La Pa Grill – Fusion Burritos – Franchise Restaurant Opportunity


  1. I've been to your Bozeman location the food there was amazing!!
    I wish we had one down here along the wasatch front.

  2. Glad you liked it! We're actively looking for the right owners/operators there. Help us spread the word and maybe your wish will come true! (Until then, come back and visit us in Bozeman!)

  3. how much is the buy-in start-up costs and franchise fees? what territories are available?

  4. Thanks for asking! Most of the startup costs really depend on each individual location, but you can find our base franchise cost estimate in the franchise section of our website (link in description above). As for territories, we are initially expanding in the Rocky Mountain and Pacific NW states. Email if you have questions: [email protected] Thanks!

  5. YUM!

  6. I show my team exactly what I do to get 3-6 sign ups a day in MCA at $80 per sign up!!!
    email me for details…
    [email protected]
    or my training site:

  7. Please, oh please come back to Missoula!! We miss La Parilla…like alot.If you delivered this time and had a food cart for all of the downtown events you would be swamped with all of the business. You'd have so many happy and loyal customers!

  8. We agree and we'd LOVE to come back to Missoula. Hopefully it can happen soon with the right owner/operator and location. Shoot us an email if you have ideas!

  9. I would love to own a La Pa Grill in Colorado. Someday πŸ™‚

  10. We'd love to be in Colorado, @MerlinsBones! Go to our website and send us a note when you're ready for more info.

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