Licious 2014 Profile: Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill

Hi I’m Patrick McMurray I’m the owner of
Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill, world champion oyster shucker and
Guinness Book of World Records holder and dad of two, hi kids. The flavour of the oyster is truly a quick snapshot of the area that it comes from. So you can have Prince Edward Island oysters from the north shore and the south shore, both have different flavours. And you can close your eyes and actually
feel the sensation of your toes in the water and the flavour of the oyster and the
texture and it reminds you We’ve got one of the best varieties of oysters in Toronto from around North America, and arguably into the world. Make sure it’s loose and ready to go and then you slide it back and you chew it up. Give it a couple chews but your also airing, like your tasting wine. Mmm, mmm, ha. This one tastes of seaweed. As I exhale I can actually experience the seaweed and the ocean flavours. So its one of these fun little things where the less you do with it, like you have
it just out of the shell with no sauce on it, the more you’ll get out of it. Winterlicious is great. It’s a
chance to introduce new people, and we find it’s a
lot of fun to introduce them to the whole thing, get
them out to enjoy the restaurant trade in Toronto, which is fantastic, go out and enjoy the weird times of the year
and you can experience the world. You can
actually travel the world in and through food.

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