Nhật Ký Ông Thọ Tập 7: Về Làng Vũ Đại Thưởng Thức Món Cá Kho Nồi Đất “Độc Quyền” Dịp Tết

Here you see, I’m gonna done with the braised fish It’s boiling evenly in the pot. Does it look attractive? We’ve worked hard from morning till now Smells so good! The fish tastes sweet, and evenly bold Tastes very delicious! Hello everyone, today I have a chance to experience this road Do you know where this is? I am in Vu Dai village, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province If you have time to visit Vu Dai village, you will feel the amazing taste This is the fragrance from families cooking braised fish I came here to visit a friend who joined the army with me It’s been over 30 years, guys. I am visiting my friend’s family Mr. The! Long time no see It’s such a pleasure! Long time no see What do you carry firewood for? I carry firewood to braise the fish It’s the braised fish of Vu Dai village Is it from the longan trunk? Let’s visit my house. I once promised to visit you whenever I get time Until now I have time This is my house Don’t get lost next time Here it is. Hoang Tho braised fish. Vu Dai village’s braised fish Just ask people and they will tell you to come here Come on in There are so many lids here I just bought them They just moved here so, a little bit messy So many earthen pots They are already baked, right? That’s right. They are all baked but, not annealed yet I came to visit you today. Luckily, you have the traditional braised fish So, would you mind if I experience it with you? My pleasure! Let’s have some water, we’ll cook later Let’s choose a good pot to anneal And braise fish It’s hard, right? Round, smooth, and yellow evenly Help me wheel this, please Godness! The fish is so big Introduce to you, this is black carp Only after 3-4 years raising that it is this big Yeah, so big it is. It will be very delicious and fragrant Tough! Let’s take this fish inside How good this fish is. Both big and long Let’s talk about the tips to choose a fish A good fish must be black, big and long Wow it’s both big and delicious Scrape off the scales It will look beautiful, delicious and infused with spices if you scrape off the scales I will show you this After scraping off, leave the knife like this to scrape off the leftover scales It will not be clean if we just use a knife You should use salt, or lime is best I cut a lime, squeezed it, and rubbed it on the fish Can you see the viscous layer? I just rubbed it. Here you see So much viscous! Is it your secret of cooking fish? Turn this side over Mr. The let me experience cooking fish and I just remove this viscous part It’s okay Scrape off the scales After dissecting the fish I take all the internal organs and wash it out Squeeze a lime here Squeeze and rub Just rub here Then rub the salt all over the fish’s belly To get rid of the vicious layer one more time Remove all the vicious layer Then we wash again Why don’t you take a knife and clean the black part of the fish’s belly Shave off the black ones If you can’t shave it off this time, do it again after we cut it That’s the secret to remove the fishy smell Now we cut into pieces Remember the days on the battlefield, when we caught 3-4 kg snakehead fishes It’s so hard to make a good meal of fish Now, we’re talking about those days You should use a sharp knife to do it Only a sharp knife can cut the fish well Now we split it into two Yes, split the fish in half Only after cutting that the fish can absorb the spices well, otherwise it can’t. Keep shaving off the black thing in the fish’s belly After cutting, the piece of fish will rise up like this That means this fish is so good What about this piece of tail? I don’t cut it into smaller Many people usually leave it, not cut it Tastes so delicious and rich The fin is as crunchy as shark’s fin Now, let’s do it! I’ve braised these pots from 4 a.m It will be 12 hours straight by 4 p.m today Now, I will make another pot with you Let’s do it together Let me introduce you The ingredients including galangal Slice the galangal ​​and put it in the bottom of the pot to prevent from over-burning The fish will not stick to the bottom as well. This is pounded galangal to marinate fish well. Especially the ginger, very small. It’s so yellow if you split it into half. This is lime We should use fresh lime For 2kg fish, we will use 4 grams of lime The fish sauce is so fragrant We use this kind of fish sauce daily life as well In addition, there are some other spices like chili, colored water Especially, in my hometown, we have the freshwater crab sauce Soured freshwater crab sauce is thick like this To make the freshwater crab sauce, we have to pound the crab, leave it to make it sour for 2 months Then use it to cook with fish Now, let’s process it With this bowl of fish I put a bowl of sauce here Freshwater crab sauce Next, add 2 bowls of fish sauce Add the pounded ginger and galangal here Looks attractive! Marinate it for 15 minutes to make the fish pieces firm So that the fish will be firm, fragrant and delicious Don’t be in a hurry Lime I just cut it to show you Cut 2 lemons to get the juice and remove the seeds I will help you You have to squeeze the lemon to soften it before cutting I just