MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Coal Vaults


  1. Yum

  2. These Brits are all about their wrist/hand bling.

  3. Yea bio real English food

  4. Those guys are awesome 

  5. Back to the good old fucked up drunk Munchies.

  6. I wanted the chef to say 'you like dags?' Just one time.

  7. These guys are all goobers.

  8. i'm sure the food is awesome and I'm sure they know how to have a good time…but i'll on ever going to the coal vault 

  9. mate that shanghai gaff in dalston isn't all that

  10. That guy got super drunk

  11.  Working in kitchens is fun but brutal hhah. Another drink for the chef please.

  12. Proud to be a Londoner.

  13. I have a feeling cocaine was involved in this episode 😛

  14. Really entertaining! A nice portrait of lives lived on the kitchen line. You need not only talent but endurance to foment creativity of that level.
    Blessings ChefMike

  15. The chef is a knob trying to be a snob

  16. Love it.

  17. WTF…. when are you guys going to come to milwaukee

  18. that knife test at the end was damn impressive. 

  19. fucking rock star life huh? sounds and looks pretty amazing.

  20. Hahaha! These guys are a crazy in the coolest way possible! 😀 

  21. lol, turn on captions

  22. It doesnt matter how drunk an English lad is… To an American ear they are still classy! 

  23. Are any restaurants/chefs/owners on Munchies not trendy? I don't mind because the food and drink looks great…. just curious.

  24. haha my kind of chefs , get on the piss and get maggot yet still be great chefs lol

  25. lol turn on captions for a good laugh

  26. 'Givin it all that MATE'

  27. So much more entertaining that the boring US chefs

  28. did the chef leave the beard on the scallop?

  29. Candied syphilis sounds like a very pleasant std to have  

  30. that was so cool, iv now got the munchies and KFC is looking the most likely how sad. (:

  31. What a bunch of awsome guys..really nice and great food..awsome episode! Keep up the good work lads god bless and greetings from Sweden!

  32. I fucking love London. 

  33. Fucking Bishop hahahahahaa

  34. that asian girl in the restaurant, im sorry but her hair is distracting. either shes going for the wet look or she just hasnt been washing it for weeks

  35. simo is such a babe tho

  36. Can anyone go here or is it like friends/known people only? Would love to check it out when I'm in London.

  37. absolute diamond geezas 

  38. Holy Banana ..
    Drug Kids für

  39. why dont you do an episode about eddie huangs baohaus

  40. god i hate this show… why do i keep watching it???

  41. Hipsters sigh…….

  42. LOL that punchline got me rollin

  43. Boring as fuck

  44. Love how he said 'I set up my restaurant' and the subtitles read it as 'separate restroom'. Lmao.

  45. hat a bunch of cocks

  46. that skill with a knife tho.

  47. Damm,,,I really wanna be great chef! Are there any advices?

  48. Jesus. All the "chefs night out" vids are all about douchebaggy fucking hipsters who get high and not show the true essence of being a chef. As the great Keith Floyd said.. "They are all a bunch of cunts"

  49. Fucking wankers

  50. 4 years old in twenty year old etc bodies? can we see some chefs or just fun house mirror idiots? 🙂

  51. You guys oughta get some sun.

  52. Can't believe that went to that fucked whiskey bar

  53. roll your sleeves down in the kitchen fuckhead

  54. Subtitles for fucks sake Munchies

  55. The food looks good, but all I can see in my head is Jason Statham saying "twot"..

  56. I guess this answers the question of Steven Merchant being a virgin

  57. Physallis = Thi-sah-liss.

  58. feels like a guy ritchie movie.

  59. Maybe i'm wrong but I get a real mockney vibe off the owner. Wouldn't be surprised if he was captain of the cricket team at his private school. Food looks good though so fair play

  60. okay guys and lets roll up those sleeves one more time lmao 😂

  61. that girls shirt made me wanna listen to the police 'cant stand losing you'

  62. Best Night Out Episode for sure!

  63. How much is it…to eat restaurants

  64. I'll have an extra syphilis in my cocktail please.

  65. I feel like the owner is seriously out of touch with his workers lol different class and all that 🤣

  66. Fucking hispters 🤣

  67. these guys are wanks

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