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Hey, I’m Randy with BBQGuys. Today we are going to be checking out the
Napoleon Prestige Series of gas grills. The one we have here today is the 500 model,
let’s get to it. Inside the Prestige series, you will find
Napoleon’s Iconic wave cooking grids. They are made from 7.5mm thick stainless steel
for durability and good heat retention. The wave grid shape works well to prevent
smaller items like these shrimp, from falling through the grates. Beneath the grids, the Prestige series has
dual level stainless steel flame tamers. This design provides great coverage for heat
distribution, even between each burner. I noticed a nice spread of heat across the
surface of the grill when cooking these burgers. Each flame tamer has a tent shape, forcing
grease to roll off quickly and effectively reducing flare ups. Under the tamers, the Napoleon Prestige series
has tube style stainless steel burners. Each conventional burner is lit by reliable
push and turn flame thrower ignition. They are each rated for 12,000 BTUs of cooking
power, for a combined total of 60,000 BTUS on the 500 model. The control knobs of the Prestige are illuminated
for Nighttime entertaining. Napoleon’s safety glow design changes the
color of the light to red for when burners are in use. This is a nice visual to have to avoid leaving
a burner on accidentally. For steakhouse quality searing, Napoleon offers
models in the Prestige series that come with an infrared sear burner on the left side shelf
of the grill. It’s nice to not have to give up conventional
grill space to have a sear burner option – I was able to let these ribs roast while I grilled
up a few steaks on the side. When it comes to rotisserie style cooking,
Napoleon also offers Prestige models with a 18,000 BTU rear infrared burner and rotisserie
kit. I roasted these ribs with very low effort
for about 3 hours with amazing results. When extra cooking space is needed, Prestige
grills come with a warming rack that features plenty of space to fit multiple items. It can be removed when needed. For keeping an eye on your grill temp, there
is an easy to read hood mounted temperature gauge. The cart of the Prestige series has two side
shelves for prep space. Each shelf has a side caddy for keeping condiments
close at hand and two tool hooks. The bottom of the cart has enclosed storage,
and for easy cleaning, grease is funneled into this removable pan beneath the grill. For more extensive cleaning, this funnel tray
can also be removed. It’s worth noting, the Prestige series has
multiple size and color options, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your backyard. For those interested in an all conventional
burner grill, there are Prestige models available without the rear or side infrared burner. Thanks for watching today. If you have any questions about napoleon grills,
give us a call or visit us online. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel
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  1. Great gas flavor.

  2. But… Its supposed to be tiny and have a huge ego…

  3. Probably will buy this next year

  4. yea I have a question why for that price does Napoleon use cheap 430 stainless in their grills?? Seems to me for that much money they would use type 304 stainless ! especially for easier cleaning!!

  5. I'm not a big fan of gas grills but that one seems to be pretty nice. Thank for sharing.

  6. I'm debating between the prestige 500 RISB stainless and the weber genesis ii s-335. I like the rotisserie burner on the napoleon but have heard it flares up a little more and not quite as even heat on the grilling surface. Have you found that to be true? Which one has a higher build quality in your opinion? And then there is the option of going up to the prestige pro 500 but not sure if it is a lot better quality (more 304) than the prestige.

  7. If you had to chose between the prestige 500 vs Weber genesis 2 special edition which would you take?

  8. Any thoughts between the prestige/prestige pro vs the broil king imperial 590? Build quality or infrared vs standard rotisserie and side burner?

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