Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

(sub-titles by Tisyara Sahasraya)
(Reviewed by Spring Ting)
On the bright side… um my um milk tastes like ice cream, hah haa hah haa these look exactly like mr noodles just drenched it hot sauce. exactly monkey singing “just dance” congratulations you know how to sing your mum knows how to sing mama bee is not here today, she is away with her friends so the monkeys decided to cook *snorting what are you cooking today monkeys today i have prepared ummmmmmm my specialty wheres she going oh hey there didn’t see you there do you need help we are doing the fire noodle challangeee yeah ummm The Korean Fire noodle challenge Our good friends from Korea sent us This And i don’t know what it says *Miss Monkey Burps* FIRE! So it doesn’t says anything other than the word fire I don’t think this is actually that bad I’m gonna have it because it says school zone on it yeah, it says school zone it says fire noodles, so… do you thing this is gonna be really really hot? ehm i don’t know because the fire noodles is very overesagerated I have no idea what this cute little chicken is saying there But the little chicken has had some fire noodles and now the chicken is on the ground it looks like he’s screaming in Korean and ….i don’t know what the chicken is saying so we are gonna all grow wings oh maybe its because after you eat the noodles you can do anything you have your own YEAH let me do the honours I’m gonna miss my taste buds when they’re gone Fire noodles on 3 1 2 3 yea, fire noodles! so there’s nothing in the cup Exept for theese 2 packages this is the fire sauce i don’t know but it’s like that good stuff that you put on your pasta allright, this is the good stuff you put in your pasta Monkeys, you take whatever you wanna take I’m not forcing you to eat any fire noodles oh i know that papa, i know that you know what? there’s a baby chicken on this. How bad can it be? and here are the noodles so go ahead and i’m going to fill it up to the line yeah, i’m gonna do that too *singing the filling-up song* Hello people, welcome back to mister monkey cooks and we are waiting for theese noodles to cook we have our noodles drained and ready to go for our sauces i think you put this first and then the topping because the topping is like some new mixture ok, lets open this up this is tomato sauce no, i don’t think this is tomato sauce do not rub your eyes or any other part of your body when touching this fire oh my godness ow, this is like super hot fire look at this that doesn’t smells very good ewww, it looks like blood ohhh my gosh, this looks like it’s gonna burn ok you guys,this smells amazing this is mine it looks like a bloody mess and i’m probably gonna eat this entire thing i don’t know this smells like fire that’s amazing woah woah, and add little seasoning and little seaweed sir prepare the milks, i got it cheers, theese are little seeds and seaweed things that are inside c’mon guys let’s go you know what this is starting to smell really good it smells amazing alright who wants to do the countdown 3… (coughs) 2… 1… go mmmm (gasps) here (10x) owwh oh yeah (coughs) (cotinues coughing) monkeys that’s a little too hot for you, this is a school zone this is school zone noodle there is a baby chicken on this thing (samyang logo) uhhh uhh my eyes are bleeding you’re gonna have more (impressed) oh you’re crazy, this is for you Lizza(?) why, does Lizza eat korean fire noodles?, no this is for you Dolen(?) twins ughh (coughs) how is this even possible uhh my god you guys don’t have to eat this my mouth, everything burns i had one noodle and my mouth is on fire (ngnr) right now how do you guys feel , great ok my eyes are watering soo much right now uhhh on the brightside my um.. my milk taste like ice cream hah haaaa hah haaaaa haaaaa ha you know, you don’t have to have theese (the coming-soon-poop sound) i’ll do it for you, i’ll let you know how it goes that’s like serious mine isn’t cause i’m smart just keep drinking milk, you’re i’m still not done ms. monkey is taking a break ms.monkey didn’t eat alot of them mr.monkey just had alittle bit i ate 1 noodle and my mouth die this is definetly not for monkeys, that’s for sure while you’re eating it it taste good, as soon as you stop your eyes feel like they are gonna go on it just gonna pop out of your head (leh tsu tsu tsu) theese are the hottest noodles i’ve ever had in my life, school zone? yeah wich school? (korean school) owwh man how you feelin’ babies? do you know how to dance while you’re eatin’ fire noodles i don’t even know what kind of fire, what kind of chilli what’s in here, you guys let us know in the comment what’s inside this noodle (the coming-soon-poop sound) theese got me wrecked and i have to finish them done okay so i can’t feel my mouth grrrahh woah fire level scale of 1-10 ms.monkey over 9000 super hot i don’t even know what’s in this my ears are plugged i can’t hear anything, uhh can you get my milk grrrahhh c’mon x3 are we gonna end this vid when you guys are drinking milk the almond milk definetly helps alot more than regular milk wow you had some whoo ho (pig noises) is it not safe for school korean fire noodles thumbs up or down? thumbs up, alright well i dunno cause they’re good but then they’re bad thumbs up because i didn’t have alot,and it wasn’t it wasn’t spicy for me because i stopped myself i like them so thumbs up thumbs sideways for me, because it tasted good as i was eating them and as i stopped eating them they started burning and my whole face was on fire the chicken and the kids and the school school zone is um (complitely) (diseptive) my mouth is on fire my mouth is getting smaller thanks for watching everybody and let us know if you guys have ever tried this korean fire noodle and if there is anymore challenges you want us to do and this is why we only do dumb things when mama is not here


