My Mom Plays Five Nights at Freddy’s

Mark: Boo! Mom: Oooh! [Laughs] Mark: Did that scare you? Mom: A little bit. Mark: A little bit? Yeah. Mark: Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to “My Mom Plays Five Nights at Freddy’s.” Mom: Hi everybody, my name is…
Mark: Yeah. Momiplier: What is it? Mark: Momiplier.
Momiplier: Mom! Momiplier. Mark: Momiplier.
Momiplier: Momiplier. Mark: Yeah, actually, you could say your real name. I-I’ll give you the option. Please don’t make everyone assume that I’m forcing you to call yourself Momiplier. (THE MONSTER) Momiplier: No, no, no! I, I’m very comfortable. Mark: Yeah. Okay. So, do you know how to play this game? Momiplier: I have no idea. Mark: But you’ve seen me play it, maybe? Momiplier: A million times. Mark: Yeah, okay. So, there is a, uh, walking teddy bear by the name of Fronko Fonbon Momiplier: [Wheezes] Mark: And he is haunting a, uh, uh, uh, a, a, a, uh- Chinese buffet. Momiplier: [Cackles] Okay!
Mark: You just got hired as a security guard. Momiplier: Whoopy-Doo! Mark: [Laughs] Oopy-Doo! What, y-you’re not happy about that? Momiplier: Hmm, so see. Mark: Okay. So, it’s 12 AM on the first night. Momiplier: Ok.
Mark: So you need to listen very closely, he’s gonna give you instructions. Mark: And you need to listen very closely. Phone Guy: … but there’s really nothing to worry about. Uh- Momiplier: I’m not worried.
Phone Guy: …the animatronic characters here… Mark: Yeah, why would you be?
Phone Guy:. …do get a bit quirky at night… Phone Guy: Alright, good night. Mark: Alright. So now, you’re in charge. So what do you gather from what he was saying to you? Momiplier: Uhh…
Mark: What do you think? Momiplier: They’re gonna try to… Make… Something I don’t wanna be? Or scare me? Mark: Yeah, something like that. They’re gonna make you something you don’t wanna be. That’s- Momiplier: Yeah, yeah.
Mark: That’s pretty much the long and the short of exactly what’s going here. Momiplier: Yeah. I’m looking at them…
Mark: Yes.
Momiplier: But nobody’s there. Mark: Do you see where you are?
Momiplier: I’m at-
Mark: The bottom Momiplier: Eh? Oh, I’m here!
Mark: Yeah!
Momiplier: Okay. Mark: There.
Momiplier: Oohh! Camera 4B. Momiplier: What am I-
Mark: Yeah, you almost had ’em. Momiplier: Had what?
Mark: Close, yeah. Momiplier: What about here?
Mark: Yeah. Go! Momiplier: Hmm.
Mark: Nothing there. Momiplier: Where?
Mark: Suspicious.
Momiplier: What am I looking for? Mark: You’re looking for them!
Momiplier: Who? Mark: The animatronics!
Momiplier: They’re alive? Mark: No, they’re- Ah, it’s questionable whether they’re alive or not. Momiplier: Do- What do I hear?
Mark: Is something different there? Momiplier: Yeah, dum-dum-dum? I heard that. I hear.
Mark: Ahh. Momiplier: Oh.
Mark: Well, that’s Freddy, he likes to sing. Momiplier: Oh… Mark: And also, there’s another. There’s three animatronics in total. Mark: There’s Fronko, Chonko, and Bonko.
Momiplier: [Chuckles] Okay! Okay. Momiplier: Oh! I’m a little scared. Momiplier: Oh, It’s 4 AM! Do I have to go until 6 AM, right?
Mark: Yeah, yeah. 6 AM, you got it.
Momiplier: Oh, my gosh! Mark: No…
Momiplier: I suddenly am very, very scared! Mark: I know, right?
Momiplier: Ohh…
Mark: Yeah, Bonko is gonna sneak up behind you. Momiplier: [Laughs]
Mark: Watch out for Chonko! Momiplier: [Laughs] Oh no!
