Pembuatan Mie (Behind The Scenes) | Chef Kongs

Hello, We are going to make noodle for the video shoot later. This is the preparation. Wheat flour. So this is tubers, when are about to shoot we prepare the noodle first. So that it doesn’t take too long. and its done add wheat flour so that it won’t be too sticky. This is the noodle dough for later use in Tuna Mushroom Noodle Video. This is how make the noodle. We make the noodle ourselves as is healthier. It is so simple to make noodle. So, This is the Noodle!


  1. semoga sukses channel youtube nya, ko kongs! 😀

  2. hai… thanks yah natasia….

  3. mantabbbbb Kongs,….

  4. toom felix suhendar… thanks yah…

    bantu subscribe and likes yah…

  5. Alat cetak n mixer adonan mie-nya merk apa ya???

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