  1. I ate a whole pack and my mouth is still on fire!!!

  2. The boy has no talent

  3. I had that before and it not hot ?? ?

  4. It's jalapeno that's inside there's. Inside those noodles they have older machines cut it up and put it inside the and by the way my name is John

  5. 애기들 너무 귀엽다 ㅎㅎ

  6. Good job with that ??????

  7. Why your daughter act like a ?

  8. They are only for Asians it’s OK you were an American people eat them but Asians can also hold a lot of spiciness

  9. Wow those are hecka good spicy Korean noodles are not spicy for me there so good

  10. btw do you know that there is *2 korean spicy noodle

  11. You guys do not no how to use chopsticks the kids

  12. You guys are pussys

  13. 이걸 읽을수는 모르겠는데;
    지금 한국인들도 못먹는 사람 많아요
    한국인이라고 나 매운거 다 잘먹는거 아님

  14. Papa bee: EWWW this smells like fire
    Mr bee: EWWWW
    Ms bee: It smells AMAAAAAAAAZING!

  15. Me singing at 3:00 45

  16. Honestly im about to eat the noodles the dad ate. Now im scared lmao

  17. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ u know there's another type of fire noodle which is 2x spicier lol?

  18. There’s a baby chicken on there because it’s chicken flavour.



  21. Now, that fire noodle is not most spicy noodle in Korea… Even the rank of that fire noodle is about 4th…

  22. Miss bee is so funny

  23. X2 is way better

  24. That's are eatable, That's are okay

  25. This is what we do….

    2 YEARS ago
    We been knew…..

  26. Omg

  27. Do you mean the song bts fire
    Bts: (*singing fire*)
    ME:yeah that what i tought

  28. I am eating it right now I am dead

  29. It means hot chicken noddles ima korean too XD

  30. miss monkey dramatic walk
    shows milk
    miss monkey runs back

  31. She sings really btw nice video

  32. Ms monkey has a good voice

  33. Were do you get this from oh sorry it's pakensave i got it

  34. 2019 anyone

  35. It’s school zone for the Koreans they like spicy

  36. i eat all my spiy noodles

  37. In the sauce it has um chili ofcourse maybe a 1000 scovills yeah thats it

  38. Papa Bee is the first white person I've seen so far who can hold and use chopsticks correctly on YouTube.

  39. Oh I ate those those are not that spicy I am Asian btw

  40. Lo all I eat these as a snack

  41. if you wear lipstik de fire Nodels wont burn your lips

  42. Is it just me, or should the kids be on got talent? (They have a voice of an angel)

  43. I am diffrent all of you I am a beast I eat about 3 packs since I’m a lover of noodles

  44. I did this challenge it was ez

  45. 4:43 fail lol

  46. I ate that before but I think that not Spicy

  47. “it says school zone”?