Mark: Fronko’s the worst of them all. Momiplier: Come on! Where are you? Mark: Yeah, where are they? You’ve actually, I will, I will- Well, you wanna know something spooky?
Momiplier: What? Mark: You’ve looked at two of them.
Momiplier: Oh, where?
Mark: I know, right? Momiplier: Wh-
Mark: You’ve seen two of them. Momiplier: I’ve seen tw- right here! What is that?
Mark: Yeah- No, that’s a poster Momiplier: Where?
Mark: What about 1B? What about 1B? Momiplier: Okay… This one? Mark: Yaaaaaaay, you found him! Momiplier: Freddy! Freddy! Mark: [Laughs] Not quite!
Momiplier: Oh, it’s not Freddy? Mark: That might be Freddy – actually I think that’s Freddy. Momiplier: Yeah! Mark: If I look closely… Yeah, Freddy. Momiplier: So what is it doing here?
Mark: Umm…
Momiplier: Why is he here!? Mark: He’s just relaxing, you know… Momiplier: He’s okay?
Mark: He’s having a good time! Momiplier: Was he here before?
Mark: Oh, I don’t know… Momiplier: I don’t remember… Momiplier: So what- where do- where should I go? Mark: Oh, you know, around… Momiplier: Just look around?
Mark: Yeah. Mark: Who’s that? Is that- Momiplier: Freddy? Mark: They can’t all be Freddy. Momiplier: [Clicks Tongue] I don’t know… They look all alike to me. Mark: [Snickers]
Momiplier: They look allllll alike! Momiplier: I have n- Mark: Ohh! Momiplier: Oh! What is that. Momiplier: Let’s… Eat? Momiplier: That’s the one, what is this? Mark: What do you think, what’s that one’s name? Momiplier: Chica! Mark: Chonko! Momiplier: Chonko… Mark: Chonko. Momiplier: Chonko.
Mark: Yeah. Chonko. Momiplier: Okay. Mark: You want to save your power, is the thing. Momiplier: Power? Mark: Yeah-
Momiplier: I have 19% Mark: Yeah-
Momiplier: 18… Percent… [Victory bells]
Momiplier: [Gasps] Mark: You did it!
Momiplier: Ooooooooooooooh! Momiplier: [Laughs of joy]
Mark: You won! Mark: You won the game!
Momiplier: [Screams of victory] Mark: You’re the best! You did it! Mark: Congratulations!
Momiplier: Ooh!
Mark: Oh, here’s the second night. Momiplier: Okay…
Mark: There’s another night. Momiplier: Alright! Mark: It’s gonna get even harder now. Momiplier: Naaah. Mark: Naaah?
Momiplier: Piece of pie!
Mark: Piece of pie? Momiplier: Uh-huh.
Mark: Okay. Phone Guy: The character in there seems unique in that he becomes more active if the cameras…
Mark: Uh oh. Phone Guy: …remain off for long periods of time. Mark: Uhh…
Phone Guy: I guess he doesn’t like being watched. Phone Guy: I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sure you have everything under control! Uh…
Mark: Oh, no… Phone Guy: Talk to you soon!
Bonnie: [Groan]
Mark: Piece of candy… Momiplier: I hear something… Mark: You hear something? Momiplier: I better watch carefully, right? Mark: [Mumbles spookily] You better watch carefully… Momiplier: Nobody is he-ere! Mark: Look at that…
Momiplier: [Tauntingly] I’m watching youuuu!
Mark: They’re all looking at you. Mark: Oh, they’re all looking at you. Momiplier: Me too! I’m looking at you too!
Mark: [Silent laugh] Momiplier: Ah!
Mark: They’re all looking at you!
Bonnie: [Groan] Momiplier: Whoooo…
Mark: I know.
