Kyun Chef Cook Cook with Chae Chef #7

We usually eat the dish we make. Keep talking. I’ll read the comments. “Bickering more than Min Chef”. He’s not really a chef. Did you cook with a pen because you are a chef? I have it right here. I like your outfit. I was planning to wear a shirt, but I thought it was too showing off. This show is to show off. “Hyungwon, do you really know how to cook?” I’ve known him for 7 years but… I saw him cook for like twice. What’s wrong? I will ask you just one thing. Slice the chicken.
Okay. Let’s begin. When I wash the hands, please look at the camera and chat. We shouldn’t show our backs. I was saying… We usually eat what we make. The food we make. Will we be able to today…? Don’t say that. You don’t trust me? I didn’t say anything about you. My mom loves Cook Cook. Say something to her. How are you! It’s cold, so please stay healthy. I’ll see you later. Love you! I met Joohoney’s mom lately. The way she described… You talked about me? She said Shownu got too thin. And she said you are not visible in the first place. She said she couldn’t see you if you just stand there. This is Mr. Baek Jongwon’s recipe. The perfect sauce. Do we put soy sauce? Do you know what you are doing? Yes, chicken galbi. Scissors… Over here. Soy sauce… 1 cup? I saw the recipe. Was it 1 cup? Yes it is. Don’t ask questions. You make us nervous. Mr. Baek does that too. One or two? Two. We will all eat that. I have a question. When you use cooking alcohol, do you get drunk? Do I have to answer that? Is this vinegar? The smell… That’s a strong smell. Where is the trash can?
Over there. Oh, here. Here you go. That’s for food waste. Okay, there. I should’ve used a bigger bowl. I’ll show you my slicing skill. Like the size you see in ordinary chicken galbi. What? You have a problem? You have to slice it differently. I meant you are doing well. Oh, like duck. Yes, this is how I eat it. I don’t know who bought this, but this looks good chicken.
Yes, it’s chicken leg. When I slice, I won’t talk.
You should talk more. Okay. I need a cutting board… Oh wow! You are like a professional. Very energetic. Is the sauce okay? Of course! This is Mr. Baek’s perfect sauce. Someone said, “Hyungwon be careful”. I always care about sanitation and safety. Next comes taste. Sanitation, safety and taste? Taste is No. 3. I hope it works well. Honestly, I want to learn how to cook. I think cook is a very attractive job. I want to try. Because my brother cooks. Chicken is hard to slice. Not neat. If there is no knife, I can use scissors. I’ll use the scissors then. Put that down. I think it looks better with a knife. Now that I think of it, they cut it with scissors at restaurants. That’s after it’s cooked. Do you like spring onion? Sorry let me finish this first. Not many like spring onion. So I’ll use just a little bit. This will be enough for four. Of course. I should use that anyway. I have to slice the cabbage. You wash it then. I should have used scissors in the first place! The cabbage looks clean. This is it! It works better? Yes, you should cut chicken with scissors. You learned something. I saw Mr. Baek and he said we should put a lot of cabbage for water. That’s basic. I don’t know the basics? That’s not what I meant. This seems a lot. We got 10M hearts! Show your cuteness! I have scissors in my hand. I’ll do it later. Our promotion ended, let’s give some updates. I have a huge spoiler. We shot a lot. “Put a lot of cabbage”. This is a lot. No, more.
Let me see. You should put a lot. If you don’t have enough, the meat will get stuck on the pan. I’ll cut it in big pieces. So these days, to give you spoilers,
can I say this? Tell me first. Okay? I’m done with the chicken. We shot the M/V. We shot a lot of videos, we are practicing a lot, and I’m working out personally. Why are you spitting on the chicken?
I’m sorry. You need a mask? Please check this out. Just the right size. Let’s start. For those of you who have’t watched Mr. Baek’s video… These are the ingredients we need. You can use flour if you don’t have the frying powder. I’ll open up the corn can first. Do you eat onions? Me? I like onions. Pour the corn out. And get rid of the juice. Corns! It smells so good already. Chicken, wow. Mr. Baek said we should remove as much juice as possible. I want to eat this with a spoon. I made a mistake. I should have put onions in cold water. To get rid of the spicy taste. You can just pour out the juice if you don’t have a strainer. I don’t put garlics, because I put a lot of minced garlic. Okay, chicken first? How big should the bowl be? You have to use your hand. Do we have gloves? Here is the corn, all ready. Where are the gloves? Here? While he finds it…
Please be quiet. So the corn is ready. With a paper cup… There is about 290g of corn here. 1/3 cup of water. 50 g maybe? Pour the water. And frying powder. 1/2 cup of frying powder. It’s like workout. This is more than 4 servings. Looks quite spicy. A tad more than a half cup. I wish I had gloves and mix it up. Are you doing okay? Sure, looks great, right?