  48. Are you guys okay tho? Miss Monkey seems to be suffering ?

  49. Ugly

  50. You could be a famous singer

  51. Zack Choi:Ooohhhhhh its not spicy

    Eh bee Fam: ahahahahahahahaha

  52. Love

  53. Like si se te antoja pero no puedes comer chile por la diarrea :'c

  54. I think my reaction would be like ms. Bee’s

  55. I swear Gabby was like 9 five mins ago

  56. 0:10 autotune?

  57. You can so good sing

  58. I doing the challenge and watching u rn

    I feel you

    I’m crying so ?

  59. Your daughter has a beautiful voice

  60. Its called samyang its delicious but its spicy

  61. When mom’s out of the house

    goes down

  62. Is anybody watching this in 2019 will for days ago I hate those and they’re overreacting I ate almost the whole thing that Poppy be sitting eating the Dad the Dad is eating

  63. 1. Hot sause
    2. Fire
    3 . Chili
    4. Death
    5. Super spicy chili
    6. Heart dicusses

  64. I used to eat lots of it, it’s super hot but super tasty as well. They have much more different flavors. Like cheese flavor. You guys should try it too. Lol

  65. Because is Korean

  66. Am younger then you guys and I have this for lunch or dinner

  67. Hi eh bee family can pls try the nuclear fire noodles 4x

  68. This channel is trash

  69. 5:54 Gabby looks so scared ??

  70. I love spicy noodles send dem all to me

  71. Omg I’m a kid and I even eat it ????

  72. Ya gotta try the nuclear noodles! I eat them like candy! I love them!

  73. 6:22 I FELL over laughing

  74. You guys need one more~~ 🙂

  75. Then we see Matt stonie

  76. I love this noodle!!!!! In Korea, student like this noodle!!!!

  77. Omg ? si funny the intro ????

  78. I love that noodle

  79. 맛잇겟다

  80. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaat arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh

  81. 뚜껑떼면안돼요

  82. 불맛이 어떠냐 이놈들아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  83. Hello I am a Korean subscriber theres nor fire noodle it name is fire chicken fry noodle

  84. I eat this everyday?

  85. Trick is use a fork and shovel as fast as you can

  86. Cringy

  87. Ghost pepper

  88. Hey do itagain this is 2019 september ?

  89. its delicious

  90. They’re not actually that spicy XD

  91. chills and maybe hot sauce

  92. Papa bees pal miss bees running all over the place mr bee is standing there like wats going on me are guys ok

  93. I’m Half Korean and I ate that and it’s not spicy for me

  94. I had the karrien fire noodles but they weren't that spicy

  95. Nice singing

  96. this is for u dolan twins

    like if u stan them ✨

  97. “My eyes are bleeding”??? weeaaaakkkk

  98. I ate is it was not spicy for me

  99. I ate in 3 mins and I'm 9

  100. E
    Eh B
    Eh Be
    Eh Bee
    Eh Bee F
    Eh Bee Fa
    Eh Bee Fam
    Eh Bee Fami
    Eh Bee Famil
    Eh Bee Family
    Eh Bee Family I
    Eh Bee Family I l
    Eh Bee Family I lo
    Eh Bee Family I lov
    Eh Bee Family I love
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    Eh Bee Family I love yo
    Eh Bee Family I love you
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    Eh Bee Family I
    Eh Bee Family
    Eh Bee Famil
    Eh Bee Fami
    Eh Bee Fam
    Eh Bee Fa
    Eh Bee F
    Eh Bee
    Eh Be
    Eh B

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