Professional Chefs Reveal Their Horror Stories

I mean just thinking about that damn like wow what a horrible day hi my name is Donna I am a sous chef at a luxury hotel restaurant and I’ve been doing this for eight years now hi my name is Yoli I’m a chef de cuisine and I’ve been working in this industry for about 15 years so I was working at a it was a Michelin star restaurant so already go in there and you’re very we feel a lot of pressure very stressed out I was trying to finish all my prep before dinner service started and you’re on you’re by yourself in your own station so you have a lot of stuff to do and a limited amount of time and you can do not have time to mess anything up so I believe I was slicing lemons very thinly sliced lemons when I just got a little bit distracted and I sliced a piece of my finger off it was a good size I would say it was like the tip of it maybe like the size of the top of the fingertip I was able to see some of the actual meat in my finger it didn’t hurt because the blade was just very sharp plus the initial shock of a piece of your finger being on the table I was very upset because I had to throw away my prep clean everything is just like a waste of time but then I was trying to think of how I can salvage some time and that part of my finger that was on the ground well on the table and I needed to figure all of this out very quickly because I didn’t want to waste any more time I picked up the little piece of finger that was on the table and I just tried to stop the bleeding I put some spray that coagulates your blood and it stopped it pretty quickly I didn’t want to lose that piece of finger it was very important to me so I figured hey we use this thing it’s like meat glue that we use here where we roll some stuff and bacon throw little bit of meat glue and it like seals perfectly so I made of meat so I decided to sprinkle the meat glue on my finger and just pretend like nothing ever happened put a big old bandaid on a glove and I changed it throughout service and I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t want anyone to send me home I just it’s a very stressful situation when you’re under pressure like that so I worked the entire service while I was bleeding while I was trying to glue a piece of my finger back together when I went home it looked very gross but I I kept sprinkling that glue on my finger and amazingly it worked it glued together which is weird and I know it’s unbelievable but it worked it healed I’m a huge advocate for meat glue now dine la it is the worst thing that we need to go through especially when your chef is very ambitious and wants to have a full menu going and a sample menu and so we’re really busy and it’s the second night of service and I’m on pasta for the first time and I’m trying to make a farro which is for a farro risotto dish and I make it there’s like an hour left before service starts and I try it and immediately all I taste is salt and so I’m like what who touched my risotto so I’m freaking out but I don’t have time for it because we have like 200 on the books to start so I throw it away and I started again like hoping that the chef doesn’t notice that it’s not ready yet and I make it and I’m done and I try it again and I didn’t put any salt in it and again I’m like what is going on this just tastes like pure salt so now I have no time and I’m like rushing I’m hoping that no one gets that order until I finish it again but I’m like let me try everything and so I try it all separate and then I realized that the veg stock was actually not labeled it was like an old sticker on it and it wasn’t veg stock it was chicken brine which if you know that’s like just pure liquid salt so I was like god and I start all over again and once I’m done in my line is set up take it start coming in all these modifications because everyone is super cheap during guy in LA trying to split everything but it’s true and so I get it like going I have like a good rhythm with me and I get a ticket that is no sauce no salt no butter nothing just like flame noodles and I’m like this is weird but whatever so I do it and I finish it and right when I’m about to plate it they tell me to they bring a dog bowl and I’m like freaking rich people of course I’m feeding your dog right now so I played it I put it up five minutes later I see the dog bowl coming back and I like the dog loves my stuff probably gonna be this dog’s private chef one day and no I actually have to remake its food all over again because I insulted the dog by putting it in a dog bowl so while I’m trying to catch up with my tickets I have to also remake this pasta or dog and played it on our expensive plates so that it could be an accurate presentation I mean I think the dog was a happy customer at the end of it it doesn’t really matter the other end of it like who’s Eating what or even if it is a person at the end of it it just enjoy making the food so it’s always worth it and it’s just like test your patience constantly so I was working at a restaurant many years ago and it was very busy and it was during die in LA and dine la is already a nightmare within itself from opening to when you close it’s nonstop people coming and going so you have to work in the kitchen like a while oiled machine one minor step back can throw off service and lag ticket times and we had just a little minor bump in the road so it’s I would say it was about 8:30 or 9:00 right one it’s like prime time everyone who’s like focused and we’re just in the back cooking expediting and sending out the tickets when a server comes back and he looks very scared he also looks a little bit wet and then another server comes back who also looks scared and also looks a little bit wet and then we find out that somebody had put the big like heating outdoor heating things and they put them too close to a fire extinguisher thing and it’s sprayed the entire patio which was about five or six tables we lost about 20 dishes of food all of the people that were sitting outside had to be receded in the dining room we had to remake the food for them while trying to continue to make the food for the people that were not affected by it it it was very stressful I would have cried but I was just it was it was it was an accomplishment and we were all really happy at the end high-fiving each other you know no one died of like stress or panic so it was good so it is my first time in a fine dining professional kitchen and the chef is always on me constantly like to better me always on my ass basically and so he comes up to me and it’s like I’m gonna be on you like white on rice all day and the service you’re gonna go feeling like a badass but during the process I’m going to break you and I’m like cool can’t wait but I had just gotten out of a relationship not my choice but I had to show up to work because you can’t call off and every time he came up to me I was like don’t cry don’t cry and at the end of it like I just started crying and I ran out but can’t escape a busy kitchen so he finds me and he’s like you’re gonna go back in there we’re gonna cut onions all of service and that’s what I had to do so I’m in the back like a sad little puppies chopping away pickled onions 25 pound case I did feel like very empowered after all of it but it was a lot of tears my eyes were definitely burning that experience and that night of cutting 25 pounds of red onions molded me into the thick-skinned person I am and now I tell people all the time I’m like you’re gonna cry in this kitchen you’re gonna grab an onion and you’re gonna start slicing and gonna get some thick skin so I appreciate it at the end not at the moment so even through all these horrible events that happen in the kitchen I still love what I do it’s definitely not for people who want a nine-to-five like easygoing job like every day you go into work and you’re like what is gonna happen today so you have to love that sense of excitement you do have to have a lot of passion and I think I I do and all the chefs I’ve worked for have been mentors sadistic mentors for sure but they have like molded me and I respect them all there’s a lot of sacrifices you sacrifice your personal life family time you work every weekend you have scars from burning but at the end of the day if you this is your passion then it’s completely worth it [Music] you [Music]


