Make Some Noise (ft. Josh, Zac, & Brennan) | Game Changer

(upbeat music) – Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight’s guests. Mama to Precious Plum, it’s Josh Ruben! Are you his dad? Gorgug to some, to others, it’s Zac Oyama! And Dimension 20 founding father,
it’s Brennan Lee Mulligan! And your host: me, I’ve been here the whole time! Welcome to Game Changer,
the only game show where the game changes every show. I am your host, Sam Reich. I am joined today by these
three lovely contestants. Now, you all understand
how the game works. – No.
– No, not at all. You haven’t told us.
– That’s right. Our contestants have
no idea what game it is they are about to play. The only way to learn is by playing. The only way to win is by learning, and the only way to begin is by beginning. So without further ado, let’s begin, Josh. – (clears throat) Yeah.
– Your word is: cow. – No problem. Cow. – Sorry, that is not the
answer I was looking for. No points to Josh. (bleep) You don’t have to buzz, but
I appreciate the initiative. Zac, your word is: duck. – Quack, quack. – That is correct.
– Huh, okay. I see what this is about. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Brennan, your word is monkey. (Brennan squeals) Very good, and now the
players start to realize– (Brennan laughs) Why I have brought them in particular. (Brennan laughs)
Here, today. – Oh.
– We know all the animals. – We Know all the animals.
(Sam laughs) – This is gonna be easy
– Josh. – Yeah.
– Your word is cat. – No problem (meows).
(Brennan laughs) And also (hisses), for a bonus point. – No, there are no bonus
points for bonus sounds. – Cool, I’ll just stick with
my original answer (meows). (men laugh)
– Very good. Zac Oyama, your word is frog. (Zac ribbits)
(men laugh) I don’t know if that’s point-worthy. I don’t if it’s point-worthy, and so, I’m gonna toss it up to
the two other contestants to give me their frogs
to see if one of them is worthy of this steal.
– No problem. – Josh, it’s not you yet. Brennan, give me your best frog. (Brennan croaks) Pretty good. Josh, let’s hear what you got. (Josh grunts) – That wasn’t it yet. All right, ready? (laughs) All right, no problem. I (bleep) got this, okay? Shush.
– If you laugh through this, it’s not your point. – I know, I understand, here’s a frog comin’ right up, everybody shush. (Brennan laughs)
Brennan stop! The pressure’s on, okay,
only six seconds left. All right, ready.
– Where’d you get six seconds?
– Shush, just shut it! – There’s no clock!
– Lower third, dude. Shush, all right, ready? (Josh ribbits) – I think that point, in particular, goes to Brennan Lee Mulligan. – Are you (bleep), god!
– Woo! – That is so dumb!
– Brennan. – Yep.
– Your word is chick. (Brennan chirps) I do wonder if we can do better with our other two
contestants, and so, first, Zac Oyama.
(Zac chirps) (Zac laughs)
I do think that was an improvement. Josh.
– Not only am I gonna do a chick, I’m gonna
do a whole horde of them and sort of bring them
to life in this room, if you can imagine, ready?
– Yep. (Josh clears his throat) – Here, there are, just
imagine a bunch of little ones. (Josh chirps softly) That’s me petting them. One bit me. One just came out of an egg. That’s it, just comin’ out. – It’s not good to touch
newborn chicks with your hands. – That’s right, anyway. – I do think for the theater.
– Right. – Of that display, that point needs to go to Josh Ruben, Josh. Your word is: donkey.
– No problem. (Josh neighs)
(Brennan laughs) – Wow! Amazing.
– You devised this episode just for pulls for the
trailer for this show. Admit it. That’s what this is.
– Knowing it was gonna be the three of you
today, I was just too excited to go asleep last night.
– If Josh doesn’t get seagull, I’m gonna freak out.
– Seagull is nowhere in my plans.
– You got Josh Ruben and not give ’em a seagull to do? – You wanna do a seagull right now? Just for fun?
(Josh squawks) (Brennan laughs) – We’re fine, I’ll just keep goin’. Rat, (squeaks), it’s all the same. – Don’t, I have slides, Josh! – Give it all to me now,
we all know I can do this! – Zac, your word is: orca. (Zac wails) Yes, it splashed into the water, did it? Brennan, your sound is hyena. – Hold on. (Sam laughs)
I have to go into my–
(Josh laughs) Into my (laughs)–
– There’s a deep drawer in a file cabinet somewhere
in Brennan’s mind. – Because they don’t laugh. They just, that’s the
closest sound we approximate so I can’t laugh. (Brennan laughs)
(men laugh) – Fantastic.
– Not close. – Fantastic. I’m going to make this a toss up. We will first go to Josh Ruben. – A hyena?
– Yes. – No problem, all right, no problem. Yeah, it’s not a laugh, they’re more like, more like this, it’s
definitely more like this. (Josh laughs)
(Brennan laughs) Shush, I’ma need everyone to shush. ‘Cause I got a hyena right here, and it’s not your typical,
not your Lion King one. This is like straight
out of NatGeo, you ready? (Josh squeals) You’d think it’d be a
monkey, but it’s not. – That is very good, Josh! You set me up to think that was gonna be an unmitigated disaster.
– I didn’t know what it was gonna sound like.
– Zac. – Okay. So. (Zac squeals)
(Brennan laughs) – This point is going to go to Josh Ruben. Josh, your word is: sea lion. (Josh wails) – That’s it.
– Cool, great, yes. That is, in fact, correct.
– I’m 36 years old. (Brennan laughs) – I am 35, Zac?
– I’m 31, as we’re recording this.
(Josh laughs) – Brennan.
– I’m also 31. – Good to know. – It’s important to know
that there was four men in their 30’s here today.
(everyone laughs) – Zac, moose. (Zac moos) Zac. I’m–
(Zac moos) (everyone laughs)
– Ooh! Did you factor in the antlers? – I’m factoring them in as we speak. – Fun fact about moose. – Oh my god.
– They’re the last surviving species of
North American megafauna. – No points for Brennan.
– Points for the audience for learning.
– God, Brennan! It’s not the extra credit show. It’s make animal sounds! Come on, dude! I got places to be.
– Josh has to leave in four minutes.
(Brennan laughs) – Do you have what it takes to
solve the ever changing rules to my tricky game? If you think you do, go to and start your free trial today. Torment can be fun! In an adult supervised environment. I’m the adult in this scenario. Your sound is–
(glass shatters) Zac. (everyone laughs) (Zac sighs)


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