SO 1 2 3 4 are you guys practicing for the battle love me LIKE THAT ARE YOU GYES PRACTICE IN FOR THE BATTLE MA BE YOU DON T NO WHAT THERE DO IN IT I THINK WE ARE GOING TO DISTROY THEM IN THIS BATTLE WE DON T HAVE TO PRACTICE WE DON T HAVE TO PRACTICE WE HAVE OUR MOOVES WE ARE NATURALS WE HAVE OLD SCHOOL MOVES IS IN THE SUN GRE LOOK AT THIS GYES OOO YEA OK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK WITH THAT OWO W OWOWOW AND THEN ARE YOU REEDY FOR THE DANCE BATTLE what did you just say to me dumb dumb rum rum say what FAMILY DANCE BATTLE PARENTS & KIDS THERE LEARNING THE MOOVES WE DON T NEED ANY OF THAT PRACTICE LOOK AT THIS LOOK HOW WHAT ARE YOU NEW NEW BE FORE WE START WE JUST LIKE TO THANK OUR SPONSOR JO BOXER HO SAT WE WILL LOVE TO SEND YOU A BOX OF CLOTHING OK YES WE WILL LOVE THAT SING ME UP FOR THE JO BOXER HOOK UP YO SO THANK YOU SO MUCH BOXER YOU CAN GET ALL THIS CLOTHES AT K MART CHECK IT STARTS AT 4 DOLARS 4.95 CENTS AND OLSO DOING A SWEEP STAKES SO YOU CAN SHOW YOUR JOKE TO WIN A FAMILY HOLY DAY GETTOWAY YOU HAVE TO GO ON INSTAGRAM JO BOXER LIGE AND SUP MITE YOUR SELFE AND TAG SHOW YOUR JOW yeah we should spell joe boxer looking joe boxer JO BOXER LICKY him on Instagram tell maybe family sent you want you flood the comments when bees and hearts and say the ABC family sent you and check out joe boxer . com because our families on the we’re on it actually go to joe boxer com where there where there were the family where the jewel box of family you just see all i ALL I NEED IS COFFEE AND MASCARA I THINK THATS ALL WE NEED HOT DOGS VIDEO GAMES CLAIM AND HABERGERS THATS ALL YOU NEED SMILEY SOCKS don’t even know sorry Gary on the bottom as practicing a lot and you’re dancing around Leopard jumpsuit alright check we’re ready to go we’re all set they had amateurs I DON T NO HOW THERE GOING TO DO BUT I DON T THINK IS GOING TO BE VERY POSITIVE I REALLY DON T LIKE THE OUT FITS BUT YOU WILL NOT DANCE BETTER THAN ASS BUT YOU LOOK SWEET IN THOSE OUT FIT OO REALLY oh she’s old she’s gonna throw down she’s gonna throw down didn’t even make me blink all you know guys ready whoa rip headphone users that was coordinating that was amazing wow so who is the choreographer of these HOW MUCH TIME DID YOU SPEND TO LEARN ALL THIS 5 M SO IF THEY SPENT 7 M MA BE THEY WIN THIS BATTLE oh we don’t we don’t even know we’re doing yet just and then what many men and then running man yeah i know i could be running man that’s how you do the running man no that’s not how you do that is not know guys you guys are could sorely sorely miss informed the running man is from our era fresh prince of bel-air MC Hammer that was further re alright you don’t want to see what the real running manage i get your check over your want UNNOWN DANCE IN SKILL NOT FIND RUSTY MOOVES FROM RUSTY PEOPLE here’s what you’re using know haha mommy’s having something is everything okay maybe I just need to dance it’s cause constipation hate men oh my baby wow yeah i think we have a winner who is it oh ok you know to call you guys let us know in the comments who won this dance battle was it the monkeys or was it the parents i think a running man was their team is called teen running constipation team cut and then hip hop be bop haha thanks for watching everybody if you like this video please give it a like share it to all your friends about the running man and how team constipation one this one and thank you again to joe boxer for sponsoring this video check out joe boxer calm you’ll see our faces we are the joe boxer family and if you do your own family dance battle tanks we want to see it I goes on Twitter Instagram wherever Tagus we want to see your dance battles we love you guys we’ll see you next time team team Bobby bop you cannot be quiet concentration why hip-hop Bobby Bobby I don’t think they realize that we got the answer however they can do ok


  1. the parents

  2. Do you and hip pop that in the tub

  3. Hip hop bobity bop won!! 🀣

  4. The kids won

  5. Kids winnn

  6. The kids soo owned their parents at the dance off

  7. Hip hop papa pop was the best and i think your family is the best family of all

  8. Hip hop bobby bop won

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  13. The Kids

  14. HIP HOP BOPITY BOP! ( sorry I I said it wrong)

  15. This family is amazing,..

  16. Team Hip Hop

  17. Team hip babry baaam πŸ˜‚

  18. Can you do Mom goks

  19. The kids won

  20. Kids win.

  21. mokeys won

  22. Obviously the kids won.β™₯β™₯β™₯

  23. Spectacular family u

  24. not to rude mama bee and papa bee But I think the kids won

  25. Hip Hop Bobby Bob won sorry

  26. Hiphop popedy pop

  27. Like it up if u choose hip hop bibaty bop

  28. Wow

  29. Parents

  30. Who’s better???

    Team kids: like

    Team parents: comment

  31. hip hop bibbidy bob

  32. So vanilla ice made the running man?

  33. Constipation lost

  34. miss bee yay

  35. kids won<3

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  37. The hiphop Bobbdbop

  38. I really liked the kids especially the girl ^_^

  39. hip hop bobitybop won

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  41. The monkys wan

  42. mama bee was the best dancer

  43. This is just mean. Let your children win, they deserve it. You disgust me for robbing your kids of their few opportunities at pride.

  44. Kids arw the best❀️❀️❀️ and don’t forget about the parents😍

  45. Hip hop bobby bop won

  46. Hip bob bobby bob won it (good name)

  47. mr monkeys jacket predicted the area 51 raid

  48. They think there so cool when the kids are the best and The kids will always be the best

  49. OK

  50. So Dab on them haters

  51. I don't want to be mean but the little kids yeah they definitely one day one day one day one they totally one I ain't trying to be mean to the parents I just like it's kind of hard to say but the parents movies are kind of lame and my favorite person in that family is the the daughter she knows how to do everything and she makes the best videos

  52. the kids win

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  55. Kids won!

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  61. The kids

  62. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  63. Hello miss Monki could you do a video teaching how to do that Dance move

  64. The moneys


  65. Monkey πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

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  82. The monkey

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    I'm sorry for the parents


    L.O.L & O.M.G

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  87. 3 years and 3 days old ya’ll

  88. I love this channel so much lol

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  100. Nice☺️

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