  1. If I were a chef no one on this show would exist… The earth would have blown up long ago

  2. Buzzfeed makes videos On topics didn’t know would entertain me

  3. I…I feel faint

  4. My name is Diana 🙂

  5. Chef: I'm made of meat

    Radical vegetarians: No we're not! i refused to accept that!

  6. I've met guest who ordered a burger but don't want the bun just the meat. so it literally looks like dog food. and i was like wtf ordered this 😂

  7. Those people actually had the audacity to send the pasta back just because it wasn't on a fancy platter… That is so impolite

  8. Well then.
    Award for creativity, never thought of meat glue.
    Now on the other hand we kind of need to talk about that–

  9. But are they professional enough for gordon ramsey?

  10. The fact that she was slicing lemon and got cut

  11. The fact that she just glued her finger together..woah that’s another level of improvisation

  12. Im feeling faint from the first story

  13. Sliced my finger off before, luckily they could reattach it. Very painful though

  14. Notice how both chefs are women 👀

  15. I once put baking powder instead of powdered sugar in a whipped cream I was making- they were stored in unlabeled jars beside each other- I served dessert allll night with it until finally tasting a bit at the end of the day and realizing what I’d done.

  16. I didn't get to eat what I made…

  17. “i would’ve cried but i was just too busy” LMAOOO

  18. One time I was on pasta and we had a full book, the dining room is buzzing, the bar is full and we’re confused because we’re not getting any tickets. All of a sudden a server comes back and asks why we’re all standing around and that his tables have been waiting a half hour for their food. Turns out, the printer had run out of paper and when we finally fixed it, it didn’t stop printing tickets until 11pm. Worst night of my life 😂

  19. I’m bleaching my hair while watching this 😬

  20. She rlly glued her finger back together huh

  21. Cannot imagine working in a place where i cut off my finger, but im too afraid of head chef or of not being productive to go to a hospital. Dats just me doe

  22. me after hearing the first story:
    "I do not need knives anymore. Nope. I will just use scissors."

