Korean Pork Medallions Rice Bowl Recipe

Hello. We’re Salty Food, and
welcome to Fridgecam. It’s midweek, and I am hungry. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time to hack
it like a chef. Today, I’m going to be making
a Korean inspired street food dish. But I’m no expert
in the kitchen, so fortunately for me,
my mate Ben is a chef. And he’s going to be
giving us some cheffy tips to show us how to make this
simple, delicious meal in just 20 minutes. Do you know how
this going to work? I am not going to lift a finger. You’re doing all the work, Jay. Going to hold you
to that this time. And the first cheffy
tip is our sushi rice. Now if you’re making
sushi, you want to run this under cold water
till the water runs clean. For a hot rice
bowl, even easier. We’re just going to soak it in
cold water and rinse it once. At home, you just do this
on the cold running water but here this is much
easier just to show you. And that tap doesn’t work. And that tap doesn’t work. You can also see how cloudy
the water has gotten. Now you can place that
rice into a saucepan that’s a tight fitting
lid with your water. And it’s important to get the
ratio of rice to water correct. You can get the full
recipe down below. Now we’re going to cook
that for 10 minutes at the gentlest of simmers. And then we’re going
to take it off the heat and just leave it in the
residual heat of the pan to continue to cook
for another 10. And it’s those 20
minutes that it will take us to do everything else. Now for the hero ingredient. We’ve got some wonderful
lean pork medallions. Now these come from pork
loin, and therefor they will cook super quick. You’re going to place your
balance between clingfilm, and then knock it to
about one centimeter thick, with a rolling pin, with
the base of a pan, even just with your fist. The reason being, it kind of
breaks down the meaty fibers so it’s going to be super
succulent as it cooks. Plus, it’s thinner so
you get more flavor on it and it cooks quicker. Do you feel better for that? That’ll teach you, Sid. Who? [INAUDIBLE] Another way to tenderize
pork is to marinate. OK. We’re going to kind
of do that, but we’re going to kind of
marinate and glaze at the same time, two in
one because this is mid week and we want to get it done. So soy into a hot
pan, and then a lime. So the juice of a lime. Right, juice. So what this is going
to do is reduce down and intensify the flavors. But it’s the natural
sugars from the lime that are going to help
caramelize, plus the soy gives it a real
umami depth of flavor when we start to grill this. And you kind of want this
pork over really high heat, to really color, caramelize–
you want the color. As soon as you’re happy that
soy and lime is reduced down to it’s really kind of
sticky and about to disappear altogether, then you
get your pork in. So we’re not adding any
oil in at the moment? No oil at the moment. We’re going to add a little
bit of oil at the end– Yeah? –as a seasoning oil, sesame
oil, but not to cook with. Now this is the high heat. We’ve bashed it out
to a centimeter thick, so it’s literally only going
to need a couple of minutes of frying on either side. You can wash your hands. Thank you. And then you can do all
the other bits we’re going to garnish the dish with. This dish is super simple. It’s rice, beautifully
well seasoned pork, with that spicy
sweet sauce we’re going to come onto
in a minute, and then whatever crunchy
veggie you want. Now we’ve got a selection here. We’ve got some lettuce,
we’ve got some radish, we’ve got some beansprout,
we’ve got some cucumber. We’re going to cut
up all nice and find, matchstick sizes or
super fine radish. But the point of it is, you use
what you’ve got in your fridge. At this point, you want
to flip over your pork. It’s had a couple of minutes. It’s got that wonderful color. Make sure you get
all the juices. And if you want a little dash,
just a little dash of water could help. Now’s a good time
to test your pork. OK. So you’re going to take the
biggest piece out of the pan. Move the pan off the heat
so the rest doesn’t overcook while you’re testing this one. OK. And then cut into this. And in the middle, you want
it cooked all the way through, so nice pale color. It should still be beautifully
juicy, but no pink. If it is pink, if
you haven’t bashed it out quite as thin as we have,
it might need an extra minute or so in the pan. That’s not a problem. Back in with a dash
of water, no trouble. You just want to check it’s
cooked all the way through. That is looking good. They can all go into
