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if you wanted to eat apples of course
you can if you’re still a Pitta or a bata like of course you can eat it but
the thing is the better than hey guys welcome back my name is Clare this is
Clare minded and I’m having so much fun here in Clare’s kitchen I hope you are
too thank you for joining and today we are
making here in the kitchen we are making kapha recipes for breakfast so today I
am going to give you two recipes that you can use for springtime if you’re
looking for something of a lighter meal or for any kapha dosha
or any kapha dosha imbalances today we’re making stewed apples so apples are
really good any fruit is good to have in the morning especially lightly cooked all
the better for kapha because you want something a little warm to kind of warm
you up as we’re moving from winter to summer we’re in this transitional spring
time so we want to keep it light and keep the channels as clear as possible
and then the second thing that we’re going to make is a fresh muesli that
we’re gonna make on our stove top with a little bit of rice milk at the end and
usually you’re super good for kapha dosha because it is light and dry if you
have cooked oats that’s a little bit too heavy for the kapha dosha but if you have
like granola this muesli that we’re gonna make with some dried fruit some
sunflower seeds some chia seeds it’s gonna be super light super refreshing
we’re gonna have it in some rice milk which is awesome for kapha dosha and I’m
gonna show you how to do it right here in your own kitchen on the stove top
with extra love okay so the first thing that we are going to make for the ayurvedic
kapha recipes for breakfast are stewed apples so I have two apples and
if you actually have green apples that’s even better for kapha dosha all I have
are these galas young they’ve been my mom’s favorite since like forever and
whenever we would go apple picking all we would get is Gala apples like our
fridge would be so full in the fall with apples it was just mind-blowing okay so
the first thing you want to do is kind of heat up the pan to get it nice and
going and then we’re going to chop the apples I have to you should too you really just want to dice up the
Apple I am a firm believer I’m using every part of the Apple except for the
seeds so now we have the pan nice heated up
and now we want some oil so when you add oil to the kapha dosha you kind of want
to keep it as minimum as possible and because kapha is so heavy its moist it’s
just very like dense you want to bring in a light or oil so you want either
corn oil you want like flax seed oil soy oil safflower oil those are all really
good oils to help with a kapha dosha and you only because we only want a little
bit we’re only going to add about a teaspoon of that canola oil which is
also very light and very dry as well so just adding maybe two teaspoons our oil
is nice and heated up in our pan we’re gonna add the apples hello duh we want
to cook them that’s a good sound one thing that I learned when I was cooking
in Spain for a little bit is that you always want to wait until the pan is hot
before you add anything and then the oil on top of that – like I’m such an
impatient person so so many times especially when I’m making like pancakes
in the morning or anything you know that I wanted I would turn that up like the
stove on I would turn it on I would immediately add the oil but you don’t
want to do you want to kind of warm the pan up first and then you want to add
the oil and then you want to warm the oil up first and then you want to add
your food it’s a little bit like you need to work on your patience but do it
it’s totally paying off so now I just kind of mix it around can practice your
flipping here so in our stewed apples we’re going to be adding a couple spices
you know we want to open it up so the heat the warmth of the apples is really
gonna aid in the kapha dosha and just kind of warm it up as it goes through
your body we’re also adding cinnamon so which ever you’re at I’m a huge eyeballer
but I’ll give some recipes in the show notes if you want those and a hearty
handful of cinnamon and cinnamon is so great for the kapha dosha because it aids
in digestion and also really helps your circulatory system so it’s really good
if you’re dealing with any respiratory kind of like blocked channels this will
help your circulation in your body cinnamon and it’s like
sweet and delicious and it’s amazing the next spice that we’re gonna add is
cardamom and cardamon is similar in the sense that it brings this warming
element it is so nice beautiful it’s great for kapha dosha and great in stewed
apples as well so we’re gonna add a little bit of cardamom maybe slightly
less than the cinnamon I just surround it out you want to do
like a good thing of crack salt just to kind of help round it out and then we
let the Apple simmer and a little bit of water for about five to eight minutes on
medium so one of the reasons why apples are so good for the kapha dosha is
because they have that astringent taste and to be able to tell if something has
an astringent taste next time you eat an apple I want you to do this okay so take
a bite of a fresh apple it can be green area can even be red but take a note and
as you chew it chew it thoroughly in your mouth remember the ayurvedic eating rules but once you fully chew it in the mouth swallow it and then take
note about how your mouth feels notice if it’s actually a little bit drier it
almost makes you seem like you want to take another bite because it seems so
juicy but what it’s actually doing to your mouth is pulling moisture so that
air that is astringent taste that you have with that air and earth qualities
it’s actually pulling the moisture out of your mouth and making a little bit
drier but making you want that second bite right so by cooking the apples
we’re actually opening them up a little bit by warming them so they don’t have
as strong as an astringent taste and if you wanted to eat apples and you’re a
pitta or vata that’s totally okay you just have to learn to like adjust the
food to make it work for you so if someone like me who’s very Vata the way
I eat apples is similarly to how I’m preparing them for you right now is I
have to cook them down so instead of having a raw Apple which is very very
