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Today we’re talking advantages of pellet grills. Now pellet grills have come a very long way
since their early beginnings in the mid eighties and that’s the stuff we’ll have a look at
today. let’s go. 1st up, super simple Ignition basically you
press the button set the temperature you want am between the hot rod Ignition and the fan
forced air your grill is lit and ready to rock in no time. Now just as simple as the ignition, they’re
also easy to use. basically set the temperature you want and
between the augur and the fan forced air the pellets are being the laid out to the a firepot
exactly in the ratio that is needed to hit the temperature that you’re looking for
and keep it there. So you’re not having to tend or stoke the
fire or any of that, the fan is doing the stoking the augur is doing the fuel delivery. you’re setting the temperature once. That’s it. Another cool feature now a days, wireless
connectivity most premium pellet grills currently on the market have some sort of wireless connectivity
that allow you to connect via a phone app and so if you want to do something like a
brisket smoke overnight without having to constantly babysit the fuel the brisket the
hold thing, it kind of does all that for you with alerts and other things that it can send
you. It keeps you involved in what’s going on outside
while sleeping. Some of the brands even have basically built
into the app it sort of guides you through the cook. Already built in ready to rock, you basically
just press a button. next up even heat. Due to the design with pellet grills having
a heat baffle that is directly over the fire pot and then most even have another very large
heat baffle somewhere underneath the cooking grids. If you couple that with the fact that they
have the force convective air coming from the fan that hits the firepot, super even
heat. So even that the rear rack in a pellet grill
is not necessarily just warming rack it can be used as another cooking rack because the
temperature between this rack and this rack are very close. another great benefit of the heat baffles
is fewer flare ups. way fewer flare ups most would agree basically
your food drippings will hit the large diffusion Pan and either vaporize back in your food
and any of them that don’t do that will basically roll on down to the grease pot. Next up with a pellet grill smoke flavor will
be on point. basically what I mean by that is instead of
a learning curve for somebody who hasn’t always smoked food, a pellet grill, the way that
it works it’s a subtle smokiness but it’s really hard to over smoke your food which
can be pretty easy to do when you’re 1st learning how to smoke with a regular smoker so it kind
of eliminates that it makes it nice and easy for somebody who wants to learn how to smoke. The pellets themselves actually come in all
of the common smoking flavors and so I mean you can mix and match or make your own blend
or you know whatever, it’s super simple and allows you access to all the common smoke
flavors. now we’ll look at temperature range. Modern pellet grills have a very wide and
versatile temperature range. They’re no longer just smoker grills. A lot of them allow you to achieve the 5 to
700゚ temperature range and then there’s a good bit of them that allow you direct access
food to flame. can’t beat that. And the last advantage is that pellet grills
are extremely consistent and by that I mean they’re a lot like a home oven. Ok so if you had your favorite recipe from
your grandmother and she shared it with you, it would say you know you pop your food in
at 350, 325 Fahrenheit, and you’d let it go for this long and pull it out and everything’s
cool. Pellet grills work a whole lot like that except
they also add wood fire. Which means that a brisket pulled off a pellet
grill is going to taste a whole lot better than one pulled out of your home oven.


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