MANI | Piper Rockelle in “The Art of Roasting” | Ep. 3

[Music] you got in the car slam the door so well for it all what’s wrong what you found if you must know Kevin Britney for making fun of me and what did you do to defend yourself I told them sticks and stones may break my bones but words don’t hurt me I don’t know never say that again what you need to do is learn how to roast what’s worse okay roast or roasting is defend yourself with words it’s a defense mechanism why do you do someone okay okay so peep this so save this refrigerator was trying to roast them right first thing I’m gonna do is get my animal is when we silently observe the person and gather details about got my ammo okay look at you old Fox Gator Oh spongebob squarepants body look at it okay okay [Music] [Music] where’s my money mr. Crabb looking at oh and there we got you oh I’m mr. M oh look at it okay that’s enough so I want you to do I want you go upstairs find a photo of Britney akin get some ammo and when you see him tomorrow roast a whale we’re done you ready I’m ready remember swag it out it’s all about the delivery hey Manny yeah thanks you know I got your back well well well if it isn’t the two most basic bees on the planet shut your loose neck and look [Music]


  1. Was piper actually saying bad words

  2. why are these so short

  3. Their not actually cursing so it’s fine

  4. Piper and mani said to many as

  5. Was u actually swearing

  6. That refrigerator was probably crying

  7. Omg I’m laughing my head off

  8. Did she really cuss

  9. “I voted for Donald trump lookin ***”

    I’m dying 😂😂😂

  10. Donald trump look a- loll

  11. I never knew piper said bad words

  12. i love love love mani sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!M

  13. My school counselor will not like this!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmao

  14. I didn’t know people cussed in brat lmao

  15. agh

  16. Lol

  17. Wow

  18. LOL so funny

  19. Why is everything in french

  20. Omg piper

  21. Bro just no

  22. I wonder if piper actually said that🤪

  23. Why did you make Piper curse?

  24. Lmao 😂

  25. Shut your cereal box a- *squeak*.


  27. You don’t want to be with me again tomorrow and I’ll talk with you later

  28. XD Piper is do cute when she was little and funny

  29. Why is this show so f**** good? Lol

  30. Sticks and stones may break my bones the words don't hurt me. Oh h### no never said that again what you need to know is how to roast

  31. I voted for Donald Trump looking 🍑

  32. Was that sound covering the swearing

  33. Ooooh… piper Cussed..😶😶😶

  34. I did not know piper swears

  35. 😂😂😂😂

  36. Omg lol

  37. Mani did you really just teach these little kids to say so many bad words 😂😃😂😃

  38. Why are you cursing

  39. I voted for Donald Trump looking A**

  40. Awww piper is so cute

  41. “i votes for donald trump looken a$$ 😂😂😂😂




  45. Vines are longer than these videos le roast

  46. 🖤💙💛💜 last one to eat the color food

    Piper Rockelle a video

  47. Did she actually curse

  48. So piper says bad words?

  49. Cursing much 😂

  50. Omg piper is it you saying that

  51. i’m not gonna lie this is so funny. 😭 i love it.

  52. We went to piper omg doesn’t curse to this

  53. I wonder if Piper actually said the bad word, if she did I would be surprised!

  54. Why does piper look smaller in this mani show?

  55. I'm so sad piper is not in season 4 anymore

  56. Funny

  57. Why dud it keep saying beep?

  58. Omg 😂😂

  59. Did they say bad words for real 😳

  60. This my favorite episode

  61. She was good at that roasting.

  62. Wass up with the squeaking noises

  63. Lol i only started watching this 7 mins ago and i am addicted

  64. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE tell me the name of the beat

  65. As* quack

  66. I know tsunami from familia diamond 💎 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🐶 hope you guess find March Pom

  67. Piper didn’t a actually swear did she?

  68. Omg piper was saying badwords omg love u piper

  69. Were is my money mister crab lookin a$$🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. Who else loves Piperrockelle she's super funny and sweet ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  71. my favorite video of ALL TIME

  72. I voted for Donald Trump looking @$$ that was funny 😂😂😂

  73. Love this. Mani inspired me so much from this episode

  74. I wish the episode was longer!❤😥😄

  75. Who else wishes they could be in this

  76. Love you piper

  77. Omg amazon I have watched most Lanie seasons 😇

  78. Wowww pier

  79. 😂😂
    This is so funny

  80. Did they rlly say the "A" word

  81. I’m here right now at 2019-2020 and piper is so funny I can’t believe her

  82. Spinosaurus is my favorite dino

  83. Their is so much roast A(squeek)

  84. Bruh there’s Swears

  85. Why does piper look so young because one year ago she was not looking like this

  86. Oh hellnawooo

  87. She look you "Meth head looking a*"🤣

  88. She's so little in this but now she's on fashion nova's magazine

    Love you piper

  89. This comment section is LEGIT all about chicken girls, not MANI…

  90. She spit bars

  91. Piper rockelle curse then but now she does not


  93. Is the squeak a curse word

  94. I thought this was a kids show 😂 guess not 🤔

  95. Hahahahahahaha sooooo funny

  96. did she really cuss?

  97. Was piper actually swearing

  98. where is sophie???!?!??!?!??!

  99. This is how many times she said looking a**

  100. oh i voted for donald trump looking a••

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