MAKE BETTER BROCCOLI | Countdown To Christmas With Sarita (Christmas Recipes)

today we are going to show you how to
make a roasted broccoli that has a little bit of jazz to it some festivity
for the holidays it is the perfect side dish that is gonna have everybody asking
what did you do to make it so good because we have a couple of secrets and
twists to really make this the best bea ad tilly are here they’re gonna help me do it but really it’s just gonna take a few
steps all you need is a baking sheet you don’t have extra dishes for this this is
so simple and really flavorful you’re gonna have crisp broccoli on the outside
that’s tender on the inside it’s gonna be so good so for this roasted broccoli
all you’re gonna need are some broccoli florets and you can just buy a bag of
them where they’re where they’re already pre-cut just really couldn’t be any
easier than that so we’re gonna dump our broccoli right onto a parchment lined
baking sheet girls don’t help me and spread it out with some clean hands into
a single layer because this is gonna make it roast evenly and perfectly and
each piece is gonna have that crunch on the outside so to this we are going to
add some of this olive oil you can help me
so just we’re gonna do about two tablespoons of olive oil over all of the
broccoli then we’re gonna grind some fresh pepper
you got it perfect and you can do this to your taste so whatever level of you
know saltiness that you want it that’s what you’re gonna pick we’re gonna get
some fresh sea salt right on there and just sprinkle it on there you go okay to
this we’re going to add just a quarter of a teaspoon of some of the dried
rosemary leaves so be why don’t you hold your hand out and I’ll give you a little
bit of the rosemary sprinkle on and you can have a little bit too and girls just
sprinkle it evenly all over the broccoli this is gonna
and a little bit of that Christmassy holiday flavor with the herb of rosemary
it’s just really good and it gives flavor to this rock we’re gonna mix it
up a little bit and to my broccoli during the holidays I always add some
dried cranberries because this is gonna give a little bit of sweetness a tiny
bit of tartness here the roasting put it on put it all over a little bit – just
put it all in there it’s also gonna give a really beautiful touch of color and
pop to the broccoli so it makes it a little bit different in the perfect side
dish during the Christmas Eve Christmas it goes with anything so now we’re gonna
put some Parmesan cheese and sprinkle it oh that’s all right
sprinkle it all over and the last thing you’re gonna do to your roasted broccoli
and this is the secret ingredient that’s gonna make it just really be festive and
jazzed up and stand out beyond those other broccolis so instead of bread
crumbs I actually use bruschettini and this is already going to have some olive
oil and toasty is to it these are so perfect and what I do is I just put
about a third of a cup and I make it into bruschettini crumbs I crushed it
up and it’s really crunchy it smells so good with all the infusion because
what’s really nice about the asturi Bruschettini that I have is that you can get
it in different flavors you can get Rosemary’s scented or the ones that are
infused with garlic so whatever you want to add to your broccoli you can just
pick whatever flavor and it’s gonna infuse it with that flavor and also has
that crunch and then little extra olive oil pop and it melts beautifully with
the Parmesan cheese so we’re gonna take these Bruschettini crumbs and we’re
gonna sprinkle it all over there sure one we’re gonna give it a final mix with
looking to just get everything evenly distributed and we’re gonna roast this
and at 375 degree oven for just about 15 to 20 minutes and you’re gonna have
perfectly crisp broccoli on the outside 10
on the inside with all of the flavors of the holidays
and all that bruschettini all crisp thank you so much for watching we have
the best time roasting up this festive and snazzy broccoli for you we will see
you next time

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  1. Enjoyed this show. Best way to start my morning , cranberries and broccoli with a pinch of Bea and a sprinkle of Tilly.

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