  23. That dog story makes me hate dog people even more than i already do!

  24. I can relate to Yolie. When I was in Culinary school, I was slicing some lemon grass and I got distracted, a college asked me a question. I didn’t even notice when I sliced a pretty good chunk of the tip of my thumb off 😳 until a friend freaked out…! I didn’t feel it. Chef knives are spark AF! I was in shock still no pain. After an hour and in the ER I started to feel the pain. Sucky part is that the tip that got cut off wasn’t in a Ice bag so now when I look at my thumb it looks a bit shorter than my other thumb 😂 I can now laugh it off. But it does happen! When I tell people, seeing their reactions is hilarious to me now, lol.

  25. meat glue I-

  26. Yeah maybe I shouldn’t watch this video as I’m in a Culinary Management program in college rn wanting to be a chef and I’ve already seen an accident happen where this guy cut part of his flesh off from his left thumb

  27. Noodles are extremely bad for dogs

  28. you guys should do mades or hotel people tell their horror stories

  29. Who else wants to cut off a piece of their finger, just to see if the meat glue will work??

  30. I’m a culinary student and I have seen a bunch of sliced fingers

  31. Omg these stories!!! AHHH

  32. Hospitals forget about stitches and staples, introducing to you MEAT GLUE!!!

  33. the first girl looks like an older antonio garza!!

  34. I don’t believe that story at all

  35. Ewwwwwww. Buzzfeed. Kill it. lol it with fire. Why are you still here scumbags ?

  36. 7:23 Oh wow. I suddenly had flashbacks of when I was in architecture school.

  37. I have sliced the tip off my finger of… just cleaned it and lined up the piece of finger n stuck a bandaid on it. It fused and healed almost seamlessly. So it’s not the meat glue, it’s you body

  38. Oh yes, the mandolin is the scariest kitchen tool. Everyone has a story about that thing. I did a whole video about that monster.

  39. Yall should do a dog groomer horror stories video. I promise theyll have some good ones

  40. You guys realize the meat glue lady is a liar or is it just me ?

  41. So busy that you can't cry

  42. These aren't even horror stories

  43. I would love to see this for massage therapists.

  44. Do janitors’ horror stories

  45. 8:16
    At least he made you cut the onions to disguise your tears.

  46. Why weren't we shown the finger though??

  47. The last story is so sweet 😢

  48. “I woulda cried but I was too busy” 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Why would they let a dog in a restaurant

  50. I need a close up of that finger!

  51. Why were they only women buzzfeed huh? are you doing the thing you swore to destroy?

    This is a joke

  52. Her: lying about losing part of finger and how it perfectly healed
    Also her: mentions that it sounds fake bc she knows it is but she doesn’t want anyone to say that it was

  53. How do you worry about wasted time when you cut your own finger, also why would you pick your own finger tip up so you can put it back on your finger like i would be focused on my finger not the part that came off.

  54. The 1st me laughing..

  55. 'I'm made of meat '

  56. 2:42 there is a frickin spider on the chef's hat

  57. 99% of comments: finger gets cut off a glued back on

  58. Yes guys that how us Chefs roll whether you believe it or not. I've had so many kitchen injuries, burns,cuts but nothing will ever to compare to one of the line workers in the kitchen I worked in shaving so many layers of skin off with the mandolin never have I seen someone so upset that they just wasted 20 minutes of vegetable prep

  59. Anyone else feel like Yolies stories were fabricated 🤔

  60. Y’all need to listen to the whole story she didn’t cut her finger off just the tip of it

  61. Who else read this as professional chefs try cutting there finger off

  62. the first story reminded me of a story from high school
    So i noticed my friend had blue tape all around his finger. On the tip area
    Being the naturally curious person I am I ask him about it.
    Me: "hey, what's up with your finger?"
    Him: "oh….um it got cut."
    Me: "*sigh*…ok yeah i get you got it cut. I don't want the short story, tell me what happened."
    Him: "ok alright, this morning i was cutting a bagel and while I was cutting it I was looking at a video on my phone and i ended up cutting a tip of my finger off."
    Me: inhales sharply oooh ouch
    Him: "yeah i know. And since it was still a school day i just wrapped my finger in paper towels and used the tape to keep it in place."

