Mummy’s Cooking – Curd Rice with Boiled Rice

Milk 1 cup Thick Curd 1 Cup Diced or Grated Carrot 1 tbsp Red Chillies 2 Hing Broken Cashews 1 tbsp Urad dal 1 sp Jeera 1/2 sp Few Curry leaves Green Chillies 2 Salt Ginger 1/2 sp Coriander leaves Oil Rice 2 Cups (Boiled) When Cooked Rice is hot Add Milk, salt and allow it to cool completely Mix well and mash the rice Add Curd , coriander leaves, Carrot, Green chillies Mix well. Now Basic Curd Rice is ready. If Tempering is not needed mix grated raw mango/Grapes/ pomegranate according to your taste and serve For Tempering Add oil in a kadai Add Mustard little, Jeera and Urad dal Add Broken Cashew, Red chillies and saute Add Ginger, hing, Curry leaves Add this to Curd Rice and mix well. This increases Flavour and taste

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