I know. But that looks a little spicy. I heard we just need to add water. As for the corn pancake, it just should be good. You can add more ingredients.
That’s true.
Right. Now we need to mix this. Let me rinse this spoon. Do you like sesame oil? Sure. I can’t get enough of it. You want me to buy you more? Let me mix this up. Someone asked me, “Is he making kimchi”? No wya. way* Smells amazing. Can you smell it?
Nope. I think you can add more oil. It’s a lot already. It could get greasy. And add a little more black pepper powder. I’m not really big on it. Do you like it?
Yeah. Have you made this before? No, but I’m doing this now. I see. Any good news for MONBEBE? I tasted it, and the sauce tastes incredible. Let’s start heating. It’s very important to keep your station clean.
Right. Your room is clean. But your room is so messy. You admit, right? I share the room with 2 more guys, and we just have so many stuff. You guys haven’t even unpacked after the world tour. I just left it for the next tour. I do have my luggage open in my room, still. We just use it as our closet, as there are 9 luggages in total. It just should be good. I’d eat my hat if this is not good. I bet it’s good. I have to mix it really well. Why? to mix them well. I think I’m done now.
I just need to wait. Let’s read some comments. “Add some wateR”. A little bit of water. There’s a reason why I don’t add water because there will be water from cabbage later. It does look good. You made the sauce with lots of care and love. WE need more cabbage? I added a lot. Should I add more? Depends on your gut. But sometimes you need to listen to others’ advice. Then I’ll go with my gut. It does look salty. The sauce is for 10 servings? I don’t think so. I checked on YouTube. In that case… Let me tear it apart with hands. Chef Baek said we need a lot of oil when you make pancakes. Don’t know why, but we need a lot of oil. And the heat has to be kept low. There’s water coming out of cabbage. Smells so good already. “Isn’t the recipe based on small cup”? That’s for 1 serving. If there’s too much sauce, it’d get too dry? I guess you know something about cooking.
I know. There needs to be a lot of cabbage, and there’s enough of cabbage. I didn’t add any other vegetables. How’s it going? Great. No problem. I know. It does look good. Oh, Hyungwon, they want to see how you flip it. Oh no. That’s what I’m dreaded of. Chef Baek said it’s important.
Looks good. It’s easy to break it, since there’s a lot of water in corn. I was taught that I need to make small pancakes. But I’m not sure if I can do this cooking show again, so I made it big. Your younger sibling is on the track of being a real chef, so you must have a nack for cooking. That’s a different case. Looks so delicious. Smells good. I’m 100% sure it’s going to be good. The most mentioned word, “Chef BAek Jong Won” Because it’s his recipe. I need to close the lid? I will just go without the lid. “Change the dish into spicy stir-fried chicken. I can’t get enough. You want me to buy it? I know your favorite dish is something else. Chicken feet or Agujjim (Steamed monkfish) I need to flip it over. I bet it’s going to break. That’s hard. I know. It’s difficult. You’d better make it smaller. I look like a real chef. Can you make stir-fried rice after finishing that? We don’t have rice. Didn’t I get the sauce on the clothes? Yes, but it’s for cooking anyway. How’s it going? Going … not so great. oh no. I’m in trouble. It’s a lot of pressure to flip this over. I don’t think I can pull it off. The chicken is cooked, but it’s charred. Are you any good at flipping? Oh, I forgot this.
I’m nervous! WAy to go. Try it. It’s a long chance. There’s too much corn. I can do it. Can I use the entire thing? Oh my. SHould I rinse it under water? ARe you going to do it or what? Oh my . Can you do it, Hyungwon?
Here we go. I’m so nervous. ARe you doing it?
I’m going to. I think I can. I will add it right away.
Here we go. Not yet? I’m sorry. I’m just nervous. That’s golden brown now. Let’s go. Stop fidgeting. Are you not going to do it? Oh, you’re making rolled corn pancakes. It’s rolled. Don’t film it, please. Sorry. I changed the recipe a little bit from the original. I’m making rolled corn. I think I’m almost done. Same here. I changed the recipe a little “Chef Choi is retiring” . I should have made it smaller. But it does look amazing. I made it too big. Yes, there was no room for flipping. Yes, it ended up being rolled. I guess I need to break the udon noodles. Looks good, though. Yes, this one. What about this? That, too. That looks like braised spicy chicken, though. “Too much water” “Need to be cooked a lot more”? If you’re watching this and if you happen to be a cook, please let us know in comments. No, I didn’t screw up. You know why there’s too much water? You told me to add more water. Come on, you’re blaming MONBEBE? Then who?