astringent I’m gonna have like a cooked Apple like a baked apple like that
because then you’re bringing more of the warming element in
which is great for vatas and then by adding spices actually makes it easier
to digest so we’re kick-starting that agni that
digestive fire and it’s gonna be so much smoother for my body to process as a
vata if I’m eating in an astringent food basic ayurveda. super easy stewed apples so yummy so
delicious great for a kapha recipe for breakfast okay so for the second kapha
recipe for breakfast we’re gonna make some homemade muesli so we’re gonna
start by getting a large pan and then placing it on the stove that we’re gonna
make it on and then turning it on to about medium heat and let it warm up for
a minute and basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with the oats
and then we’re slowly gonna add well we’re gonna start with the oil the gonna
heat up the pan and then we’re gonna add the oil some spices a little bit of
honey here and then we have chia seeds sunflower and some dried fruit which is
all really good for the kapha dosha okay so we have our pan that’s nice and
heated up and we’re going to add some canola oil to the pan so canola oil is
super good for the kapha dosha because it’s light and dry and that’s what you
want for kapha dosha we’re gonna add two tablespoons here because we’re making a
heaping batch of muesli adding the oil to an already warm pan and then give
that a moment to heat up and slosh it around and this is a totally a recipe that you
kind of have to keep your eye on the entire time so you don’t want to burn
all right and then we’re gonna add the oats so we have two cups of heaping cups
of oats two heaping cups of oats and then we’re going to stir it around in
that foil just to get it nice and lightly coated so we are lightly
toasting our oats and lightly toasted oats are so good for Cappadocia
because hello lightly toasted brings them up kapa is so heavy moist and so we
want to lighten them by toasting them all the way up toasting that makes it
drier which all means it’s better for kapha dosha so they’re slightly sweetened
this muesli is gonna be so fresh full of seeds dried fruit everything good for
the kapha dosha so once that looks I’ve been cooking for
about like five minutes they’re just lightly toasted we’re gonna add some
local fresh honey and honey you always want to buy from your local farmers
market if possible if you buy them from the store there’s possibilities of them
being chemically induced they can be shared facilities they can be harmful to
the bees so you always want to buy fresh and local you want to know your
beekeeper as best as you can just to make sure there’s no harm done to the
animals and then it’s as best and local as possible to do as little harm to the
environment and anyone else involved so we’re gonna add about two tablespoons to
our oats give it a nice little shake cool then we’re gonna add our spices and
for this one we’re using cardamon and cinnamon and these are great for
kapha dosha especially for breakfast because they both aid in digestion and
they’re also both warming which is exactly what you need for a kapha dosha
in balance and especially for springtime it’s super yummy to have so generous
amount of cinnamon and Cartman and then to balance and I’ll bring some flavors
first salt and then give it a nice stir okay lightly toasted about eight minutes
in we want to add our chia seeds we want to add our sunflower seeds and then we
want to add our dried fruit all great for the kapha dosha you guys could smell this does it smells
freaking amazing ah smells so so yummy I can’t wait I wish I could send this all
to you it mm-hmm yeah it’s got this like cinnamon II have
any like Dreamsicle up in here so the last thing we’re gonna add is
some maca powder and a little ashwagandha ashwagandha is like ayurveda’s super herb, yum. we’re just gonna add about a half teaspoon and then we’re
gonna add a teaspoon of the maca powder and maca is full of vitality and energy
and it’s gonna really help the kapha dosha like pump it up. so the chia seeds was just super amazing
thing that I learned free cently is that it can have two properties basically is
it can have two different like elements of properties that it brings in so when
you’re having chia seeds dry like sprinkled on fruit we think chia seeds
oh my god there’s superfood but what they’re actually doing to your body can
be a completely different thing so when you’re having chia seeds dry like
sprinkled on top your fruit or your oatmeal anytime you take them in dry
they are going to suck out the moisture of your body and consume that moisture
but if you have the chia seeds and they’re slightly soaked before you put
them into your body they’re gonna actually give you hydration so take note
of that if you have them dry know that they’re gonna be stealing a little bit
of your hydration and your moisture from your body but if you take them in when
they’re already soaked for maybe 5-10 minutes then they are going to be adding
hydration to your body so for kapha dosha we want to remove some of that extra
moisture so we want to put them in dry because that is gonna help reduce the
moisture and the water retention in kapha dosha is yum so we got it slightly
toasted here it looks so delicious oh my god smells like a cinnamon dream right
now mmm all right let’s put some in a bowl and
I’ll show you what’s up stewed apples fresh muesli and rice milk so these were
kapha recipes for breakfast two different ways you have the stewed
Apple super warming grounding great way to start your day on a light note if you
need something a little bit extra for the kapha dosha try some of this homemade
fresh muesli it’s super light super toasty and it is literally like a
cinnamon dream enjoying with rice milk or soy milk because those are gonna be
nice and light for any kapha dosha imbalances if you guys liked this video
let me know in the comments below if you want to see any other things to cook
talk about let me know please I’m here for you guys and I’m learning and I
can’t wait to share more my name is Clare again this is Clareminded hit
the subscribe button if you haven’t already follow me on Instagram and I’ll
see you guys later


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