New York’s Sexiest Chef Talks Avocados | Time Out New York

hey guys we thought my name is Franco
Noriega and I’m a model and the chef at my restaurant baby Brasa in the West
Village and today I’m going to show you some tricks with avocados how to make
sure they’re right before you eat them and how to make sure they don’t go dark
when you open up. Okay guys so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna find
your avocado and there’s a stem in the upper part of the avocado. We’re gonna
remove that with your finger right here it comes off quickly and easily and it’s
green then it’s ready to go but if it’s tough to take out that means the avocado
is still green and it’s not ready to go the other reason that you shouldn’t eat
the avocado is if the inside is black that means the avocado will be actually
black all inside and with all this veins if you only want to eat okay guys so now
we’re gonna cut the avocado see how ripe it really is so you take your
knife and then slide it around and open it up. Tada!Perfectly ripe avocado okay
guys now put our second trick say for example you just use half of an avocado
and you have the other half left and you don’t want the other half to go bad or
dark or you know the horrible quarter that have a kind of it so what you do is
you slam the knife right into a bit like that you turn it honey comes off just
like that we’re gonna put it in a cup of water there so this will stay here as
long as you don’t use the avocado this will prevent any of these two halves really too go dark. So guys you don’t have to put a pit back anywhere you can
just leave it in the water until you finish your other half of your avocado
you later on today or tomorrow whenever it is and then once you’re done with the avocado you can throw the pit away. I don’t know what it is there’s some
type of connection to the pit of the avocado on the actual avocado but it
works I mean it makes the avocado green and not go black, or dark.


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