Jeff Ross Roasts the Border – Trailer

– This is the frontline
of the immigration war in America right now. That’s Mexico. – The border towns
are not a place that you would wanna
come and visit. – Then why we going? I don’t want people to not
know how hard this struggle is. You wanted your baby
to be born in America, the greatest place. How many people do you think you’ve brought over to America? – [Man] Thousands of people. – When we call
the Border Patrol, we put the cameras down. – I heard yesterday
they deported an eight-year-old
Guatemalan girl and her three kids. (laughing) $21 billion to build
a wall right there. I could do it if I had to but on the bright side the Olympic Mexican
pole vaulting team is number one in
the world right now. People think United Airlines
treats their passengers bad. They’re never gonna
shove a poke up your ass and stuff you in the
overhead compartment for a couple weeks. I went on Tinder and
I swiped with somebody on the other side of the wall. That’s the biggest
(beep) in history. – [Narrator] Jeff Ross
Roasts the Border, November 16th on Comedy Central. – Damn, this guy. What are you celebrating? Cinco de Mayonnaise? Hey everybody, I’m Jeff Ross. If you like what you just watch, Be sure to watch the actual spel when it airs. Jeff Ross Roasts the Border Comedy Central, November 16, 10. Assuming you’re not deported by.


  1. First

  2. First

  3. Second

  4. This is going to be way better then my hand tonight

  5. Good stuff. Gotta see this.

  6. I was part of the live audience that night. I'm interested in seeing after editing lol

  7. Gonna b a gud 1

  8. Tropico music!

  9. Yes!!!! Jeff Ross is a boss! One of the funniest comedians alive.

  10. Man Jeff looks so damn good with his hats.
    Aarrrgghhh. I have high hopes now seeing such an ugly dude looking good with the same style of hats I wanted to buy for so long.

  11. Everyone missed this awesome report, why? Coz it's not in America?

  12. Deport trump back to slime pit he crawled out of.

  13. I was there that night, ended up getting roasted but i loved it, he is bad ass xD


  15. Why won't this Jew go make his smarmy remarks about the WALL in Israel???? Make some smarmy remarks about how Israel should let all the Palestinians in.

  16. Border Patrol guy – "how many people do you let in, how many do you support" Jeff Ross – "all of em, look how big this country is" I think that's as far as his thought process goes. If you want all of these undocumented people here Jeff you can pay for them.

  17. So paving over farmland, cutting down forests, depleting natural resources, interrupting wildlife/habitats and causing more geographic disparity in order to accommodate millions of immigrants every few years isn't destroying the environment? You can't say you want to combat climate change while advocating for unsustainable population growth.

  18. Can someone tell me who the woman was that spoke multiple languages…

  19. Liberal loser jerk fest.

  20. Probably Just another liberal celebrity calling for open borders and unlimited illegal immigration even tho it’s against the law, welp what’s re you gonna do

  21. Jeff Ross is funny as hell and has a really good heart.

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