Momiplier: …ooh… Whoop! Momiplier: I’m watching you- OOH! Bonnie: [SCREECH]
Momiplier: [Screams, turning into laughter] Mark: [Laughs]
Momiplier: [Laughing] Noo! Mark: [Laughing] Momiplier: [Laughing] Oh my god!
Mark: [Laughing too] Mark: Yeah… Uhh, yeah.
Momiplier: [Still laughing] Mark: I knew you were dead a while ago… (r00d)
Momiplier: [Laughing] What happened?
Mark: Yeah… Mark: You, you, you remember how when you tried to push the light on the left side, it wouldn’t work? Momiplier: Yeah.
Mark: That’s- Momiplier: Oh, it’s there!
Mark: Yeah.
Momiplier: Oohh! Mark: That meant it was too late! Momiplier: Mmmm…
Mark: Okay, hit continue. Momiplier: Bubble! Let’s watch carefully… Mark: You’ve got to watch care- Momiplier: So they don’t kill us, okay? Mark: Cus’ they move! You’ve gotta-
Momiplier: Okay.
Mark: You’ve got to be mindful of these! Momiplier: I am, I am! Come here. Momiplier: It’s one, right? Momiplier: Where are you? Momiplier: I’m watching you! Mark: No, no. They’re all on stage right now. Mark: Oh, they’re looking at you again. Momiplier: Oooooh, that looks- Mark: See the way they’re looking at you? Momiplier: Oooh! That looks… Mark: Spooky…
Momiplier: Ooh, spooky.
Mark: That’s not good… Momiplier: Okay… Nobody’s here. Mark: Nobody there. Momiplier: Three…
Foxy: Dum dum dum… Momiplier: Oh! I hear “Dum dum dum!” Momiplier: How about six! Mark: Could be… But you kn-
Momiplier: Kitchen! Mark: Do you hear pots and pans?
Momiplier: I hear- I hear- I hear- I hear pots and pans! Mark: Chica’s in the kitchen. Momiplier: Why? Oh, she wants to eat something! Momiplier: She’s hungry.
Mark: Yeah… Very good. [Laughs] Momiplier: Oooh, oooh I hear! Mark: Oh! Momiplier: Clank and clanking! Mark: Ohhhh, she likes to eat! Momiplier: Somebody looking for pizza leftover! Mark: Uh huh… [Laughs]
Momiplier: [Laughs] Momiplier: [Laughing]
Mark: So maybe… Check your left side of the hall.
Momiplier: [Nervous Laughter] Momiplier: Okay… [Terrified]
Mark: 3, 2… Momiplier: [Sounds of terror] Don’t- don’t- don’t come sneak on me! Momiplier: Ah! Ah!
Mark: Don’t sneak on her! Momiplier: Ah! Ah!
Mark: Check 2B. Momiplier: 2B!
Mark: Oh…
Momiplier: Uhm… Momiplier: Ohh!
Mark: That poster don’t look so good… Momiplier: Yeah, what happened?
Mark: I don’t know. Momiplier: Oh, okay.
Mark: Go check your door lights, Momiplier: Oohh!
Mark: To make sure there’s no one standing there. Momiplier: Oh, no one.
Mark: No one there.
Momiplier: How about here? Momiplier: How about here? Mark: Careful.
Momiplier: Go here? Mark: Yeah. Check that one.
Momiplier: Ooh. Mark: You’ve gotta remember: if you don’t know where they are on the camera, Mom: Ohh…
Mark: You might wanna… You might wanna check… Mark: Oh, I see her. She’s in the top right. Momiplier: I see! Let’s eat!
Mark: Yeah! Momiplier: Oohh!
Mark: Yeeah! Momiplier: Oh, now she is near the bathroom after eat- Ooh. Momiplier: What should I do?
Mark: [Laughs]
Momiplier: Oohh… Mark: Why would she be near the bathroom after eating? Momiplier: Because! She ate too much! Momiplier: Had to go p… Potty!
Mark: Yeah. Momiplier: I’m here! I’m here! I’m good.
Mark: You’re good, you’re good. Momiplier: Oh, Ooh! Ooh! Oooh!
