Quick & Easy Smokey Kielbasa Chowder

hi everyone I’m Denis from BBQJoes. Glad you could join us. Today we’re going to be using our smoked kielbasa we
did the other day to create this wonderful smoky flavor chowder and it’s
going to blow your mind. So this is going to be an easy one guys so sit back and
we’ll be right back. As mentioned we’re gonna be using a smoked kielbasa to create this chowder. Now you can follow this recipe for a smoked kielbasa at the
previous episode, the link is in the comment section below.
So first we’re going to be cooking our eggs on the Traeger. Now we need to
cook them like they’re hard boil but we’re going to be doing that on the Traeger.
Our Traeger is set at 325 and we’re going to be doing this for about
thirty minutes and then we’ll be pulling them off. So we’ll be back in 30 minutes to pull them off. Alright so it’s been 30 minutes let’s take them off. Put them into cool water right away because we want to get it cooled down as fast as we can then we’re gonna go peel them and put him back on the smoker for an
hour We’re going to shut the Treager because
we need to smoke them now. Alright let’s bring them in Alright we got our Traeger set on smoke and so we’re gonna be smoking our eggs for an hour We’ll put them on there it’s gonna
be set this smoke all the way through for one hour Well it’s been an hour it’s time to shut
it off and bring those eggs in. Oh yeah look at
that look at a color on these guys beautiful nice and smoky. Alright guys
let’s go back in the house, cold out here Now for the meaty part of our chowder
we’re gonna be boiling our smoked kielbasa for 25 minutes in 6 cups of
water and then once that’s done we’re gonna pull it out and we’re gonna do the
rest of the chowder, so let’s get this going Alright so we’ll take the kielbasa out. Shut this off. I am going to be slicing this kielbasa. First we’re basically going to cook our our onions and our garlic and 2 tbsp of butter So we have a one diced onion. Put that in there and we have four garlic that has been sliced We’re gonna cook these until
they’re translucent basically and the garlic’s a little aromatic. Now we’re going to be as also slicing our kielbasa i the meantime Let’s transfer this to our broth. And put
this back up there on the fire. Now let’s start boiling that again. We’re also
going to slice in the mean time we’re just going to slice our eggs Now we’re gonna have our potatoes to our broth mixture. Increase our fire. Also going to add our 1 bay leaf and
basically a 3/4 teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of pepper and we’re
going to be cooking these for until the potatoes are tender so it’s gonna be
about what we do 15 minutes to start and see how that goes. So I think our potatoes are cooked we’re
going to be adding about we’ll try a cup of chicken broth. We’ll bring it back to
a boil. In the meantime I’m going to be adding a quarter cup of flour into our
into one cup of sour cream and mixing it up real well. Then I need about 1/2 a
cup of our broth We’ll stir this until it’s smooth.
Alright just lower the heat on this thing.We’ll be mixing this into our mixture here okay perfect.
So now it’s time to add our kielbasa back into the mix together And then our eggs Let’s shut her off Let’s taste for salt & pepper I’ll add maybe about teaspoon of each to the mix We’re going to top this up with a
little bit of parsley flakes. It will a add a little bit of color to the whole thing Really smells great Well guess what? It’s ready to eat. We’re gonna be tasting this stuff. We’ll be right back. Now let’s put a bowl together here Wow wow wow, looking good guys here’s to you Wow mm-hmm this is good. Wow oh boy this is good hmm we’re gonna have our time stopping eating this thing. Guys
it’s a simple recipe if you got some kielbasa. It don’t need to be homemade.
We used ours because we just made it last episode you can check it out in the
description below there’s a link to our to our video about how we make this
kielbasa but this smokey kielbasa chowder is
just amazing guys it’s amazing it’s a very easy thing to do so give it a try
you know don’t be shy let yourself be creative. We’ve done it this way there
might be another way you might like to do it but it’s perfect. Give it a try
tell us how you did we want to know we want to hear how you did and we got
awesome videos coming. We’re always making a simple recipes. Please like
share comment below I’d love to hear all you think about this. Now that is BBQ

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