    And yeah so that was that

  63. Her cuts finger off is upset about wasted time

    Me get a paper cut screams head off

  64. Damn, I related to all of this😂Being a chef/working in a restaurant isn't for the weak its tough but rewarding at the end of every day😣

  65. That rissotto story reminded me of something I did the other day. I was making salsa verde and go grab cilantro for it, blend it and it tasted weird as hell. Turns out they mislabeled the container and it was actually parsley. In my defense it was midnight and worked 12 hours already.

  66. "I would have cried but I was really busy" that's my college life

  67. Did you guys hear that knuckle crack almost at the end😨😨

  68. i almost sliced a phat piece of my thumb off yesterday and passed out, how was she so calm

  69. as someone who is going to a vocational high school to learn to be a chef this horrifies me

  70. If you can't stand the heat.
    You can just beat your meat.
    Being a chef is hard y'all lol

  71. My dad cut his finger off and it grew back

  72. My mom cutoff the top of her finger chopping an eggplant

  73. Why tf did she try to glue her finger tip back on. Fingertips on humans regenerate, she would have been fine if she cleaned and bandaged it

  74. … I really wanted a close up of meat glue finger

  75. She casually glued a piece of her finger back with no big deal. Then there is me who somehow managed to stab my finger with scissors and ended up passing out because of the amount of blood which gushed out. I truly admire her.

  76. Dafuq is meat glue and why am I just now hearing of it?

  77. Someone animate the first girls story and when she’s washing plates just have a CHONK of finger gone

  78. This girl cut her finger off and glued it back on and KEPT WORKING. I bet they didn’t even give her a raise smh

  79. Chefs are such badasses

  80. Thats the real definition of “if you wanna cry then i will give you something to cry about” 😂

  81. Grocery store workers next!!! Pls

  82. Wtf, Yolie has been working as a PROFESSIONAL chef for 15 YEARS?????? She looks like 25 or so!!!

  83. I want to take culinary but it's too costy for someone lyk me :<< ugh

  84. I cut my finger last year working in the kitchen, bleeding so much but didnt go to the hospital because my head chef said it's no big deal…. and i cant feel my finger since, nerve damaged.

  85. Imagine if the lemon went into her finger

  86. I am a fine dining sous chef. Every day is an adventure because we’re always flying by the seat of our pants, anything that can go wrong will. Oh you’re in the weeds? Let’s cut a finger off. You have 200 people on tonight? Let’s make the dishwasher no call no show. You never know what’s gonna happen 😂

  87. I really wanna be a chef in the future so thinking of this kinda freaks me out😅

  88. Diana looks like Scarlet Johanson lol

  89. Wtf was the the first story was 🤷🏻🤦🏻



  91. Youch, rough times.

  92. Im watching these cooking videos thinking if i should reconsider becoming a doctor. I mean its very hard to get prepared for a job like that and i really like it in the kitchen.

  93. my dad is a chef he put his hand on a grill, stuck his hand in an fryer, cut half his finger off etc.

    yes he is a good chef for anyone wondering, he is a head chef in a hotel

  94. Rich people really act like that wtf

  95. Lady gaga

  96. .

  97. Shokugeki No Soma = DineLA

  98. Okay but one of my best friends did the same thing and he was actively trying to clean everything up while the entire boh was trying to get him into the car to go to the ER. Some people are just focused lol

  99. I've worked with meat glue (Transglutaminase) before and I am very skeptical on the whole finger story… Yeah that doesn't sound like it would work

  100. I also almost cut a piece of my finger ended getting 5 stiches for it

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