Little Girls Roast RiceGum #2

yo what is up guys its your boy rice gum, back with another video, and you know what I have been noticing a lot lately? I noticed that I have been just really happy. I have been waking up and just happy and think the main reason for that is cause’ YouTube You guys have been commenting such nice stuff and we’re at 250,000 subscribers like that’s a lot of people so thank you for that, right But! Alright but! Although we have a lot of supporters and people that love me I’ve been running into a lot of haters So the other day I typed in RiceGum into Youtube, right. And a lot of videos like “I hate RiceGum” and “RiceGum sucks” were popping up and I was watching them and I was like “When will these little girls learn not to mess with me?” Nah, I’m just kidding. Nah, but I made a ‘Little Girls Roast RiceGum Part 1. Just little girls making fun of me and it was really successful so why not make a Part 2, right? So Alright, so let’s just hop into it. This is the first person I’m not going to stall I’m not going to chitter chatter. were just jumpin into it man first girl to roast me she just sayed i look like a baked potato does she own a mirror so people have been calling me potato recently and i always think how could a human look like a potato and now i know why You look like a big turd
and just cuz they’re making videos doesn’t mean you have to make fun of them
because they’re just lip-syncing them and you’re wrong about musically a
dumbass – and well you should go die oooh what the hell okay first off why does she have a phone
once like I asked this everything like why do these kids have phones right and
why were her nails so like like so bad you know and then why was she breathing
so hard and just next video I swear dude these girls want me to roast them cuz
like what’s up with the side point to it she has a little some some right here
it’s SpaghettiOs or something and she tries to play it off right watch this so
she’s over here talking that shit and watch this watch this
she notices that she has something right here and she you know try I tried to
plays it off and she licks it and she takes her toy and you know it’s still
there though you know I mean and it’s there the whole video and it’s just
bugging me when you see basically uses people roasting you they’re just
defending themselves oh I mean they’re just defending
themselves from your bail number one off the camera cry baby baby dude these are
so thank you tears like a really burn hey bird these are fun like these are
actually funny to me I’m not even offended like I’ll show you what your
hair looks like be ripped if you look like this yeah okay is about you alright
my hair it’s not that bad I mean it’s like not the best but I mean it’s kind
of cool it’s kind of like fluffy and why is your name rice go good look
you should call it but gum what the hell hop out of here dude I’m a real big fan
of Jacob de Torres and I will post a video soon of my wallpapers of juggles
to Torres I’ll live ahead Jake I store us all over my phone and I’m not kidding
really really mean chickens for Torres and I don’t like that
I haven’t subscribed to him I bought just one video of it one and it was rust
and it was the difficult rows one I a super mad for us for because of him
being mean to him so if you stick up with me like this video and if you don’t
just go unimpaired get off my channel bah why just why they roast me like
another girl that doesn’t have eyebrows man they just want me to roast them like
I’m sorry I don’t want to sound repetitive but where are her eyebrows
she was hunter was so sweet about it after you he said race beauty hope one
time like two times I don’t even know it wasn’t even more than three all right is
it one time is it like only she just said oh yeah you know maybe one time I
don’t know maybe two are maybe three four five six seven eight nine ten
another like make up your mind like which one was it for musically and we
both loved it we’re all musically we do those songs – I like here’s just they’re
these kids must be stuck on the moon he’s won like he’s just a motherfucker
he’s I giving that to the kids like he’s giving it to kids he is like 20,25. Oh ya. 25! do I look 25? yes he could be like lip yeah it’s like dick
I like he like oh they love it dude like they’re actually like like kids and
they’re actually saying some like curse words
most kids say potato and stuff so not not bad pretty impressive you might say
oMG you’re so young to be saying fucking shit and but he’s a total bad
so guys shithead like easily like his hair is just there dude these kids must
be stopped man they keep cussing stop dude where are their parents
where are their parents so I noticed that my video has been all over the
place I’m sorry I just needed to squeeze all these little girls into this freakin
video right so sorry if it’s confusing or whatever but okay last one last clip
of this girl back story my homie Edwin he was watching you now in random you
know broadcast and this guy’s apparently kind of popular or whatever and he and
he was talking shit about me so the homie Edwin sent me a clip of him and
here it is rice come roasted me okay number one who the fuck is rice gum like
I know who he is but like who the fuck was named yourself like that rice got
like fucker I used some thought fuck I fat guys I’m fat guys I’m fat and he
just said who the fuck is rice gum oh wait I know who he is but who is he like
that makes no Santa who would name myself this my Papa gave me this name
and then afterwards look what he does eating reason go my you chill do chill
and then wait wait for it goddamn what the fuck was that alright
so he said it was roasting him and I swear to you guys I don’t know who this
guy is like no clue whatsoever never talked about however
and all those girls roasting me you know in the past like five minutes or
whatever I couldn’t I can’t roast back like they’re little girls right so I
have all this built-up anger and people say pick on so on your own size I mean I
guess we’re like the same age me in this head-shaking guy we’re the same age I’m
about to unleash all this built-up anger on this guy alright so I’m on this guy’s
Instagram right and first off this guy’s always wearing backpacks like does he
think he looks cooler with a backpack on or like I don’t understand but you know
I was scrolling down and I was like you know what my viewers really love
slideshows I don’t know why but you guys just go crazy every time I
one and like I saw this picture and I was like you know what I want to make a
slideshow cuz no one disrespects me like that why do these girls keep roasting me
I don’t know but if you guys did enjoy the video makes you guys trouble it I’ve
been getting 20,000 likes per video so let’s keep the streak going so you know
do the things and if you haven’t already mad what are you waiting for subscribe
to the channel new video coming out soon comment I read every single comment I
don’t know why I just did that Twitter Instagram all of that but yeah will
there be a little girls rose friends got part three I don’t know if they keep
roasting me I might just have to do it but anyways find out on the next episode
of Dragon Ball Z new video next week thanks for watching hi my name is rice
gum I’m 19 years old and – – roasting it’s like in my blood I’m
just so


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