My Autistic Toddler Said Mama!

You’re such a good girl Say mama
Ma-Ma Guys it is really freaking early right now but it’s okay
we’re just gonna get through it. Some coffee’s gonna help me out a little bit. I
decided to stay up all night so I could film a morning routine because that’s
what you do so there is gonna be a little bit of a gap in the day but today
is the day that Noah gets to get all of his presents. If you’ve been following us
on the livestream, I’ve talked about how years and years ago we had a lab for
Noah. It didn’t work out, we had to rehome the lab and we told him we would try
again when he was a lot older. At the time he was like 6 or 7. We just
threw out you have to be 12. We’ll try getting you a lab for your 12th
birthday. Don’t ever promise your kid things. Even if it seems like it’s so far
off, like it’s five years away, it will sneak up on you like like that. I just
don’t have a good feeling about getting a dog honestly so we’re gonna see what
other gifts that he wants for his birthday. He’s gonna open gifts from
everyone else and we’re also just gonna have a fun time, go out to dinner.
Hopefully it goes well. Hopefully we have no meltdowns no mishaps. Guys I don’t
know how to work this It’s your dad Lonnie! Today I have an exciting
adventure for you, a much anticipated one. We are heading to Noah’s birthday
party. Not right now but later on through the day. Now typically he likes Red
Lobster, he’s a big shrimp eater, big fish individual but this time he said, “Dad I
want to do things a little different” so I said, “what do you want to do Noah?” and
he replied, “I wanna go to CiCi’s Beyond” Now this isn’t your ordinary CiCi’s
pizza place. It has an arcade center, it has a playground so I’m very excited
myself to go play some games. knowing me Nellie! Me and Nellie are just, you know, hanging out
on the couch like we normally do. Yeah, this is our sanctuary. We like to watch
Peppa Pig. here’s such a good girl a few You’re such a good girl Do you have on your birthday dress for your brother? Yeah. Lonnie made this bow
for her you. You look so cute. Yeah. Yeah Lonnie come lock the store behind me please. I’m
going to go get Lonnie Jr It’s like the hurricane missed us but with it it
brought like a heat wave like no other. I just had my first day of school guys Twinkle twinkle little star You got my toe You do it. You try it. [surprise] get the block
You gonna build it? Yay! You did it! You go ‘mmmmm’ Mmmmmm Are you ready to open your gifts from everyone? Uh-huh. Danielle remember don’t tell me what the gift is, I’m gonna find that
when I open it. Someone worked hard to wrap this Happy birthday to a 12 years old.
You’re such a good reader Whattt?! Who’s the perfect- combination everything awesome. Happy
birthday, I love you grandma And Dwayne.
And Dwayne. This is $20, right? Yeah. What am
I gonna get to get with it? I don’t know you have to wait and see. This one is
from your best friend Troy Troy? Yes! I love Marvel A gift for you for Noah. Okay the $20 was good enough but the $60 is on a different cool level. Guess what, Lama sent
you a $50 Amazon gift card too. Is brother trying to put your shoes on?
These are the weirdest shoes ever Your face is messy. Noooo My tummy hurts. Yeah because you ate too much.
So guys we went to the consignment store the other day in Tampa and I got him
these Stride Rite shoes for only 5 bucks there’s a Switch cheap version for it.
Actually that won’t be a bad idea And if you want to get games, that can be the gift from
Mommy and Daddy, okay? The Pokemon one? Yeah. How much is it honey? $59.99. What! That’s expensive but yeah. That’s going to be half my price Do you think we should just take him to Game
Stop and see if they have a good deal on it? Let’s go to Game Stop. I think we
should got to Game Stop. Do you wanna go to Game Stop. But you can’t buy anything you want. I
can only buy things I want Because it’s your birthday, right? So the pizza place
we’re going to, we always used to go when we lived here before and it’s tons of
fun. It’s just like regular pizza, it used to be CiCi’s, right?
Oh yeah, it’s CiCi’s & Beyond so you have awesome CiCi’s food and those cinnamon
rolls I love and then you also have a full-on arcade so it’s a lot of fun and
it’s a really cheap. Lonnie got some Groupons didn’t you? We’re gonna go do
that and have a good time. It is a little bit of a drive but it will be worth it
Can you say mama? ma-ma
Hi YouTubers Hi YouTubers Liam say ma-ma. Ma-ma What are you gonna get here? Uhh… pizza! After my birthday, who’s birthday is gonna be next in the family? That would be his birthday Okay so a couple of days ago all the
little kids started to get little sniffles. We just thought it was a cold
Liam had a little bit of a low-grade fever but if he gets the tinniest cold
he gets it so we didn’t think anything of it but Ashley just told me that her,
Rylee, and Sophie all have strep My kids have never had strep before so
we are at Urgent Care with Liam and Penelope. They’re the ones I’m most
worried about because they’re the ones with the most fragile immune system right now Liam No sir, do not take her pa- He loves you, I promise Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m a
paranoid parent. So no one has strep Apparently it’s very rare for Strep to be
under 3- it’s very rare. So that’s a good thing for us. It was a very quick
trip thankfully, it was just through the urgent care, not a big deal. If Penelope
and Lex just have a cold then it’s a very good chance that the rest do too.
I don’t know, like we’ve been homeschooling for 3 years so I’m not
used to my kids getting sick so every little thing just freaks me out
you ready it’s time now uh are you You ready Noah? It’s time Noah Are you watching DanTDM? Uh-huh. Good job. I’m going to do a live stream for a
little bit even though I’m kind of tired but you know this is
the life of a YouTuber. Noah are you having fun? So let’s show them in case they
didn’t hear it earlier, say “mama” ma-ma
He said mama! Mama. He’s like ‘let me go to bed’. It’s really
exciting that Liam says mama now, just love him. Are you saying mama all the time
now? I’m so excited He isn’t saying it functionally, like
he’s still saying it to me but you know what, we all have to start somewhere. At
least he can say the words now. He said words before. He said mama when he was 12
months old and he said it for a couple weeks and then never said it again
While we are preparing ourselves that he could regress with it again
we’re excited. Like I’m not gonna spend every milestone just waiting for him to
regress with it. We’re just gonna celebrate with his triumphs and go from there Today was fun. One, if you are apart of
our Patreon or you were waiting until the Discord community got launched
before becoming part of our Patreon Definitely click the link below. Our
Discord community has been launched. It’s exciting. It’s exactly everything I
imagined so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone over there. I mean not
everyone because that’d be a 100,000 people but I’m looking forward
to seeing a lot of our YouTube family over there and! [pause] Are you pooping?
He’s pooping We got- so these are our autism support bands it says ‘Autism Is Not A Tragedy’. I got
them printed on instead of like embedded like the other ones so I’m able to price
them a little bit lower but we do ship worldwide so definitely check the links
below for all of that but guys I love you and we’ll see you next time [ending song]


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