Navaratri Special Recipe – Peanut Sundal & Purnam Burelu

Hi namaste.. welcome to paru’smoments.hope you all are fine.. Today i have come up with 2 Navarathri special recipes . A sweet and sundal One is in kerala style and other is a andhra sweet So this video is bit lengthy as i have come up with 2 recipes so you can skip and watch according to your taste. So everybody please try this and the share the feedback Hope you all watched my previous video Guava halwa /perakka varattiyathu (inmalayalam) But no one has shared the feedback So everybody please try this and the share the feedback Usually my recipes are simple and easy so everybody please try So if your watching my channel for first time then pls watch my previous videos and if u like then pls Subscribe too ok So lets see how to prepare Navarathri special recipes So today we can do 2 navarathri special recipes. I have planned a sundal and sweet Here i am showing you a peanut sundal Even you can try this with white/Black channa I think in kerala we call it as chundal. Its a very easy recipe Especially during festivals in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamilnadu. Usually its not common in our Kerala But to this area (Bangalore) they used to prepare sundals with pulses for every occasion So ingredients for this raw peanut which i have cooked . its easily available in super market. Note that its not roasted . So buy the raw one and cook /boil it in cooker for 3-4 whistles on medium flame. Then strain it . Then we need 2 table spoon of coconut as am showing only little quantity. Next we need 2-3 Green chillies which depends on your spice level.If you are giving to kids reduce it. Its a very easy recipe so lets see how to prepare it Here i have taken a thick bottomed Kadai Lets do this in kerala style so take 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Kadai is hot . Add half tsp mustard when the oil is hot. When it starts spluttering add urad dal,redchilli and curry leaves After seasoning add chopped Green chilli Once the green chilli is saute add peanuts This peanut is cooked with salt. But also we have to add bit more salt accordingly. Along with this add 1/4 tsp Asafoetida its almost done. This is a healthy brunch snack . Its high in protein and have used only little oil. its healthy to have boiled peanuts rather than fried. There are many varieties which you can try on this recipe by adding onion, coriander and mint leaves, lemon juice and even raw mangoes So there are many versions for this . Here am showing a simple one. Lastly we can add 2 tbspn of coconut its done. Now we can switch off the flame and before that just check the spice level according to yours. Here i have added 1/4tsp more Asafoetida as it was lacking that taste. So its done lets transfer it. Next we can do a navarathri special sweet. Today am showing you an andhra sweet called purnam burelu. its a sweet made of channa dal & jaggery so ingerdients for this is thick dosa batter,cooked channa dal & jaggery. so the measurement for this is i have taken 1/2 glass channal dal(175ml glass is my glass )which is soaked,cooked & strained. same measurement v have to take the jaggery.1/2 glass channa dal & half glass jaggery. next is this batter. common measurement for this 2 cup dosa rice & 1 cup urad i m doing small quantity na so reduce the measurement to 1 cup rice & 1/2 cup urad dal. it has to soaked for 3 to 4 hours like we do for dosa batter. don’t add anything else like cooked rice or anything. Only rice and Urad dal should used. then we have to add salt ,1/2 tsp baking soda & 2 tbsp( sorry i mentioned cup in video) maida or rice flour. why we are adding this maida is beacuse we are using this batter as a coating.So it should not break while we fry them. But u can try even without that and later when frying if it breaks then add these flour. here i have added rice flour. so here i have added all these and batter is ready. so let see how to prepare this. Firstly we need to make a dough (like ladoo preparation) of cooked dal & jaggery . for that we need to smash this cooked dal .We can do it with hands and in mixie too. its easy if we do it in mixie. here in stove i have kept thick bottomed vessel. To this add smashed channa dal. Here i have done with hands. if channa dal is cooked well then easily we can smash it. Along with this we can add jaggery. Mix it well. need to stir this till it becomes thick consitency from which can make balls. do it medium flame While showing halwa recipe also i have told na that it will become loose while adding sugar/jaggery but later it thickens. now just started to become thick so lets add 1/2 tbsp ghee. if you like ghee flavour then you can add more. along with this add 1 tsp cardmom powder See now it has become thick and has separated from the sides and water content is completely gone and become thick dough like from which can make balls. This the correct consistency.Cardamom powder measurements can vary according to your taste. here i am showing small quantity only so according to that i am telling the measurements. Now when we feel we can make balls out of this we can switch off the flame.lets cool it & make balls other option which we can add to this is nuts.If you like biting nut in between u can add that too. it gives different taste. now lets cool it. now channa dal jaggery mix is cooled and we can make balls. decide ball size according to your convience. here i am doing this type of balls. let me make other balls too. i have got 9 balls of medium size & 1 small ball from this quantity. now lets dip in batter & fry them. Here i have used refined oil(sorry forgot to mentioned in video).lets dip these balls in batter . coat it i am using can use hands too. Oil is hot .Put these balls to oil on high flame and then reduce to medium . At a time 3 balls is enough because it will stick each other if crowded. if you feel its breaking then add maida/ riceflour. No need to become too much brown colour.light golden colour is correct .slight white shade will be there. first one is ready ..lets take it and strain it to a tissue. now these are also done.light golden colour is correct. it has become fluffy as we add baking soda. or else u can keep this batter for 6 hours to ferment. but more than it should not be fremented. let me fry other balls too and then show you. Now our Navarathri Special Sweet Purnam Burelu is ready. it is Crunchy outside & soft inside the channadal jaggery mix. if you have less fermented & less salted dosa batter try this recipe. its variety sweet for keralites as we are not much familiar with this sweet. So everybody try this for Navarathri. Wishes you all a good start with this sweet. Along with that try this easy peanut sundal too.. If you like my video please share.If you are watching my channel for first time then please watch my previous videos and if you like then please do subscribe. 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