Mark: Ooh, she’s coming down the hall! Momiplier: Hey!
Mark: Yeah, she’s coming!
Momiplier: Aren’t you full enough? Mark: Nope.
Momiplier: Ah! Come on!
Mark: She needs one more meal! Momiplier: I thought you had already! Bunch of leftover pizza!
Mark: [Laughs] Momiplier: [Laughs of terror] Come on! Momiplier: Do I look like a pizza? Momiplier: [Whimpers] Momiplier: I’m watching you!
Mark: You’re watching. Momiplier: Oh my goodness! What should I do? Bubble: [Whining]
Mark: She’s not that close yet, but when she gets to 4B- Bonnie: [Shrieks]
Momiplier: [Screams, wheezes] Momiplier: [Laughing]
Mark: You weren’t watching! You weren’t watching! Momiplier: [Laughing]
Mark: You were so focused on Chica you forgot the left side! Momiplier: Where in the world d- What’s his name? Momiplier: Freddy?
Mark: Freddy? Freddy? Momiplier: He sneak on me!
Mark: I know! Sneaky Freddy! Momiplier: I was watching the other one! Mark: I know!
Momiplier: [Laughing]
Mark: Freddy sneak on you! Momiplier: Oohh… Mark: Freddy likes to sneak on you. Momiplier: Wow Freddy, you are-
Mark: Give it one more try! Momiplier: You are… Sneaky bastard!
Mark: One- Oh no, not new game! Momiplier: Oh, continue? Oh my god.
Mark: Yeah. Mark: Just one more try! Mark: That Freddy!
Momiplier: Whew! I’m too old for this! Mark: You get one more try, and then we’ll give your poor, old heart a rest. Momiplier: [Laughing from suffering] Oh gee… Momiplier: [Laughing]
Mark: You’re good! You’re doing great. Mark: Just keep observing!
Momiplier: Oh, okay, now.
Mark: Stay focused, stay true! Momiplier: I’m here!
Mark: Remember: Mark: Chonko likes the right side,
Momiplier: Okay.
Mark: Freddy likes the left side! Momiplier: Ahhh, okay, bathroom… Nobody here. Mark: Yeah… Momiplier: Kitchen, nobody here. Mark: I know… Mark: Okay.
Momiplier: Party time! Nobody here! Momiplier: Oh! Momiplier: I’m watching you guys… Momiplier: Don’t you dare… Momiplier: Don’t you dare come near me like that! Momiplier: [Sounds of fear]
Mark: They’re gonna sneak on you… Momiplier: Nooooo, no no no!
Mark: [Laughs] Momiplier: You better not! You better not! Momiplier: I’m watching you! Momiplier: I’m watching you… Momiplier: Oh! Momiplier: Okay, it’s not here.
Mark: It seems good. Mark: Alright, I think- I think they’re gone…
Momiplier: Are they gone? Mark: I think Freddy has left the stage. Momiplier: Well, maybe Freddy is scared of me too. Mark: I’m scared of you, so that would make sense.
Momiplier: [Laughs] Momiplier: Ooh, ooh, oooh!
Mark: Oooooooh… Oooooh. Mark: Hello! Momiplier: [Laughs]
Mark: [Laughs] Mark: That’s good, that’s good! I like it! I think that’ll work!
Momiplier: [Laughs] It works! Momiplier: Not only- What did you do? Mark: Oh, the one fing-[Laughs] The middle finger at Freddy’s!
Momiplier: I do it like this! [Laughs] Momiplier: It works! [Laughs]
Mark: Ooh, ooh, gonna get ya! Mark: Alright, so you might wanna, you might wanna look out. Momiplier: Yeah.
Mark: ‘Cause, uhh… Mark: I think they’re coming for you.
Momiplier: Oooh. Ooh. Mark: Check those lights. Check those lights.
Momiplier: Uh oh… Mark: Yeah.
Momiplier: Okay, I’m gonna go here… Mark: Okay, good.
