Maceál’s Chaos Cooking at home – Rapalje Show 37

This is the third video from the series where we show you How we sleep, eat and cook On festivals and on concerts And now it’s my turn to show you How I can not cook And the ingredients are coming from several different places and opportunities and this is the way I try to cook for you during a livestream on facebook we do every tuesday night at 8 o’clock european time And before I go to the greenhouse from my neighbour To get some vegetables I also bumped into our new van.. So, check out our new van here The previous one was red. This one is gray So, this is the new van and this is another one we are already are using for a couple of years with our big heads on it So this is the greenhouse from my neighbour And even though its October,
the beginning of November almost there are still some red tomatoes over here, check it out! There’s even an easier way to get some tomatoes Because my neighbour also sells them over here. So let’s get some And also get some peppers and a paprika I will cook for you because my colleagues Dieb and William and David are also doing some cooking in a Rapalje Show in the backstage Now I will show you how I cook because I normally never cook Really, never ever I will show you my cooking books This is the way I normally cook Which is not cooking at all I got the ingredients from my neighbour Oh yeah, I got something else, this is a present I got from Sandra and Ute. Thank you very much for this, because this helps me to cook. Because it’s sauce Tomato Sugo And we got, eh tomato sugo So, just through this in a pan. I will make, eh I’m gonna put it here, is that okay? Okay Uhhh It smells really good Get out of the.. Good, cool! Cut it Yes, maybe? Tomatoes Ehm, these are much to small Takes to long, wait Ha, hahaha. The big ones Tadaa, ohh, nice These tomatoes are not red because it’s almost winter here in the Netherlands It’s, eh, Autumn Hop! My neighbour said this one is not hot I’m not used to hot food. Let’s try Just normal paprika Get out! Okay, stir it, yeah Well, this is okay Yeah, yeah yeah yeah This.. is my birthday present Yeah, I can do that Oh, wait a minute, the pasta! Where is the pasta? Oh, damn! Ohh, the pasta. Okay I get something.
But first we’re gonna do this: And now I can make a wish I wish that the lights go on again Yeah! hahaha, okay, cool! We need the pasta and I get something in my fridge. Let’s take a look Pasta from the fridge! So I put it in my microwave oven There you go Turn it on Five minutes and we can eat The cheese, yes! Please let me know in the comments
if you like video’s like this and if we also going to see you on the next live stream on the facebook channel at 8 o’clock Central European Time And we will also answer some question to you live The T-shirt I’m wearing this time is from a band called Faey And you can also see the complete video in our Rapalje Music playlist So be easy and free and I’m a man will meet every week on our YouTube channel in the Rapalje Show and on facebook at the live stream on Tuesdaynight 8 o’clock Central European Time


  1. Jetzt mit dem fertigen Video kann man nur erahnen wieviel Zeit und Arbeit du in die Rapalje Shows steckst. Dankeschön.

  2. Do you think it would be a good idea to cook for you? Or would you rather cook for me?

  3. Ich schließe mich dem Schreiberling Escito
    an !
    In allem macht ihr sehr gute Videos – nicht nur auf der Bühne, auch hinter den Kulissen und von zu Hause 😉👏

    Ich sah, dass du beim " nicht" kochen auch deinen Spaß hast und dass ist gut so👍
    Euer Tourbus gefällt mir auch gut.

  4. I loved the video but think it is better that I cook for you instead of the other way around. You just stick to what you do best and that is making great music.

  5. Super leuk weer, maar misschien een beter idee als ik een keer voor jou ga koken😂. En ik ben er dinsdag weer bij op Facebook.

  6. The cooking does not look bad 😉 would rather bring cake to the next mps I am attending than cooking for you

  7. You have to plan better next time

  8. Well done! I was curious how you cut the scenes together. The new camera seems to be challenging but the zooms, movements and different perspectives are really interesting. Looking forward to Tuesday again!

  9. I agree with the other writers who commented on this video, next time you need food I'll make you all some :-))) But it sure gave me a good laugh again 🙂

  10. I'd watch this kind of videos from you forever, they're so fun! Haha

  11. Ik had ook vele tomaten, gewoon een schijfje in potaarde doen en in de zon zetten en gieten en ik kook snel in een COOKEO stoompan gewoon alle lekkere dingen erin gooien en hij doet de rest! Dan nog plaats voor fantasie en finishing touch!

  12. Oh dear!! Haha think ahead maceal lol. Jullie zijn altijd welkom om aan te schuiven. Kijk elke keer weer uit naar je show.

  13. Thanks for the tip! I will yell at the sauce next time instead of whispering. And growl at the jar! How about a cake, like here in this video:

  14. looked good to me! =)

  15. I am not that great either but i do okay to eat it, i should send you how i make spaghetti sauce in stead of jar sauce is us tomatoe soup yum

  16. Hey, i heard you had a bass string on both the bouzouki and the Gitouki, I just installed one on mine and I have to say its the best modification I ever made to one of my instruments! So thanks for that idea!

  17. Bitte mehr solche Videos ! 🙂 Es macht einfach Spaß zuzuschauen und bereitet immer gute Laune! Wie wäre es mit Weihnachtsplätzchenbacken bei William und Ihr verwürstet seine Küche ^^ lach

  18. Ah. Should not have watched this while waiting for dinner. Now I’m very hungry. Haha. I keep forgetting about the live stream. Will try to remember to be at the next one. ^Codee

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