Paella, Champagne Sabering & Stuntman Shots: Chef’s Night out in NYC with Jamie Bissonnette

oh right alleys we were drinking like halfway through dinner service getting drunk going home throwing up just so we could drink more then going back out on a Monday night in Hartford Connecticut Rd why would he go home to throw up I didn’t throw up the streets in Hartford like everyone else cuz we thought we had these we had these delusions of grandeur where we felt women were gonna go home with us so we would go home to change out of our shitty smelly kitchen clothes and brush our teeth brush our teeth I’m like I didn’t I didn’t comb my hair you can brush your teeth brush your teeth first if you cos the order was irrelevant my name is Jamie Bissonnette and I’m the chef co-owner partner of Toro Toro New York and Copa and Boston Toro Boston is almost nine years old started with my business partner Ken Oringer we partnered up we did Copa and then about a year ago we opened up Toro Manhattan and the difference between Boston to New York is that New York is a little bit more than double the seeding and the kitchens twice the size so we can actually have a bigger menu we can have more variety in Boston there was that kind of a lack of awesome topless restaurants and but Ken and I wanted to do with Toro was do something that was accessible to wine cooks and servers and bartenders and Industry kind of place that had awesome food it was kind of like the same level of food that you would get at a tasting mini restaurant but done really casually that’s what’s rad about tapas is it’s not like regular ala carte dining where you have to time everything you know if Jake is cooking with prego and they’re both going to the same table they don’t have to organize to have their food hit the window when it’s ready it goes like when you’re in Chinatown that’s why I love this kind of dining we’re known for doing really good simple top us like patatas bravas Padron’s paia we’ve got like sofrito and garlic and onions scallion bottoms peppers and chorizo and olive oil we’re just gonna flavor the oil cook it up nice and slow to get the base flavor pretty simple paia but it’s like one of my favorite things to make it’s like the only thing on the menu that I’ve never gotten sick of eating I started cooking when I was a teenager I was playing in punk rock bands and but after practice we would always go out at somebody’s house and we would go up in the kitchen and we would raid the house and make food for the whole band and I started to like really enjoy making food for us and I was a shitty player and eventually I got kicked out of the band because all I did was cook when I was 17 I got kicked out of high school and the same thing happened I was like that I just want to cook so I went to culinary school and I moved as far away from Hartford Connecticut that I could get just turn it like every two minutes so the bottom burns evenly should we get the bottom is called socarrat by Asians you don’t cover and you don’t want to serve too much if you look really closely there’s like this meniscus that’s sealing all the flavor and so you let it boil without stirring it kind of like making tonkotsu ramen it boils in a bowl supplies the fat into it that’s what’s gonna make it creamy the rice is gonna get plump after I went to culinary school I kind of traveled around I worked at a butcher like you know mom-and-pop places I went back to Connecticut for a little bit travelled around Scott Geordie Europe really didn’t get serious and focus my career until I got the Boston and I started working at Clio and then a bunch of restaurants there like really good Paille and Spain’s kind of like fried rice where there’s a burn part to the bottom it’s kind of greasy it’s wicked not good for you and it’s delicious and you’re eating it when you’re drinking so for me this is like the ultimate Western Chinatown dish I’m counselor Calgary me too what that horse is the best what are they doing at whore forever they duplicated it Andy carton one of my best friends from Boston he’s a restaurant tour and box I mean we’ve known of each other for 20 years from working in restaurants and growing up in the same area didn’t like each other until about 10 years ago I think I wanted to kick his ass for most of my life and now I only want to kick his ass when I wake up in the morning and he makes me on over just pretty often we quick quick quick tiny shots were nothing different tiny yeah you lose again the fresh were through to the Wailers I showed my first tattoo when I was 15 years old the first adult I showed it to was this 20-something year old kid named but bigger who when I set out you know I’m getting kicked out of high school couple years Lerman getting kicked on high school I think I’m gonna go to Connors school want to be a chef he goes oh yeah my friend Ken I went to college with he’s a chef you should meet him and I was like there’s no way in hell I’m never gonna meet anybody of worth from this stoner ever and then like not even joking like nine years later I meet Ken Oringer years later 14 years later we are getting a gin tonics and we’re jigging gin tonics in a car private with a private driver fancier than uber the first stop was the John Dory my favorite favorite bar and restaurant in Manhattan the John Dory is April Bloomfield seafood restaurant it’s in the Ace Hotel super-awesome casual low price point but just delicious food every single thing on their menu packs a punch with flavor and it’s it’s just dynamite I brought you a boomerang this is a Ferrari Ari boomerang is a cocktail that we we put in plastic and you bring it to one restaurant and then when they come to visit you they bring one back for your bartenders second boomerang yeah fernette and Campari ferrari for you from from the team matoro thank you very much every single way sure I’ve ever had here is been struck privately but look at that look at these we got plump they are I think clams are one of the most underrated raw shellfish nobody anywhere says plans but they’re so good they taste like Parmesan cheese and miso they’ve had so much in honey we had some horseradish that horseradish they make is like the best horseradish simple and delicious we’re going to do a horse fetish news horseradish stuff man’s short commercial at the clam squeeze the lemon juice in your eye and then shove the cocktail sauce in your anus about halfway through eating adjusted morale one of my other closest friends and one of Andy’s closest friends we all been friends from Boston forever he came to meet us we had some prawns we had some mortadella stuff mussels he got beautifully that is shot it perfectly shot that do they they didn’t even take it out and clean it they cleaned it in the shop that’s my