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Hello Friends, I am Manju Mittal, welcoming you Today we are going to make chatpati papdi chat Here, i have taken 1/2 cup fine flour 1/2 tsp celery 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp chilli powder 1/2 tsp oil we have to mix all of them and make a dough we will add little water in it because fine flour takes very little water Here i have added only 2 large spoon of water thats enough we don’t need to add more water dough should be little hard after mixing it well you have to put dough for 5 minutes so that it will be rise little see here is a well dough made let it put on side for 5 minutes cover it from a cloth and put it on side for 5 minutes lets take sproutes you can take green pulses also for that we have to take 1 tsp oil now we have to add sprouts in it one cup sprouts 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp turmeric powder we mix it well we will add 1/4 of water in it now we will give it 2 or 3 whistles and then turn off the gas 3 whistles has come i keep it on sim gas for 2 minutes so that it will cook better our dough has rested for 5 mins so now lets make papdi for that i have put oil on gas so that oil is heated comfortabaly will mash it well i have taken slightly larger studs you have to roll down thinner papdi it should not be thicker otherwise it won’t be crispy now we will preg it otherwise it will grow and because of that it won’t be crispy so we have to prep it i am cutting it into a small circles you can cut it from any bowl or glass i get it in a plate i also open it and get out of it so that it cools down our sprout are ready we will now cool it so i put it on one side and by that time we make papadiya oil is heated there should be some space we do not do it on very high flames if you get it out quickly it won’t be crispy when it cooked from one side then turn it it is not necessary that you have to make papdi at the same time by making papdi you can put it in any container after it gets normal you can store it 15 to 20 days easily have a look our papdi is perfectly ready now lets take it out on kitchen towel our papdi and sprouts are ready now we will put a toping of healthy salad for that we need a bowl i have already kept a fine chopped 1/2 cucumber one big size tamato one big onion fine cut one boil patato fine cut 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp chat masala mix it all together we have taken a one cup of curd let me mix 1 tsp sugar powder in it 1/4 tsp salt and i also mix it well curd should be little thick it has just smoothed and soften now we will assemble it take a plate i put salad on it then put sprouts on it then we have to put curd on it then we put kectup on it little sev bhujiya little bit pomegranate seed and few coriander leaves if you like our recipe then like our video and subscribe our channel


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    This recipe is 😋 yummy

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  3. Hi mam very nice and yummy dish I learned chocolate in ur classes pls tell some 🍞 bread recipies

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