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Willing to eat pasta But they both are busy in their gossips And won’t leave their gossips for my pasta Mom do you know how to make pasta? Yes I cook tasty desi style pasta Mamu do you know how to make pasta better than mom? Your Mom will simply cook anything like.. Mamu makes Italian…Original Pasta Manu will be Chef and Italian…Huh… But the desi pasta tastes yummy So let’s do a challenge Okay So start your preparation Yes Arranged…Now I will get two pastas You to give double love to the video I have boiled it first Pan is hot know will add olive oil As the oil is heated now add… Now I will add square diced onion Keep the onion bit raw Add capsicum Here comes my special ingredient which will make the taste awesome No much effort Kids will love this sauce made pasta and I will get the points Best part is that you have to add nothing other than the salt We added the salt before boiling it Now will add the main ingredient pasta Is it ready mom? Almost done one one ingredient to be added Your favourite Pasta is ready You love it right? Now it’s ready You can smell the fragrance And it taste so awesome We are going to learn an amazing recipe And looking at the preparation can guess that something awesome is going to be cooked This is Fusilli What I made was penne Pasta Now will add.. All Desi ingredients are added Now will add mushrooms Basically he is a Chef in a crew And he is in vacations So we caught him for our challenge And to learn something It will give taste…..It’s a particular flavour Mushroom is almost cooked Alcohol content will evaporate and only flavour will left behind It will basically become Non-alcoholic Has added a lot..And it has left oil as Indian cooking When will we add the spices We won’t add any spice It’s not your so called Indian Recipe It’s authentic Italian pasta Italy we have only these spices only these three will be added It’s going to be very simple Refined flour will be added for the thickning We will cook it in so as the flavour remains in it one more special ingredient being added I never seen it before….What actually is it made of? It is actually mushroom Will add it at the end as it flavour evaporates soon after adding After adding it we won’t cook pasta Will now add some milk To make the base of the sauce Now you can notice its thickening Normally how much thickening must be done? For small pasta sauce will go thick For long pasta the sauce will be thin Sauce is ready now Now will add pasta This is fusilli which goes best with mushroom sauce I was not known to these both So, Anantya taste this pasta One thing happened nice i got pasta..Challenge also done And you got the recipe Which shall I taste first? It’s really good…generally I don’t like mushrooms But the sauce is so yummy It’s really so tasty that it reminded me of Italy Now try Mom’s Desi Pasta I can’t compare both of them Because both are so tasty So I enjoyed a lot the pasta challenge


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  28. Very useful recipe for children's tiffin and I also love mushroom so I loved Italian pasta and also desi because Nisha di has made so

  29. Very useful recipe for children's tiffin and I also love mushroom so I loved Italian pasta and also desi because Nisha di has made so

  30. Very useful recipe for children's tiffin and I also love mushroom so I loved Italian pasta and also desi because Nisha di has made so

  31. Very useful recipe for children's tiffin and I also love mushroom so I loved Italian pasta and also desi because Nisha di has made so

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