Quick Bites: Roast Beef Pizza

This is the Roast Beef pizza. Brought to you
by Watchpickeat.com Hey guys. So, we’re back. This time, it’s all about
pizza. It’s called the Roast Beef. What makes this
awesome? Number 1: the beef is actually extremely high quality. Number 2: it’s all about the
sauce. The restaurant uses a special sauce. Yes, you heard it right. It’s called the special
sauce. And I love it! Basically a hybrid of mayonnaise and ketchup topped off a few spices.
Who doesn’t like that? It’s actually fabulous. There is mushrooms and potato chips in the
pizza as well. If you like pizza in general, it would be
a shame for you not to try this one. Sound tasty enough? Click the link in the
description to see where you can find it. If you like this video, now is a fantastic
time to subscribe to our channel. It’s only a click after all. See you soon.

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