Momiplier: Boo! [Laughs]
Mark: mmmBOOP! Momiplier: [Laughs]
Mark: He’s not there, amazingly! Momiplier: Boo! [Laughs]
Mark: [Laughs]
Momiplier: I’m gonna scare them before they scare me! Mark: That’s a good strategy!
Momiplier: That’s my strategy.
Mark: Good strategy. I like it. Momiplier: I’ve watched your video a million times, no.
Mark: Oh, I think that’s going to work-Uh oh. Momiplier: Ooh.
Mark: Here comes Chonko.
Momiplier: Ooh. Hello! Hello! Hello! Momiplier: Ehh! Momiplier: Hello!
Mark: [Laughs] Mark: Remember the left side.
Momiplier: Hey light! [Laughs] Mark: [Laughs] Mark: Right…
Momiplier: Boo! [Laughs] I’m gonna scare them! Mark: You’re gonna!
Momiplier: Oh my goodness! Mark: You’re getting-
Momiplier: Freddy! Mark: Check those lights!
Momiplier: [Sounds of stress] Mark: Alright. Momiplier: Come on… Boo! Mark: Check that left side again, I think they might’ve gotten close. Momiplier: Are you sure?
Mark: Yeah. Momiplier: Boo! [Laughs] That is not-
Mark: Okay, check 2B. Momiplier: I was going to. Mark: Okay, what about 4B.
Momiplier: I was going to! Mark: Okay, you know how to play this game! Momiplier: I’m expert!
Mark: ‘Axpert’! Momiplier: Ooh. Who are you?
Mark: Who are you?
Momiplier: What’re you doing there? Momiplier: Who are you?
Mark: Who is that?
Momiplier: What are you doing there? Mark: I don’t know. I’ve always wondered that, why does he go into the supply closet? Momiplier: I don’t know. Mark: Huh, what a weirdo.
Momiplier: Hmm… Momiplier: Boo! Oh, nobody here! Momiplier: What’s going on?
Mark: I don’t know! Momiplier: Okay… See? See? Momiplier! Momiplier: You’re scary, right?
Mark: Yeah, oh yeah! I know. Momiplier: Yeah. Boo! [Laughs]
Mark: Nothing yet! Momiplier: 2B! Oooh!
Mark: Oh! Momiplier: Hello!
Mark: Just keep an eye on him. Momiplier: How?
Mark: Just watch him, right here.
Momiplier: Just watch him? Mark: If he moves from there- Check your light! Now. Check your light.
Momiplier: Oooh! Light! Light, light! Momiplier: Boom! [Screams while laughing]
Mark: Hit the door! Hit the door! Hit the door! Mark: There you go. You got it! You’re getting it! You’re getting it!
Momiplier: [Laughing] Mark: Okay, so now don’t open the door, but check the light one more time. Momiplier: Okay. [Sounds of fear]
Mark: Don’t open the door. Mark: Okay, he’s still there. You see that shadow? The shadow? Yeah, he’s still there.
Momiplier: Ohh, you there. Okay, what should I do? Mark: You should, uh, just wait until he leaves. Mark: Alright. Check the light again, he might be gone.
Momiplier: [Sounds of complete terror] Oh, I hope so! Momiplier: [Terrified] Boo… Mark: See? Yeah, he’s gone.
Momiplier: [Sigh of relief]
Mark: Okay. Now you can open the door. Momiplier: [Sigh]
Mark: Now you can open the door. Yeah.
Momiplier: Okay. Mark: You’ve got this!
Momiplier: Can I close now? Mark: Yeah, turn off the light- no don’t close!
Momiplier: Oh, don’t close it?
Mark: Yeah, you’re running low on power. Momiplier: Oh shoot.
Mark: That’s okay. Momiplier: 25% of power!
Mark: Yeah. You’re at 3 AM, you’ve got 25%. Mark: That’s not the best. That’s not- that’s not good. (You just said that was okay, don’t lie to your mother) Momiplier: Oh my goodness, what am I going to do?
