Maggi Will Never Be The Same Again

Hi guys and welcome to the Joke kitchen! Today we are going to make noodles! (lol) So to make tasty Patanjali aata noodles, you need Maggi! Because ain’t no one eats this joke. (burnt noodles xD) Just like your health, ignore these instructions because it as it is won’t look like the picture even on following them. (fr) It still will look like as if Maggi has loose motions (noodles and childhood ruined) In an oversized cauldron pour water as per the mood and then boil it to vapors. The minutes passed are two, the person duped is you. (LOL) Throw in some Miser Masala (flavor) which is never enough and noodles and corn biscuit, lemon coconut chutney white salt yellow salt black salt as well because we aren’t racist. bhujia, free sauce peanuts Hajmola (for digestion) and if you want then throw in yourself as well (lmao) Because that is exactly how Maggi is being eaten nowadays. Burger maggi idli maggi dosa maggi dude why don’t you start inhaling maggi as well. Nowadays Maggi is filling content more than stomachs. They’ll make thousands of “Types Of” videos on the same topic. (for right) Maggi! Want to waste audience’s time by eating alone? Maggi! The toilet seat is broken now I’ll have to get it replace- MAGGI!! Bro what bombs did you drop in the morning that the pot got shattered like this? (lmao ahahaha) (brilliant) Now its fixed!! The thing that crumbles to pieces even before you touch it that will surely be able to support our weight in the bathroom! Yes, spice mix, now the bathroom is looking tastyyy because in case i need to eat the sink it should at least not taste bland What has happened to this road? Yeah, because they are filling all the holes with Maggi only! Chairs, sink, Here come here, repair my heart with Maggi as well (the personal attack) One, they’ll put up so many maggi cooking videos because video is made later, the person becomes a chef first. Oh no it has been made! (bunch o lies) Ohh… “I-I couldn’t do it sorry” Damn. What kind of a background music is that? (the spooky one) Are you planting leaves or bombs? (go figure) Who the hell is about to get murdered?! (the viewers) “Please subscribe to my channel” “Break into tiny pieces and put it” You won’t do that to me right?! She’s cutting open a packet with knife- MOM HELP!! (lol) Maggi videos get so many views that they thought why not teach how to creatively destroy Maggi! “In today’s video we will make Maggi using Pepsi. Yes with Pepsi” (ew) Why, are you allergic to water? “The joy of pouring pepsi on a hot pan is just next level” “The joy of pouring pepsi on a hot pan is just next level” Yes, we single chaps find enjoyment in these little things only (lmao) “the fun is next level” (crie inside) Someone is making Maggi in Sprite, someone is making Maggi in coke, “And we also have people who will enjoy this” “They are behind, waiting for the glorious Maggi” Yeah Sanjeev Kapoor “many” people are waiting Someone call the security for this one man crowd (hahaha) (just, why?) “Please don’t try this at home” (omg nooo) What the hell man..!! Today our mood was set to destroy our digestion maaan! (wat buzzkill) “Now I am not going to leave this” (well okay) “Now I am not going to leave this” The addiction of garbage. Alas, Mukesh couldn’t survive. Its one thing to ignore the instructions and the second is to insult them. “Hi! I am Magga” (defo original) “So first, put in some water” “and I’ll put this milk in pan” Milk?! Water! Water has to be used! “So I have put in water also” (lmao) No idiot, you had to put it before and only water! Now put Maggi in water! (NOPE) “I have put in a packet of Maggi” She put it in the milk only… “Now I’ll put the second packet as well” C’mon now at least put in the spices. “See I have taken some dried rose leaves” WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PUTTING FLOWERS IN IT?! DO I LOOK LIKE A SALAD?! “See I have mixed in two spoons of sweetner as well” SWEET MAGGI?! (she be destroying Maggi) “Our sweet Maggi is completely ready” (silent wheezing, send help) “If you want you can put in some dry fruits as well” Shoo! She turned me into a damn porridge. There should be a rule for these idiotic recipe makers that they eat their disaster after making it. (petition ready) “Till the time samosa has aloo (potato)” “I will be yours-” “Today I’ll be telling you about Maggi samosas” “Maggi samosa” *no potato, no relationships* Even BournVita they’ll put in Maggi instead of milk Go ahead, and make more food DJ mashups. (lol) Their menus have only one item Ask for breakfast there are cornflakes in Maggi Ask for a fruit mango in maggi! (ew nooo) Ask for desert, then chocolate in Maggi (god such monsters) Dude no matter how much you decorate shit it won’t turn into a donut! They want to make the entire world in ten rupees. Even laddu (desert) made of Maggi Because boondi is used for making Hakka noodles no? Just don’t offer this to God in puja you won’t be able to face God’s rejection. “Lets remove it in a bowwwl” When did my nursery teacher arrive on YouTube? “Cauliflower leeeeaves” Okayyyyy “Chopped oniooonnns” Okayyyyy “Coriander aka Cilantroooo” Yes maaaamm “A bit of capsicuuuummm” “that is corrrrott” EnoOoOuUuUgH!! (hahaha lmao) When you have 10 day old rotis left when even the crows don’t want to eat the rotis when the kids want only Maggi, then don’t give Maggi but take the revenge of a lifetime from your family (fr..) “We are going to make roti Maggi” (THE F***) “for which we need” “5 rotis” Does Maggi look like that? (NO.) Which blind person are you giving this fraud to? “Its looking pretty good” (sorry but that’s a no) Oh she’s the blind one. “Our roti Maggi is ready to be eaten” A Maggi which does not have Maggi in it! When you mix all the fridge’s trash in oil it looks like this only. (lol true) “You can also give it to your kids in tiffin” (how dare you) The child definitely got caught watching “something” at night. And what is the point of eating Maggi when you have to work so hard even for that? (this world has gone bonkers) This song is rousing lust for food dude. Wow Water! (brilliant H2O) Its boiling. If only someone could massage my back like that! And the cold brick found in tiffin boxes is ready! If this is the kind of cake, then I better keep a fast on my birthday And when the cake has peas and you have to pour sauce over it then sorry, but you better retire from cooking. Even she is blowing from far away so that the tears don’t fall on cake (lol) (oh yes, the special invention) (hey there, gorgeous) Such a great recipe has been made in Joke’s Kitchen! So lets test it. (DON’T) It’s hot πŸ™‚ (You HAD been warned) The things we have to do for views! People will eat it how does it matter. Why the hell are you rolling on this?! Cut the camera!! So that’s it for today guys. If you are also tired of such atrocities on Maggi then please do subscribe Like this video (done) And we’ll see you guys in the next one! (toodles!) “Hey listen no” “Yeah?” “Will you come to my own with me?” “Why?” “Mom told me to bring Maggi along” (GET OUT) (such humor, much wow) Sporting a moustache like Wing Commander Abhinandan this what you are doing! *a big round of applause, ladies and gentlemen* “Mom told me to bring Maggi along” (MOST CERTAINLY NOT) (gulp. ruh roh) A witch! Go back in reverse bro!! (lol)


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    and Happy Diwali everyone! 🧚

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