Professional Chefs Try To Guess Military Meals

I didn’t think it could go work [Music] hi my name is Yoli and I’m a chef de cuisine hi my name is Anna and I am a sous chef and today we are trying to guess the names of the MREs we’re about to taste and I think we’re just gonna bomb this right now honestly I’m a little scared of it okay not ready all right all right let’s go I’m scared there is bread this is uh oh [Laughter] Thanksgiving texturally it all tastes exactly the same the meat I feel like it’d be like four different options of things like it could be salmon tuna chicken it may be a baby look this over here definitely what a dark dark meat turkey but the one you were cutting salmon yeah this can be tuna oh my god tuna casserole no no it tastes like chicken yeah what is it is it tuna it’s tuna I’m gonna go with the Nicastro yeah so the correct answer is chicken noodles and vegetables in sauce whoa obviously what is like a chicken noodle soup to go it’s not tuna really my cat would love it now I go ahead ground beef and sauce yeah it’s a chili oh oh um all right let’s go [Music] well it’s lush it’s just like your everything has no texture at all it could be vegan yeah this one’s kind of weird like I want to keep eating it because I think it has so much you guys a lot of like powder essence chile lasagna that’s what I’m gonna call it that’s a great answer the name of this entree is vegetable crumbles with pasta and taco style sauce but a lot of tasty vegetable crumbles they don’t deserve this you know what I’m not even gonna smell it I’m just gonna go in ready yeah [Music] oh no no oh it’s cold too I don’t know I would want it to be hot mmm I was in the hospital in the food was better trying to do something with olive oil I feel like I feel like I taste like I don’t want to keep eating them but I know by cattle every texture is different every time every time yeah you guys know I’m gonna it up to go are you ready to guess yeah spinach artichoke pasta in a cream sauce yeah okay it’s a fettuccine I’m very confident about this one the name of this one is creamy spinach fettuccine yeah let’s go we’re getting better at this yeah the last one please ready yeah all the food looks like it’s been chewed already all this is gonna be this one this has to be a potato mm-hmm that’s pretty hard oh no no it’s a chestnut is it is it a choices oh hey guess what it’s not a potato pretend to eat it just eat it I mean though they don’t have to be the same color yeah I know did we keep on complaining I know we do that because it’s like weird it has to be some like kung pao chicken Asian style yeah stir fry mm-hmm of every brown thing yeah it was Asian style beef strips with vegetables nice oh man they could have put something chives in here or something yeah they’re gonna put tribes in the middle of a war man they all they all were pretty bad god bless the people that eat these yeah I can’t imagine eating this yeah on a daily basis thank you for everything you do god bless you and just come and find us and we’ll make some food military we will you’re coming we’re coming [Music] you


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  3. Lotto number one thing

  4. Bring on the mystery meat 💥

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  7. You will have good luck


  8. Why do people overreact to MREs?

  9. If they think that’s bad I should cook for them lol 😂

  10. You didn't pick the right ones! Spaghetti, Chili Mac and Beef Stew 😂

  11. bruh like im first

  12. When all love likes and comment a good comment for likes….

  13. They're just vague descriptions of the ingredients lmao

  14. 🍛🍴

  15. Honestly these would taste pretty edible if warmed up, and I do miss them after leaving the army like 8years ago now

  16. I’ve never seen an met that bad they should try real mres

  17. 8=====D

  18. They should’ve atleast chose one good one, everyone in the military knows the chili mac is a fave for a lot of people 😂

  19. Trey never tried my Cook dont overreact !!

  20. If they think that’s bad they should come to my house

  21. 00:21
    How is your name Diana and it is pronounced like that

  22. Thought they had green in their hair at first 😆

  23. It’s…not..that…bad!

  24. I honestly am so hungry I’d eat it even after seeing their reactions, lol.

  25. its food so idgaf

  26. I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's 🤣 SIMPSONS REFERENCE and theh those looked like a upgrade compared to what I had when I was in

  27. They gave them all the nasty MRE options that service members try to trade away for something else. Some MRE’s are honestly not that bad (in my opinion).

  28. Did they not bother to heat any of them up?? like cmon now lmao

  29. Good luck on that normally if you can’t read the package you are luck to guess what you got

  30. How in the hall could chicken, tuna and salmon have same taste?! Fish and chicken?! Seriously….

  31. They must be as horrible as airlines' foods! 🙂

  32. I've had MREs before, they're not great. But I mean, I'm also in the hospital every other month and I wouldn't exactly say that's better. Guess it depends what you prefer, various colors of mush, or bland, washed-out chunks that vaguely resemble food, lol.

  33. That looks awful. I suppose that's the point. Can't be feeding a bunch of 20 year olds something delicious that reminds them of home.