Just blame me. It’s because of you. Not a home cook. Really? You have a certificate? You majored in cooking? I’m almost done. The fans are saying, “It looks like braised spicy chicken”. Oh, I need to make another one. Let me make it smaller this time. Make it small this time. Yeah, I have this much anyway. I think I can do this. By the way, Chef Baek said that this sauce works for any dishes. You want to see how it turned out? Let me taste it. It’s delicious. It’s so good. Next, I have sweetened condensed milk. I need to remove the seal first.
It’s a new one. Check if it’s open. It’s really good. Seriously. Hang on. Just leave it there. You became so timid. It’s just leftover. And then, add some sweetened condensed milk. Mine is seriously good. How does it look? Smells familiar. Like a movie theater. I know. “Speak in English , please”. This is corn jeon(pancake) Corn pancake. Smells good. Second corn pancake. This time, flipping success, okay? You’re going to try one more time. Not yet. Ok. Let’s go! It’s time.
1, 2, 3! Success! You could burn this place up. I made it this time! I turned off the heat. Let me taste the chicken IT looks like braised spicy chicken. It just needs to taste good. Everyone.
NEver mind. Are you done? Yes. It’s good, but… It’s a little too salty. Let me taste it. Not that one. You said you like onion. No, I eat onion only when I have a barbecue. Then noodle and chicken.
.OK. It’s too hot, I guess. I could burn my mouth.
Just go ahead. It’s good, right? But salty. They don’t go well, I guess. I haven’t tasted the noodle yet. I like it. But the garlic is quite overpowering. Let me show you. This was what I was going for. Chef Baek was right. I should have made it small at first. I think it’s cooked now. Let’s move it to the table. Oh, we had this! No, we don’t need it. Could you come closer? I like the plating. It’s so heavy. So heavy. Here. We have instant rice. Now, Hyungwon?
Yes. Let’s take out some plates. About 2. Can I rinse it? Let’s go. If you need more of this,
you can. Should we add it here?
No. Let me taste it. Let me start eating. Do we have some vege? We don’t, right? try the rice cake. It’s really good.
Not bad, huh? Don’t try to tease me. It is delicious, but I think you should have let it cook for 5 more minutes so that the sauce gets into the ingredients. It’s still good.
Let me taste yours. You want me to try this or this? Try this first. Then the other one.
OK. It’s not that salty. You like it? This is unique. This one goes well with the chicken dish. I like it. I love it. Of course you can’t go wrong with corn. Try this. Good, righst?
right* Surprised. For those who live by themselves and are busy, it’s hard to cook. Then this dish is the way to go. I really like it. Chef Baek said this dish is great when you drink alone. It’s even better than the corn cheese at a sushi restaurant. I know why it’s called pancake. IT does taste like one. And sweetened condensed milk goes so well with it. How was cooking today? How many times have you cooked in your life?
seriously. 1, 2, 3 times… I think it’s the 6th time.
Oh, really? Not bad. I know. I think I have a knack for it That’s a little too soon , but it’s really delicious. This is really easy to make. “You’re not eating the chicken”. We would have eaten more of this if we had rice. Let’s change the name of this dish. It’s braised spicy chicken since it has a lot of soup, Everyone, we are going to wrap it up to eat more. After our comeback, we decided to cook on V LIVE Not sure if you enjoyed watching it. I’m sure they loved it. I did want to cook in front of MONBEBE
so I’m glad I did this. I was really worried about you cooking. You made ramen like 3 years ago and it was the worst. But this one is delicious. You’ve come a long way. So why don’t you act cute? 1, 2, 3. Did you just do it?
No, I’m about to. I need to do it properly.
Here we go. Here we go.
OK. Feels itchy. Go ahead. OK. MONBEBE wrote, “Bring out your idol inside you”. Sure, I got this. 1, 2, 3. Don’t do it! Stop it! I can do it. MONBEBE, I’m going to turn off the camera and keep eating. We need to say bye now. This concludes our cooking show. We will finish eating this and we’re going to get going.
We are MONSTA X. Bye!

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