Kid roasts his principal

So before you watch the video you’ll need a bit of background information. This is my English teacher, Ms. Ocker and that’s her husband ,but he’s really not important to this video. And this is my high school principal ,Jim Wells and he’s with someone who’s really not important to this story either. Anyway Wells turned 60 today. I know start digging the grave, and Mrs. Ocker told me to write a song for his birthday. So I did and now you are all caught up. Oh! and one more thing, I’m looking to the left of the screen because my debate teacher was holding my lyrics. I only had one night to write this song so it wasn’t memorized, and now you are all caught up. 60 years ago today, a beautiful man was born. He’s really a fine fellow, and that is why I’m torn. I hope I don’t regret this, I’m just doing what I’m told. So Mr. Wells, You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] You’re so old your memories in black and white. The key to your house was on Ben Franklin’s kite. You lived through the Ice age, that must have been cold. So Mr Wells. Hey! You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] You’re really a fine principal,but what do you do for fun, because your social security number is just the number one. I heard you’ve babysat for Jesus. Or so I’m told. So Mr. Wells. Hey! You’re getting old. [ukulele strumming] Now I’m sorry to be so mean and rude, I’ve seen raisins with fewer wrinkles than you. Yeah! You can’t hark or remark. Your life’s a question mark. You got your pets off of Noah’s ark. Hey Mr. Wells! Mr. Wells you dont fit the average mold, because Mr. Wells yeah you’re getting, Mr. Wells yeah you’re getting, Mr. Wells NANA you’re getting, you’re getting old.


  1. I can’t believe that this was well edited 8 years ago

  2. Wait Oml idek who this was until I saw the profile picture ooofff

  3. Hahahah then mr wells get nightmares tonight because he got roast "your geting old" hahhahaahaa

  4. 😂😂😂

  5. Who else is. Here I’m 1999

  6. Boy:ur getting old. Principal:haha😓

  7. Was I the only one that thought the playing was fire?

  8. All jokes aside, he spat some heat



  11. of course he is wearing a drama club shirt lmao

  12. What type of ukulele is that?

  13. Your crush will kiss You if You

    👍🏼 this comment and SUB to me..

  14. G E N U I S

    honestly I am going back to his old vids cuz he hasn't posted in nine f##king months

    I cant help but laugh

  15. Hey your getting old

  16. Effie I refuse!!!!!


  18. Wait. I watched this thinking, “oh what a nice video, oh it’s really old.” So I watch it and look at the channel and it JON COZART.

  19. He must have been popular in his school, to write and sing two songs to his principle.

  20. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this in the 8 years it’s been posted! 😂 lol

  21. when you said highschool principal, i thought you said husband, i had to replay

  22. Who else is from 3000

  23. Who else here here in 2119?

    Sub to my channel

  24. it's almost 2020 and I still come back to this video every day since it was released

  25. 😍😍😍 his voice is good

  26. Teachers: 🙁

  27. Arsenal!

  28. best roast of 2011- * I've seen raisins with fewer wrinkles than you*

  29. Lol

  30. Hero 🎶🙃

  31. wait this was in 2011, and i just found this in my recommended

  32. Kid says "Your getting old"
    Principal says "Your getting a detention"

  33. Amazing. Voice!!!!

  34. Oh shit he is 68 😂

  35. Is he retired?

  36. I remember Harry in 99 seconds

  37. The things my principal would do to be if I sang this…

  38. Man he did a full rap during the end of the song

    Top ten rappers

  39. If you lived on this planet you were lucky. Don't we all miss earth

  40. Then mr wells pulls out a musket and guillotine

  41. Kid, you’re getting
    Kid, you’re getting
    Kid, you’re getting Detention.

  42. I have always love this video

  43. Damnnnnn like 8 years ago almost 9… That principal is almost 70 now. Wow time Flys!

  44. This dude has a better relationship with his teachers than I do with my parents

  45. Epic Burn…???

  46. That kid is for sure getting a scholarship 😅

  47. He’s 68 years old now Could have ben 69 👌

  48. 2019?????????

    I don’t expect so many likes because I never get any

  49. Damn

  50. His song is actually amazing!!

  51. Legend says after that he went back home and fell into a never ending existential crisis

  52. I love both videos.

  53. How to get straight A's

  54. I wish I had a high school this fun lol

  55. Like if 2019

  56. Who else is here in 2024

  57. Now he is 68

  58. No ones gonna talk about how good he is at singing!👌

  59. Mr wells ur getting mr Wells me: ?????

  60. Kid: You’re getting old

    Principal: Your getting expelled

  61. Mest up

  62. Who else is in 2040

  63. Cy creek is more fun that falls lmao


  65. You used the wrong word it should be principle not principal

  66. MR WELLS

  67. YouTube:
    2011: naw
    2012: still not there
    2013: nope
    2014: getting better but no
    2015: no
    2016: not there yet
    2018: just a little more
    October 2019: now is the time

  68. The fact that this showed up on my recommended 8 years later is fascinating

  69. Mmmm YouTube recommendations, who else here in 2026

  70. He's 68 now

  71. recommended 2019

  72. Hi like this if you're from 2020

  73. Lol

  74. The hole the song was him roasting him

  75. What editing do you use 😂

  76. Is he dead yet

  77. Who else here in 3023

  78. Why is this in my recommended 8 years later

  79. Is anyone watching this in 2019

  80. Rip mr wells

  81. My teacher had a rap battle with my friend

    The teacher won

  82. kid roasts principal:

    get out of my school

  83. Why Every Time I Watch This I Feel Like Mr Wells' Eyes Are Gonna Turn Red And Phase Into Him And Stop His Heart

    reverse flash reference

  84. 2020 anybody

  85. Who was recommended this

    Only me

    Ok sorry to waist your time

  86. Fucking genius

  87. It all fun games until the camera off and be like your suspended

  88. I am a small content creator anyone who subs is getting a shoutout in my next video 🤞👍👍👍

  89. Nowadays he would just be suspended for this

  90. My principal would literally murder before I even got inside his office

  91. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  92. The youtube algorithm united us again.

  93. i love that this is recommended 8 years later

  94. so, he is 68 now.

  95. That was awesome! I hope your genius is recognized!

  96. 2011 : nope
    2012 : nope
    2013 : noPe
    2014 : no
    2015 : NO
    2016 : no
    2017 : maybe
    2018 : k…
    2019 : HELL YA

  97. Who here in 2007

  98. Its acculey a good song

  99. This is the petition to send him to a music school


  100. 6

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