Korean Braised Chicken – Jjimdak (찜닭)

Hello guys! Welcome to Korean Bapsang.
Today we’re going to make Jjimdak: Korean Braised Chicken. Let’s get started! Let’s start by soaking the noodles first So we’re gonna set this aside for 30 minutes. I’m going to soak these dried shiitake mushrooms. You can also use fresh
mushrooms such as white mushrooms or cremini. So now let’s cut the chicken! So if cutting the whole chicken is too much work for you just buy cut parts. Chicken thigh is really good for this dish.You can also use chicken breast if you like. Oh, this is how Korean Moms do. I’m gonna peel the potatoes now. You can of course use a peeler to do this. So we’re gonna cut the potatoes in big chunks. Depending on your potato size you probably just need to quarter them. I’m
going to soak these potatoes in cold I’m going to soak these potatoes in cold water to remove some starch so that they can stay firm throughout the braising. For the carrot just cut into like 1 inch
thick Cut the onions into large chunks. Cutting the peppers into about quarter inch thickness diagonally. And cut the scallions into 2-inch pieces. I am going to set these green vegetables aside because these will be the last ones to go into the braising. Next we’re gonna cut mushrooms. Remember these guys? First, remove the stems. Be careful don’t cut yourself! I’m going to quarter these. So whenever you soak mushrooms save this soaking water. This is very flavorful and you can use in a soup or a stew. I’m going to use it in
the braising liquid Let’s mince the garlic and grate the ginger. All of the vegetables are ready so we’re gonna start cooking the chicken! In goes my chicken. Now we’re gonna add three cups of water. This mushroom soaked water this was about a cup. I’m using about three cups because the noodles are going to soak up a lot of liquid but if you are not going to use the noodles then you can
just use like two or two and a half cups. So, now, we’re going to add the seasoning
ingredients directly into the pot. One half cup of soy sauce. Two tablespoons of oyster sauce. If you don’t have a oyster sauce just use a
little bit more soy sauce. That’s fine. Next, two tablespoons of rice wine. I’m
using Mirin here but you can use any kind of why use Soju if you have it. So, for sweeteners I use brown sugar for color and the flavor. But if you don’t have any brown sugar just use white sugar, that’s fine. This is Oligodang. Four tablespoons. This will give the dish a shiny look when it’s all done. Now we’re gonna bring this to a boil. Once this comes to a boil you’re gonna start seeing the foam, we’re gonna skim that off. It’s a handy to have your water in your hand so you can wash that off so you don’t put it back in. All the skimming is done now we’re going to continue to boil this for ten minutes uncovered. The Korean people are very sensitive. They love meat but they’re sensitive about gamey taste. By keeping the lid off while the first boiling is happening, the bad aroma escapes. Now, time to add my vegetables! Carrots, onions, the mushrooms We’re gonna add these green vegetables
later. Now we are adding dried chilli peppers. You can cut into two or three
pieces depending on how big they are. Give it a nice stir. Close it. Boil for
about eight minutes. Let’s go ahead and drain the noodles. Drain the noodles for a few minutes before adding to the pot so they can soak up the braising liquid. Smells so good! Now, let’s add the noodles. Then our peppers, and into our scallions. Let’s boil this for another three or four minutes. Now, final touch we’re gonna add some
sesame oil. A tablespoon. And then sesame seeds Noodles soaked up all that liquid and
it’s delicious. So tender and so flavorful I can’t wait for you to enjoy this
delicious chicken dish with your family and friends Stay tuned for more recipes from Korean
Bapsang. Until next time, ahn nyeong hee ga se yo!


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