Laddu Recipe Til Gur Ladoo Sesame Seeds and Jaggery Healthy Sweet/Snacks Recipes

Hello Friends, Welcome to Moms Food Diary Today I will show you a simple and healthy recipe. Sesame seeds and Jaggery Laddu recipe in a easy way. Let Start. We need sesame seeds 200 gm cleaned and fresh We have taken Jaggery which is organic Jaggery which is black You can use any other Jaggery or its powder We need it 150 gm Checkout the ingredients list on screen and we need 1/2 cup of water and Clarified butter (Ghee) Firstly we have taken jaggery cubes which is the organic jaggery We will grate the Jaggery into powder as shown Friends, If you have not yet subscribed to my channel Moms Food Diary Then do subscribe it and tap the bell icon besides the subscribe button to get latest updates on new recipe uploads notifications. We will grate the Jaggery into powder Jaggery As can be seen we have grated the entire jaggery taken You can also use Jaggery Powder Here, We will need 1 tbsp clarified butter in this recipe Lets start making the recipe, we will heat a pan and then We will roast the sesame seeds The important thing here is you need to roast first 30 seconds on full flame and then lower the flame and roast for 10 more minutes while constantly stirring it In 10 minutes there will be a slight change in colour, then you have to take it off stove We will keep it aside after roasting it We will heat a pan and the clarified butter is added to the pan, along with adding the grated jaggery We need to cook jaggery until its becomes syrup Jaggery is cooked and other ingredients will be added So here on full flame we need to cook it for 3 min and we also need to add 1/2 cup water now and keep cooking for 3 min there will be bubble formation as it is being cooked In 3 min the jaggery will be dissolved into syrup and we will keep checking the syrup density for its thickness in between while stirring it If it is thick it means that it is cooked As can be seen on the screen the syrup is thick and cooked completely as required for this recipe Cooking for 3 min is sufficient Now we will add the roasted sesame seeds But you need to switch off the stove before adding sesame seeds in the pan and mix everything And while the mixture is hot we need to make the laddoos quickly We have taken the hot mixture in a plate Please remember, Sesame Seeds should be added only after switching off the stove. Now We need to start making the ladu’s quickly until the mixture is hot This is a healthy recipe as it has sesame seeds and Jaggery which is simple to make. Do try this recipe As per the desired size we will make the laddu’s and keep it as shown The laddu’s made will get hard in some time Laddu’s are Ready. Sesame seeds and Jaggery Laddu Sweet/snack recipe Do try this healthy recipe and comment us below Hit the Like button below Share it with your Friends and Family You will love this delicious recipe. Subscribe my channel. Thank you watching Have a Nice day.


  1. Healthy sweet laddu, ye kaun sa gud hai ?

  2. ๐Ÿ‘Healthy & tasty laddu's

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