a bowl to rest up because we need the pan to
use again to make our sauce. And now it’s got that
soy and lime gnarly bits. It’s got all the pork flavor. And into it we add all of
our source ingredients. Honey for sweetness,
dash more soy. Most important is the spice
it’s coming from, a gochujang. So that’s a fermented
chili paste from Korea. You can use whatever
chili paste you’ve got. Sriracha works nicely,
whatever you’ve got. And, I think the
most important part, a splash of rice wine
vinegar, or whatever vinegar you’ve got at home,
and that’s the next tip. We’ve got the acid
from the line. Yeah, but also the
acid from the vinegar really brings us together. And that is so often overlooked. Flavor learning. The pork’s rested. Yep. And now you can slice it up. Now we bashed it to
about a centimeter thick, but now we can cut
it centimeter slices. Rocking motion of the knife
and it can get back it and be coated in the sauce. And that’s what you want to cook
the pork first time round too much, because if
you overcook it, it’s now going to go back into
a hot pan and a hot sauce, and that’s where we
begin to overcook. The beauty of pork medallion
is, it’s super succulent, it’s lean, if you cook it right. And that is this
is helping to do. And that just looks
seriously inviting. Now there’s something
about pork and the fact that it just lends
itself so well to the strong bold flavors
of Southeast Asian cooking, whether it’s tonkatsu in Japan
or so much Chinese cooking is with poor. And this is the same with
the sort of Korean flavors of the gochujang. But there is one flavor
profile missing, sesame. Ooh. Our rice has now been
steaming for 10 minutes, off of the heat. And into it we can stir
sesame seeds and sesame oil, about a tablespoon of each. Now remember, we didn’t
season the rice up front. Now we’ve got all the
fragrance of sesame oil, which has got that real nutty flavor. But we don’t necessarily
want to cook with sesame oil, it’s just there a bit
like a salad dressing. OK. Put really, really good
extra virgin olive oil, you add in at the end. You try not to cook with it. And that’s what’s happening
here with the warmth as you stir it through. It’s a sticky rice, but as
you give it a good stir, mix up the seeds, you’re just
going to smell that sesame. Awesome. And then for the rice bowl. At this point, you can get
as personal as you like. You can put some
spinach, some egg. You could put some chili,
some herbs into it. The important thing
is color, texture. You’ve got the fragrant rice,
the spicy sweet, salty kind of medallion pork. That is an incredible rice bowl. That is an incredible
rice bowl, sorted. He didn’t do anything. I get to sum up. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this is what it feels
like in a normal recipe for [INAUDIBLE],, where
you do all the work and then I come
along and eat it. I love this bit. But there’s one last
thing you have to do and I’m going to do that. And that’s, now you’ve
made it all beautiful, but it’s the table. You just have to
kind of mix it all in because you want all those
porky saucy juices to go into the rice. That’s why you didn’t
put salt in it. And all those crunchy
veg get mixed up. So there’s me making a
beautiful mid week meal for you, and you just come along
and before you even eat it, you mess it up. Now dig into that. Oh wow, that sauce. That’s what I love,
but at home you can mix and match with chili
levels, with the sweet levels. You should have a nice cake. That’s got an immense
amount of flavor in it. But for me the best part is when
you get to that seasoned rice. You know you said you don’t
need much of that sauce. I now fully believe you. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not a sauce, it
was like a coating. It’s a sticky glaze. It clasps with the crunch in
the veg, and things like radish have a nice peppery kick anyway. It worked beautifully. Oh, man. If you want to cook
this yourself mid week, and I know you do, you’re
going to want the recipe. It’s in the link downstairs. Delicious. And if you want another
recipe of pork medallions that only uses half as many
pots, check that one out too. That was one pot pork dish. You see, we used two in this,
and you used one last time. Yeah, sure, OK. Yeah. So you can eat like a chef. Yeah. Well, what would you like to
see is hack like a chef next? Comment down below. Let us know. You’ve really confused me. I don’t know how, because one. Click on the left if you
missed our last video, or click on the right video
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