show you how to do it, we will taste it later anyway We can’t make sure if it’s enough now We can’t ensure that it’s easy or difficult to make it Spread it over the bottom of the pot, please It helps anti-stick. The fish pieces would not be stick to the bottom of the pot We didn’t have this pot on the battlefield, only aluminum and cast iron pots We almost cooked with military cooking pots I’m going to pour lemon juice here Pour it evenly Add some slices of chili and a little bit of colored water Just a little bit. Otherwise, it will become so dark later Stir it well to marinate it well It has been 15-20 minutes already This tail has a fairly solid fin So we put it on the bottom Next, lean the fish pieces Very beautiful And neat as well Maybe it’s enough Just arrange it by the pot’s margin like this Then it will be flat after cooking Now, pour the water in the fish marinating bowl here We would remember the food for so long and remember the hurt forever It’s been decades since the 80s and still remember it Since the subsidy period Let’s prepare the fire Now I will introduce you about the fire Are you checking if this fish pot cooked properly? Yes, I am checking it This is a pot of crucian carp Tonight I will send it to Danang Now, we cook a new pot Put it here to braise it, right? Take some big sticks of firewood for me, please This is firewood from the longan tree I split the longan trunk. It looks red and quite firm This is the longan branches we bought for cooking It doesn’t let the heat too high or too low, but keeps the heat the same. So the temperature always remains About 12-14 hours from when we start to cook till it’s cooked well Especially, we have a tip in braising fish Let it boil moderately, evenly Here, I open the pot. Let’s see. It’s boiling evenly in the pot. Does it look attractive? There is one more tip The water used to braise needs to be boiling always. Add more when it evaporates We stop adding more water after 5-7 hours Just let it boil and take it out after all the water evaporates I added pork meat into some pots only For $35 pots, I’ll add pork meat. It will taste more delicious Do you just sell braised fish for people surrounding here or for ones in provinces? Hoang Tho braised fish is distributed to all 63 provinces For the northern provinces which passenger cars usually go over, I send it to my customers by that car In Hanoi, there will be staff delivery it to the customers’ houses Either in the South We usually delivery it by passenger cars Tet holiday is coming, are there many people who order your braised fish? We only sell about 1000 -1500 pots of braised fish, not many Because there are many establishments selling it in my village Mostly sell to regular customers How can the customers who live far away order your fish? Visit our website cakhohoangtho.com You can get our phone number and address there Our products are guaranteed goods, with a certificate of origin, not low-quality products Don’t worry I wonder how you can please all your customers We explore, take care of them by calling them to find out their favorite taste Southern people like it sweeter, I will add more sugar Central people want it spicier, the Northern ones want it more salt Many people told me to follow the traditional method I follow the tradition but if you ask for spicier we will add more chili I can not meet the expectation of 100 people But, 80-90 of them is okay It’s so good It’s so good then So, your customers who order Hoang Tho braised fish will not worry about it Alright, it’s lunch time. I’m so tired now It’s so cold but, we’re so sweaty! And happy Tired but fun It was even more arduous when we’re at the battles to fight America It’s late. Would you like to have lunch with us? Wish a pot of braised fish which we’re prepared to treat you Thank you so much Let’s drink! We’ve worked hard from morning till now It’s been decades since the last time we met Let’s have lunch with country flavor Wow so fragrant The fish is still hot, so it is more fragrant and softer and harder to pick It will be firmer after it cools down It’s been 30 years since we last met Have some wine, please Wish you health Thank you I came to visit you, you treat me with wine and lunch with your family Let’s enjoy what we made from morning Let’s have it How’s the fish in your opinion? Very delicious It absorbs all the spices. Very fragrant It absorbs all the spices. Very fragrant Tastes very delicious! Have this bone. It’s braised so well Like calcium nuggets It’s actually like calcium nuggets, as you just said Many people want to buy it for children Children often suffer from rickets and anorexia They will get rid of rickets if they have this fish Alright, let’s enjoy the lunch with us Thank you, Mr. The I came to visit you and wish your family health And you treated me with wine and a lot of food Plus a very delicious pot of braised fish For our reunion, I have nothing but this little thing as a gift for your children I have nothing to say with this pot of braised fish you gift me Thank you and your family a lot See you again! Don’t forget it. Don’t forget Hoang Tho Goodbye! See you again! Wish you health


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