Potato Roast in Malayalam| Breakfast recipes| All in 1 Adukkala|Curry for appam Kerala style

Hi friends, All are Welcome Today i am gonna make a yummy roast for breakfast potato roast Every one should try this recipe Usually we make egg roast chicken roast etc so now just try this potato roast Its really tasty before getting into the video i would like to say if anybody is still not subscribe to this channel please subscribe and press the bell button and select the ‘All’ option to get notifications Now lets get into the recipe Cut the potatoes into medium size cubes add salt and water then cook it u can use cooker too meantime, we can heat a pan pour some coconut oil, add mustard seeds add fennel seeds then add curry leaves add three medium size onion sliced to it or large size 2 onion saute it well potatoes are cooked well onion is also ready now we need to add spices to it first we need to add turmeric powder 1/4 tsp 2tsp coriander powder just mix it till the raw smell goes then we need to add remaining masalas adding 1/2 tsp fennel powder chilli powder as per your spice level i forgot to add a main ingredient ginger garlic paste or smashed ginger and garlic u need to put this paste before adding the spices after sauteing the onion mix it well add garam masala add one medium size tomato slized saute it well now add the potatoes with water mix it well until the gravy gets thicken adding salt add pepper powder at last 1/4 tsp yummy potato roast is ready now appam recipe link is given above please check if you haven’t watched that yet if you like this recipe please like the video share and comment your feedback bye


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