Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Spills The Deets On Cooking For Taylor Swift

– Oh you wanted to know who I cooked for, but you don’t wanna know who I got naughty with in the kitchen, suddenly we’re being polite. Hi guys, I’m Antoni and I’m
here to play Suck it Up. It’s like Never Have I Ever, but for everything that I’ve done. Never have I ever gotten
naughty in the kitchen. (beep) I have to eat these sour candies No! As the questions get harder,
the candy gets more sour. Let’s do this! Never have I ever regretted
putting Greek yogurt in my guac. That was a cheap shot,
but I’m here to play. Here’s a thing you may not know about me. I don’t really understand
Never Have I Ever. So if I have regretted it, I would eat it. I don’t regret it, it was a wise choice! He wanted more protein and he wanted to make it creamier and
avocados are expensive. But I really love sour skittles so I’m still going to eat one anyway. I’m going rogue! I stand by it. I love sour skittles,
even the yellow ones. This is also my breakfast. Bring it on! Never have I ever cooked for my idol. Oh, I have. I had a chance to cook for Taylor Swift and it was freaking awesome. Does that mean I eat it? Yes! I don’t know what this is. I have a weird habit of evenness so I’m gonna be having
pairs of said sour candies. So I’m gonna put two of
these in my mouth right now. (laughs) Wow these are very sour. Never have I ever had beef with someone other than Karamo on set. You know what? I’ve never really had
beef with anybody on set. – [All] Aww. – Next. Never have I ever been hungover
while filming Queer Eye. I never have. I don’t eat it. Sorry. Never have I ever cooked or baked naked. Not in in front of an open flame cause nobody should be doing that. I must have, I’m 35. Can I think of the incident? No, I can’t. And this is even more satisfying cause you get to have the
same color on each side. (upbeat music) (beep) Oh these are warheads. Oh that hurts and I’m still
rubbing it on my tongue. I hope you got that on camera. You know what? I wanna make things a little interesting. If I’ve done what’s on this card, I will put four of these in my mouth. Never have I ever started a kitchen fire. What’s the worst that can happen? – [Both] Toxic waste! – One, two, three. Ow! (screams) (screams) – All right. (suspenseful music) Whoa. Oh that is aggressive. That is very aggressive. It’s not going away. That was different, that was less sweet. Oh, my tongue is numb. Never have I ever gotten
naughty in the kitchen. (beep) Oh you wanted to know who I cooked for, but you don’t wanna know who I got naughty with in the kitchen, suddenly we’re being polite. All right. It was worth it. (intense music) It’s not done. My tongue is on fire. That was the most sour thing I’ve ever put in my mouth by far. Don’t be a hero, only eat
when you’ve done the thing. And this is really bad ass. This is actually — Wow, I just got nauseous. This is really intense. I’m a little distracted
and overwhelmed right now. I just tried a bunch of sour ass candies and tried a lot of fake lemon. If you want to enjoy real lemon, check out my cheesy lemon
artichoke dip and other recipes in Antoni in the Kitchen, available where books are sold. Alla for now.


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