Mark: I don’t know… Momiplier: I just want to hide somewhere…
Mark: Check your lights. Momiplier: Here?
Mark: Yeah. Momiplier: [Gasps]
Mark: Door! Mark: Door! Hit the door! [Laughs]
Momiplier: Do it! Close! [Laughs] Momiplier: At least he just was staring at me, he’s not coming near me.
Mark: Yeah! Not killing! Momiplier: Okay.
Mark: What about the other side? Did you check the other light? Momiplier: No I haven’t.
Mark: You didn’t, did you? Momiplier: Don’t you dare… Light! Mark: Close the door, close the door!
Momiplier: [Screams] Mark: [Laughs] Turn off the light!
Momiplier: [Nervous laughter] Light off! Momiplier: Oooh!
Mark: Yeah… That’s a problem. Momiplier: That’s Chica in there!
Mark: Yeaaah! That’s Chica! Momiplier: What should I do?
Mark: Nothing you can do! Momiplier: Heeeeey… How are you?
Mark: Hiiii… [Laughs] Momiplier: Look, I’m a Momiplier, go away!
Mark: [Laughs]
Momiplier: [Laughs] Mark: That does give you special authority in these games, you know? Yeah.
Momiplier: [Nervous laughter] Go away! Mark: As- As a- Since I’m the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s…
Momiplier: I’m a queen! Mark: Oh, you just ran out of power.
Momiplier: Oooh no, I’m dead! Mark: No, move your camera over to the left side. Momiplier: [Nervous croak]
Mark: Here, someone’s very upset because Mark: you’ve been calling Bonnie “Freddy” this whole time. Momiplier: Oh, gee! [Laughs]
Mark: So someone is mad at you. The REAL Freddy is mad at you. [Freddy’s music] Momiplier: [Laughing nervously]
Mark: He wants to sing you a song. Momiplier: [Laughing nervously] Ooh, I don’t like this! Momiplier: [Sounds of terror] Momiplier: [Terrified] Okay… Okay…
[Music stops] Mark: Watch out.
Momiplier: What? Momiplier: What am I looking aAAH! [Screams and laughs]
Markiplier: [Laughs] Mark: You did it! You died! Momiplier: [Laughing] I died! Mark: Here you go, here’s Bubble. Momiplier: [Laughing] Oh, Bubble!
Mark: Bubble will calm you down! Mark: Well, you didn’t do it!
Momiplier: Oh Bubble, I need Bubble- Mark: You uh, you didn’t survive, but you did good! Mark: You were catching on very quickly, I was surprised!
Momiplier: Hey, I watched a million times of a video! Momiplier: I should know by now! [Laughs]
Mark: You were doing pretty good! Momiplier: I should know by now!
Mark: I’ve got to admit, you were doing pretty good. Momiplier: Bubble! I need take a medication! Momiplier: Oh my goodness!
Mark: Oh, wait, you’ve got to say goodbye! Mark: We haven’t said goodbye yet!
Momiplier: Oh! [Laughing] Momiplier: I thought that we were still playing- Momiplier: Oh well! Mark: Alright, so thank you everybody so much for watching, this has been “My Mom Plays Five Nights at Freddy’s.” Momiplier: I’ve been watching millions of times, but first time I’ve ever played! Mark: Yeah. So even though she was naming everything absolutely wrong! Momiplier: I’m bad at names.
Mark: You were doing pretty good! You were okay! You were alright! You were doing pretty good! Mark: I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you, you did okay. Mark: So thank you everybody so much for watching, and thank you Mom for joining me. Any last words of wisdom? Momiplier: Uhhh… Have fun! Happy new year!
Mark: Have fun! Happy new year! Alright. Mark: Hey, and thank you again, and as always… We’ll see you in the next video. Buh-bye!
Momiplier: Byeeee!


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    ḿ̧ań̵̶̛́̀͡g̡̧͢͝l͢҉e̶̡҉ – @#$%#[email protected]

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