skill whenever I go to the John Dory I always get the correct musica it’s as simple like unleavened cracker with whipped butter bottarga chiles so good is the best dish my man Wow thanks a lot have a good night after John Dory we all jumped in the van and head pearl and ash do you know my friend Maddy room at Maddy he did one of these did he Maddie does this all the time he swept butt ass naked I’m uh spread-eagle and I will he woke up with one of my cats on his crush that is not necessarily it’s not good fun to look at her lashes on the Bowery wait babe we’re spring hits the Bowery purlins – is run by some of the most hospitable human beings that I’ve ever met and live in the neighborhood I go there very often they’ve got the sickest wine list that I’ve seen in the United States and probably one of the sickest wine lists that I can have seen ever reasonably priced like it’s not there to make a ton of money they do it because they want to they curate a list of things that people who are into wine want to drink and they price it in a way that you can drink it something funky Winder red look with the thought right right how funky do you want to go Patrick who runs the wine program at purlins – he savors he loves to cut the tops off the champagne you know just taking a sword and I love look it’s a restaurant that takes itself seriously but they have fun with it it’s like the perfect balance of like like when you find a classically trained musician who just wants to play punk rock like the Bad Brains like that’s what I was some that restaurant this is a white wine flavor my favorite wine producers in all the Gras oh wow this smells like diapers whenever I go that I always get be patatas bravas which is their version of it is fried potatoes with porcini mayo and Teresa so good it tastes like a pastrami sauerkraut sandwich okay oh man that is so good so they love fingering food we had house-made bread whipped chicken fat with maple syrup it’s basically schmaltz on bread I want to catch it it is they catch you the puck at the Wailers yeah I just needs more bad luck lik this Park idea which would sin did I love that restaurant I love I love that 20 years ago this was like heroine alley so after purlins – we got in the car then / – four-faced liar to see my friend shawn for face letter fourth and six we’re to cross from papaya duck or no yeah dog we were walking out of the my dog when I believe we’ve been eating pot candy so we were based out of our mind and I look over at people goes yeah yeah dog all the lights were off and just said yeah dog that for face letters in the West Village the bars been there forever Shawn’s worked there for I think ten or fifteen years it’s a great place first time I went there as we’re in a Bruins shirt and the entire night the bartender who now is my friend Sean was buying me drinks I was kept looking around the room like I don’t know anybody here who’s buying Metis drinks and it turned out he was buying me drinks compliments of all different Rangers players because I was wearing a Bruins shirt the Bruins had just lost to the Rangers he is just with me and I’ve always loved that bar since that all right ready shots of Malibu for the road no all right fine it was just done man oh yeah stun net eventually I don’t know right here stuntman is a regrettable shot it’s when you get salt tequila lime but you snort the salt do the shot of tequila then squeeze the lime in your eye I’m the biggest the ever everyone knows so if you don’t do it so Ken do you want to suffer the consequences of being more of a than me it’s terrible it’s not fun it’s fun to watch everybody watch you doing yep it’s gonna suck all right to a bunch of scumbag friends you never get to hang out with each other ladies oh I can’t help what I’m doing that again stun stun van Hot Tamales thanks for tolerating it good – yeah Thank You strip I didn’t forget I was always avoiding nothing that was good that hurt Oh God God God ladies I officially wish that like I’m like 15 milligrams of alcohol and ass to the point of caring anymore um after four-faced liar we stumbled back into Toro where I think I cook I’m I don’t know great now what after cooker it so when we got back to the restaurant we had my business partner we’ll a couple of his friends my one of my closest friends Alana and just a couple you know random people that that wills friends with I don’t know I don’t remember much of how to remember much else you know got you know the bottle I brought for the opening they have an opening it still here Jamie wants to savor it what do you call a bottle that big biggest bottle of champagne that we’re all going to drink so I was inspired by Patrick and I love to cut the tops off a wine as well so we saved a bottle of wine that Andy gave to me as an opening gift a year ago and I’ve been waiting for all of us to get together and have a reason to drink it and once you savor you can port your glasses drinking out of the bottles a little bit problematic as the top of the bottle is all cut we poured it into a traditional Spanish drinking vessel called a Peron and a Peron is something that they would pass around at vineyards or when you were doing harvest or if you had like a big outdoor party because you know it’s hard to have glassware outside and you want to you know share a bottle of wine so you’d fill up the needs kind of pour it into your mouth or her own it into your mouth coming back tutorial and I knew I was gonna cook for friends we had a bunch of people so I told my sous chefs to just have a pot of steamed rice because late night when I’m drunk I love eating like the halal cart style food and then I told them to just put a bunch of ingredients upstairs and let me kind of figure out what to do it’s like chopped man I have no idea what I’m getting right now the first thing I did was I made a little bit of toasted bread with caviar and Unni has we’ve been talking about eating caviar all night yeah that’s what you want made some quesadillas also some with unnis one of my favorite combinations is highbrow lowbrow so for me to make like a quesadilla with caviar and sea urchin it’s got to have sliced American cheese or using American cheese as a taco shell is one of my favorite favorite snacks in the world we did some fried rice with pork belly and so so free and you know lots of like vert berry and cardamom and stuff like that 15 years this is this is halal fried rice with pork belly this is the law oh it’s it’s non hello hello Fredrik that stuntman shot just kicked my ass all right let’s do another one we did open here and apparently after owning and eating uni and caviar we felt the need to have another stuntman which I don’t really remember right oh boy now


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