  34. The green hairlight makes them look like vegan feminists.

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  36. I miss the sloppy joe, chicken cavatelli, and turkey tetrazzini.

  37. I guarantee the producer did not add Salt and Pepper or Hot Sauce. Without Salt and Pepper, the MRE is bland.

  38. When you’re hungry enough they all taste good lol 👍🏼

  39. You're supposed to leave it in the bag because it tastes better than it looks. Have you seen the blueberry-cherry cobbler? Looks horrendous but probably one of the best dessert options from the MREs.

  40. Now they know our pain….

  41. I wonder how much preservatives are in there 🤔

  42. Comment who doesn’t want chef

    👍🏻 who wanna be chef

  43. I'm still wondering which finger she chopped off

  44. Good gosh, they know its food… "oh I'm scared of it" Sooo much over acting Can't you guys get honest to god people not these wanna be popular overactors

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  46. thank u for using reusable silverware and plates 🙂

  47. i think they stoned

  48. The chef on the right takes hearty bites

  49. at least they didn't get the vomlette!!

  50. We didn’t even really get too see the food

  51. Okay honestly I don't think you did that fairly expecially with Asian beef strips you have to add the fried rice to it and it actually is one of the best ones also you didn't add the tortillas and the cheese sauce that went with the other meals yeah I don't think you're doing it quite fairly you're just giving them the main entree with nothing else they also come with spices salt pepper hot sauce first things I'll make them taste better

  52. oh yeah, it’s happening 👆

  53. Try eating MREs everyday for an extended period of time and that’s all that’s available to you 😂

  54. Make them try school food

  55. They cant tell the difference between chicken and tuna, they are professional chefs gordon Ramsay would yell at you for 10hrs straight lol.

  56. Im puertorica, after maria hit us the government started distributing these around the towns and honestly , when the supermarkets that hag electrical generators started operations again, I would buy beans, rice , spam and bottled water to trade for MREs, I like the flavours and they are convenient to have when there is no power

  57. This week on "Millennial Chefs"

  58. The military needs to make a conscious decision to have chefs totally re- invent new MRE’s!!!

  59. They should have got Steve1989 in. He'd be pretty good at this.

  60. They should try to guess whether it’s an mre or school lunch

  61. and of course they gave them the worst ones lmao

  62. I wonder if it’s worse than prison food

  63. Worst mre is the pork patty with gravy change my mind.

  64. Asian style beef strips is by far the worst MRE I’ve had 🤮

  65. my bf is in the army & they get so hungry i think that they actually like these. at least he does. lol 💕

  66. my brother used to need to have them so the left over ones we dared each other to eat 😂

  67. Why you be hating on my food 😂😂😂😂

  68. The girl on the left looks a little like Lady Gaga

  69. I have a whole bunch in my closet😭

  70. These broads can't tell the difference between chicken. And tuna?

  71. They aren’t really that bad. And after a week or so in the field they start to taste good! 😂😂😂

  72. They didn't try them heated up. It makes it a little better.

  73. Yes. As a veteran of war this is what soldiers live on. Thanks. First world problems, divas.

  74. Do Korean MRE 👌❤

  75. cmon buzz, you have the resources to get real celebrity chefs on here,
    there's thousands to choose from…srsly lazy

  76. I miss MREs

  77. I don't the insults funny at all

  78. I feel like Steve1989MREinfo could be choosing better MRE packs

  79. "I don't want to keep eating it, but I don't know…" 😂😂😂

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  81. I will never eat another MRE unless it's like the end of the world. We had to eat ours cold in basic training

  82. They have all the bad MRE meals 😂 there are “better” options

  83. Most of my co-workers never liked the pizza MRE, which to be fair tastes nothing like a pizza, but man was that blue berry cobbler the best side dish of that MRE!

  84. The best ones are the black beans

  85. You should check EmmyMadeInJapan videos. She has a very nice MRE videos

  86. I remember in the military and getting food in the field and ask what they just gave me. They responded “eat and don’t ask”. Wasn’t sure if they we’re cruel or trying to save me from being grossed out.

  87. Lady Gaga di mo kami maloloko

  88. To our soldiers… much love and respect… from Texas..

  89. Anything taste good when you are in the field. We can spend a whole month eating MREs. Beef patty, sausage patty, brisket, hash brown, chicken chunks are 👍

  90. Next time you go to Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria and make it better.

  91. 🥗🥗🥗🥗🍽It looks delicious

  92. Don’t be rude people have to actually eat this

  93. What’s up with the gross green lighting?

  94. "Professional Chefs"…opposed to amateur chefs? 🤔

  95. What’s behind them that is making their hair green

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