[OnePanCuisine] Braised Fire Chicken Wings Ep 01 – Perfect for home-grown Friday nights and drinks!

“A warm meal of romance in a cold, desolate city” 꾱냥키친 – Kyong’s Kitchen 원팬요리 – One Pan Cuisine Ep 1. Braised Fire Chicken Wings Today’s Ingredients Chicken Wings 300g ($5.5), Washed spring onion ($1.5), Onion ($0.5), Potato ($0.5), Minced garlic ($0.5), Fire Chicken Noodle ($1.5) Total price: $10 First, gently wash vegetables. I’ll be using a potato with skin
as its skin contains a lot of healthy nutrition. and it also helps to keep potatoes in shape after cooking. When you wash green onions, make sure it is clean from the dirt. Let’s slice the white part of the spring onion in half
and cut it in one or one and a half inch tall. You can just cut the green part without slicing it in half. Also slice the onion in thin strips, less than a half inch thick. You can do the same with the potato, but in thinner strips. Let me prepare chicken wings. Wash the chicken wings under running water to remove any bone fragments or clotted blood
which they might have To remove its odor, I’ll be using Soju. If you use milk, that would be better, but make sure to wash out the milk on the skin
before cooking. Add 1 tbsp of red pepper paste,
and 2 spoons for pepper powder and soy sauce. I also added 3 spoons of sugar for sweetness. I added minced garlic, which gives “KoreanKorean”
flavor to the whole dish and also helps remove the stingy smell of chicken. Here’s my kick. I’ll use the noodles later,
So let’s put them aside and squeeze all of Korean Fire
Chicken noodle soup base to the sauce. Looks spice huh? Pour 500 ml of water into a pot and
turn the stove on. You can use less water at first and add more
as it evaporates. Place the chicken wings and spring onions
into the pot before boiling. Pour the sauce and wait for water to boil. Add the sliced onions. When the soup boils down,
you can add the sliced potatoes. After 20 to 30 minutes, you can get
this thick soup. Now it’s time for noodles. Place the noodles in the middle of the pod. You’ll need more water as the noodles absorb the broth. Finally, sprinkle the flakes of sesame seeds and
seaweed flakes from the instant noodle. Nyang: Let’s begin.
Kyong: Let’s begin! Nyang: [Noodle eating sound] Kyong: [Noodle eating sound] Nyang: IT’S SO NICE Kyong: Oh it’s SO SPICY
Nyang: [Still eating] Nyang: It’s so delicious.
Kyong: Yeah it is Nyang: Really? Does it taste good?
Kyong: Also the bone sticks out very easily. Sorry, I didn’t press the record button I’ll ensure to record next time… Please subscribe and press the like button!

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