Little Girls Roast RiceGum #3

hi poo doo poo doo back for another video I really thought I wasn’t going to make another one of these videos, right? But these kids will never learn so you know me sometimes I get bored, so I go on YouTube And I type in my own name and all these videos like I hate Ricegum, Ricegum sucks, be popping up And I watched them and I’m like you know what I can’t let this happen, right? So, I’m back at it with a part 3 I’ma stop on this chitter chatting and let’s just jump right into it We came across some videos with Ricegum, idiot. He’s he’s legitimately Stupid like he makes fun. He’s mentally retarded he made fun of girls like little girls our age, because they’re… like who the crap do you think your talking about Saying nothing cuss words about children on your channel Yo, you guys you know rewind that so basically, This girl in the middle here is like ranting about You know How bad I am and she’s being too loud and this girl’s parents are like sleeping or she’s I don’t know why? Loudness is a factor and she told her to keep inside voices, Children. On your, and then she starts whispering, I don’t know what time it is but go to sleep It’s probably late stop wasting your time. Go to bed. These kids must be go to bed say Oh, I hope we don’t cry like the last video. You’re a 19 year old boy Your 19 and 25 or however old you are, who freakin’ cares, your acting like a freakin’ baby, tryna act like your all poor sweet How my baby how am I a baby? How am I acting like a baby come on now like tell me how am I a baby? exactly you’re not Freaking grow. How am I baby though. Come on now. Come on now. How, yo how am I a baby. People can edit stuff, That’s giving them things to do that’s letting them engineer stuff. That’s giving them careers and You’re making. Guys so if you make’s, and do all these edits, Like you can be an engineer and and and have a career guys. Oh my I did not know that. I’m so sorry. Hey They don’t have eyebrows, but like literally Your eyebrows are like this and number one, I know you’re gonna make fun of how there’s trees in the back but Whoa, she has trees in the back of her house I’m done like what does that even mean. You’re fucking retarded and fucking ugly like nigga, Really you need to go get a life like Yeah like all’s you do is look at little kids. Dude wait why’s her teeth blue, I’m still confused I know literally you’re probably gonna make a fun of how I have a fucking blue tooth Well at least I actually have a blue tooth in at least I could actually fuckin pay for one I’m like. Pay for one? you’re paying for a Bluetooth? You’d be over here used to call me on my flip phone Wait, is that her phone is that how you call people? Why is her teeth blue? It doesn’t look healthy it just doesn’t.You need to get this through your crazy ass mind that no one here likes you So you should just like, go kill yourself? really! only got like, 1,000 views, nigga you, that’s how you know you aint famous people only watch, its 1,000 views And you got millions of billion Views? Nigga when I’m a cele… when I’m a celebrity I’m finna be 21, your gonna still be sitting right there recording videos. none self, nigga Listen man she suck at 1,000 Views I mean, she’s right But look at what she’s wearing this bootleg emoji shirt like I’ve never seen these emojis in my life like look at this one right here like How do you use this in a sentence like. That’s my brother, and if you want to make fun of me So he can find you don’t go in now. He’s 20 Older than you, nigga cause you got no new shoes. So I’m bout to get on YouTube. Woah, she just dropped that quick bars, but like she said I got no new shoes I just got some white vans so what is she saying? And her Brother. I aint scared of her brother, I scared of him So I just watched his whole entire roasting videos like five minutes the most boringest thing ever and The only thing I got out of it is like these kids must be stopped not cuz they’re roasting me But they’re abusing a little boy watch this. “You wanna be in a YouTube video.” “No, no.” “Let me out, let me out.” Leave him alone, leave him alone Well my cousin. Wanna be, wanna be in a YouTube video, say hi Ben! *Struggles* Leave Ben alone. (You love me.) Let me down. Dude he can clearly stand on his own. Say hi! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! This is our baby cousin, I’m Alison’s sister. I really hate Ricegum. All it means is rice in a mouth with gum. So like… It just means like rice in a gum… This kid is bigger than the girl, and he can clearly walk, and they keep passing him around. Why does she look so familiar… Stop picking on little kids, cause you look like a fucking baked potato. So she’s back at it again with another roast video lets see what she has to say this time. Holy cow! I’m reacting, to her reacting, to me reacting to her, reacting Wait no no no She’s reacting to me, but I’m reacting to her. Why are you taking American words, Asian guy? Why are you taking American words, Asian guy? First it was all fun and games, but when you act racist, that’s where I draw the line I can speak any language I want, including American Now I’m mad! Lets GOOOOO! But yeah guys I think that’s gonna conclude my video Thank you so much If you made it till the end and guys we’ve been getting 20,000 likes every video And that’s not easy like not many channels can say that so thank you if you like all my videos Comment if you haven’t already I do read every comment, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for subscribe to the channel But thank you again for watching I’ll be back soon with another fire upload and I will see you guys next time


  1. 3:37 when rice is a celebrity he’ll have 10 mill on YouTube and live in a multimillion dollar house with his squad

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    2019: Ricegum dieing

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    Dumb ass 😂🤣🤣

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    30%- Look like bugs bunny
    65% – have no eyebrows

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    1 sec later


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  51. Me is not Racist


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  62. Why these elementary kids thinking they roasting like their not even roasting him their making him cringe so bad that that’s why possibly he’s crying so bad in and out my heart right now is broke in billion pieces my eyes are blurry and that girl who said he got 1k views but she got 1 view and he got 10 million subs over 15m or more views together also why she still in pjs and got a spider 🕷 looking hair and he ain’t got no shoes.? ………. his hair cut is worth more than your crusty self BITCH

  63. Also last thing she said when she gonna be a celeb he still gonna be making videos bitch he’s already one like literally it’s 2019 and this was made in 2016 when he had like 200k subs and now he’s already with 10 million subs that means he got like 3 million subs a year when you got in total 1k views in 5 years with 45 subs it gonna take you a long time to become one also if you do become one you gonna be hated like period and he’s gonna be all over this planet he’s like half way there so what you talking about your fans gonna be 50 of him or less and they gonna be a rice I’m hater and that’s it they ugly as fuck

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