Pan Seared Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin – Easy Pork Tenderloin Recipe


  1. I plan on trying this soon. This channel has motivated me to get back into the kitchen more often. Thanks for the great content!

  2. You had me at meat nectar. 😐

  3. You’re that guy that I always hope invites me to his super bowl parties.

    No, I don’t know a damn thing about football,…. but I do know that you’ll be serving up something delicious, and that I’ll try to get away with bringing a premade dessert 😂.

  4. Took your direction on browning pork loin in bacon grease. The grease
    Spit turning meat over and severly burned my fingers.
    The roast looks burned. Not a happy champer.

  5. Subscribed!

  6. You spoke about the difference between pork tenderloin and pork loin but u don’t have a recipe for the other 😩😩😩

  7. Good stuff, I’ll be trying this recipe tmrw!

  8. Never heard fat called meat nectar. Sounds better I suppose

  9. You mean bacon grease

  10. Bacon grease aside, this is a great way for novice cooks like me to make a delicious meal. Thanks!

  11. Bacon grease is overrated.

  12. So next time I use Lard, I can give it a fancy name. .. Pork Nectar.

  13. How come WE didn't get to watch what you eat ?

  14. Can I use any other pan other then a cast iron!?

  15. Looks delicious! New Subscriber.

  16. (: No Bad Comments Allowed!!!!!…. ☺
    Excellent Video!!!!!!…. ☺🤗

  17. I disagree with trimming the silver skin. I overseason that part and it comes out very delicious. But to each his own. I like to sous vide my pork tenderloin and then sear it. It’s heavenly. Great video

  18. Thanks dude 🙂 made it tonight !

  19. What temp for the stove top portion?

  20. Tried the tips; really helped. I’m a fan…and subscriber!

  21. Just made this for the person I want to spend the rest of my life with …She loved it Kudos to you….

  22. What's in the dry rub ?

  23. You have all the cameras you use in the description but not the actual recipe 😂

  24. Here's a how-to using our proprietary seasoning blend. What? You don't have any? Buy some and wait to make this. I hate commercials disguised as cooking videos.

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