to them a
different kind of way. What led me to cooking for NFL players was leading by flavor and food. It wasn’t ethical, it
wasn’t animal, it wasn’t environmental, it wasn’t
health, it was none of that. It was like, I bet you I can make a better In-N-Out cheeseburger than you’ve ever had. And they’re like, really, alright. I’d make a deal with them. I make you my first meal for free, on me. If you like it, continue
with my meal plan. They’re like alright, deal. One bite, hooked. My husband, 276 at the
time, other players, 300, 320-pound guys… that were eating vegan. Like eating vegan, they
weren’t dropping dead on the ground and they were
sustaining their weight, and their strength. And not only were they
sustaining their own strength, but imagine what your D-Line has to do. Your D-Line has to stop
other 300-pound guys, and that was the biggest testimony to me. I said, “Who and why are
we talking about protein? Why is this even a factor anymore?” Derek’s first year of being vegan, highest sacks on the team. Highest sacks. Where’s the P word now? We are not a protein-deficiency country. We actually have too much protein. You get sick, you get kidney stones so what’s the first thing they do? They take a blood and urine sample. What do they find in urine? Protein. Why is that? Too much protein in our diet
to where it’s collecting in our kidneys. Kidney stones, guys. What do you think kidney stones are? I had to reverse generations
of what my parents thought was food and that’s why
I’m so patient with people, because I understand
that their eating habits has nothing to do with them. It’s their parents, it’s
their parents’ parents, and it’s a generation of just
unlearning you have to do. This was a conversation
a couple weeks ago. “I love my steak, I’m
not giving up my steak, I love my meat, I love my chicken wings, I’ll never stop eating meat.” I looked at him and I said, “Well, then it’s not for you, honey, ’cause eating plant-based
is only for those that are open-minded.” And he was like, “well wait, hold on… So you’re calling me close-minded? Wait, I’m not close-minded.” Then, it was like “oooh,
what is she gonna make next?” Oh, I’m gonna make a spicy
vodka pink salsa lasagna. “What…? And it’s vegan?” Yes, and it’s vegan. I’m Chef Charity Morgan and I make food for a bunch of people.


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