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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Navaratri Special – Kalkandu Pal Pongal Check the description for Ingredients and steps in English This is a sweet recipe Check for Playlist of Sweet Recipes in my channel Check for Wheat Rava Kheer recipe in my channel 1 cup raw rice Wash the rice and soak it in water Add 3 cups of water in a cooker Add 1 cup milk Allow it to boil Add the soaked rice draining the water Close it and leave for 3 whistles Kalkandu (Rock Candy or Rock Sugar) – 1 and a half cup Add 1/2 cup water Allow it to boil Now the rice is cooked Mash the rice well Check for Rava Kesari recipe in my channel Kalkandu melts when the water gets boiled Now add this melted kalkandu to the rice Mix it well and allow it to boil Add 1 more cup of milk Check for Aval Kolukattai sweet recipe in my channel. Saute the cashew and raisins in 1 spoon of ghee Check for Crispy Adhirasam sweet recipe in my channel Add the sauteed to the rice Add cardamom powder – 2 pinches Check for Aval Moong Dal Kheer recipe in my channel Add 2 Tsp. ghee Now the tasty Pal Kalkandu Pongal (Milk, Rock-Candy Rice) is ready. Try this sweet dish at you home and send us your feedback


  1. sooper aunty 👌👌👌👌

  2. I like to listen to your voice. Neengha sooper uh solringa

  3. superb prasadham. Mam would u pls post video about white peas sundal recepie available on the roadsides. Tht would b little gravy. During my childhood my father used to get tht when v go to the market. On top of the sundal they mix masal vada nd serve.

  4. nice very good mam

  5. Nice mam.. Can u pls upload a video on kitchen utensils

  6. Hi, very nice recipe will try it

  7. hi gowri it cme out very well..as usual ma daughters compliment is incresing day by day fr u…😘😘😘😘 if u can upload mutton balls kulambu nd fry pl do tht…ma daughters favourite dish…☺

  8. very very nice recipe

  9. I wanna prepare this for andal jayanti can I prepare it with small kalkandu /candy sugar!?

  10. Super MMA….

  11. Hi sister all ur receipes are so easy and tasty.good going

  12. Raw milk r boiled ahaaa mam Enna podanum

  13. அருமை 👌

  14. Ystrdy I tried this and came out yummy…!tnkyu🌹

  15. வணக்கம் அம்மா தேங்காய் பால் சேர்க்களாமா

  16. Kalkandu paiyasam super mam

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