Jamie’s Awesome Roast Turkey

Okay here we are, the big deal. Mister Turkey.
I’ve got the slow grown variety and I want to show you what I’m doing this year and also
go through the absolute definates you must do to guarantee yourself a juicy beautifully
cooked turkey. So first and foremost I’m going to make flavoured
butter, I’m using dried cranberries. Just chop for about a minute. Right I’ve got two
fairly decent sized rosemary sprigs here. About a tablespoon of thyme and then I’ve
got sage. I’m not going to season it with salt, a good pinch of pepper and a quarter
of a nutmeg. One good pack of quality butter and literally all you have to do now is scrunch
it up. And you just get this bit of skin here, get
a spoon in there and you can just literally part the skin and the meat. See what I’m doing?
And you can go pretty much as far as about here, is good. See how easy that is?
So I’m just going to ferry this butter up here. Just push it in and just literally have
a little massage and then all I would do just to guarantee that this skin doesn’t slip back,
is I’d get a bit of rosemary or a skewer and just secure that there, I don’t want this
skin going anywhere. Now, in the cavity I am putting no stuffing
at all. What I will do however is put a bit of Christmas inside here which comes in the
form of a couple of clementines. It’s not going to stop the hot air getting in. What
will happen is it will steam a little bit and it will flavour this bird in a nice way.
Here’s my stuffing, here’s the neck of the turkey. It is touching the bottom of the roasting
tray and it will get really nice good you know decent cooking.
And then sort of tuck it in like that. So there you go.
Okay. Let’s talk about turkey cooking times. A good quality, a slow growing turkey will
cook in nearly half the time of regular standard turkey. So for instance this is about 6 kilos,
I’m going to cook it for 25 minutes per kilo. Plus about 20 minutes at the end. If that
was an every day turkey that would be about 40 minutes per kilo plus 20 minutes at the
end. I cook it at 180 degrees Celsius or about
350 degrees Farenheit. And I’ve put the oven on full whack to start with. I’ll put the
turkey in now. The minute I close the door, I’m going to turn it down to 180.
Right, there she is. A beautiful turkey. Nice crispy skin, you can see where the butter’s
gone in. Roast turkey, cooked perfectly.


  1. Perfeito!

  2. Found the whole turkey butter thing quite sexual! Looks amazing & super speedy too for turkey good times

  3. I wish everyone, on Jamie's YouTube a safe and delicious Christmas and a fabulous 2014. Looking forward to more food and great fun with you all.

  4. such an old video. 

  5. I wish you would have cut into the turkey after it rested 🙁

  6. That's lovely! I have to try that next year. May I suggest that you make a Puerto Rican turkey the next time, same thing making a flavored butter but instead of the ingredients you used, use chopped garlic, oregano, pepper, and cilantro. I also mix in olive oil, with the butter, but that's probably overkill. Then I cover the skin on the outside with a rub of chopped garlic, oregano, pepper and cilantro, on the skin all over including underneath. My husband likes having stuffing in the cavity but I like doing slices of orange, garlic, and onion in the cavity. But yummm next one I make is your recipe. Yum yum.  Happy Christmas!

  7. Why no salt?

  8. Why is there a pedo penguin peeking inside?

  9. Even he isnt a American i have now the feeling that americans eat turkey on every Holdiay .___."

  10. that penguin outside the window is like: soon….

  11. Jamie just made that look way to easy. 

  12. WANT A GREAT CHEF!!!!!! JUST GIVE A PEAK TO "HOWTOBASIC" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Are we just going to ignore the giant penguin that's plotting to kill you then?

  14. Love it! You dont cover the turkey? I can do it that way without burning the skin??

  15. Gordon Ramsay has very similar recipe :). 

  16. penguin is looking at you

  17. Merry Christmas, Mr. Oliver!

  18. Richard hellman can fuck himself

  19. thank you jamie now i know 😀

  20. always surprised and amazed how easy these things sometimes are

  21. Did he lose weight? shit i've missed so much

  22. I wish you made food for me every day

  23. Thank you jamie!!!!
    Merry christmas to you and you family!!

  24. thanks for the tips Jamie! I will try roasting the turkey this way! sounds yummie!

  25. daymn , i want to see him cut it up … whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  26. Thanks!! Joseph Stalin !! Happy Holidays!! Im going to cook the Turkey that way!!

  27. yummy yummy turkey! Merry Christmas Jamie 🙂

  28. Cranberries are tough to find where I live… Any suggestions of what could I substitute them for?

  29. No Salt? Hmm..anyway this is the recipe i will be using tomorrow, however using salt. Happy Christmas everyone!!!

  30. That damn penguin in the background

  31. Try stuffing turkey with an onion fried chopped liver and buckwheat.

  32. Can I use oranges instead?

  33. Thumbs down for not showing us a slice!

  34. I use mayonnaise spiced up with sage, thyme, salt/pepper, rosemary. I let the mayo marinate for 24 hrs. Then cover the turkey in a thick lay of mayonnaise , in , out, underneath & all over the bird. . I then wipe a little off before putting it in the oven to cook. It comes out REALLY moist ! And darkens up nice. Is this WRONG the way I prepare my turkey? Im the only one who I know of that does this .

  35. I've done it this way for the last 3 years it is great
    Every body always comments how great it tastes I wouldn't do it any other way now

  36. Yum! I remember watching you do this recipe last year on the food network. Definitely will have to try next Christmas or even thanksgiving!

  37. his turk looks WAY UNDERcooked…..

  38. So,in order to reduce cooking time,he preheat the oven on full scale temperature (on max),and then turn it down to 180 degrees-when turkey is in the oven. Did I understood it right?

  39. I just stuff a lemon up a chikens but when i make a roast and of course butter

  40. Very delicious  =)

  41. Can you do this with a chicken as well?

  42. We have tried this excellent recipe a couple times and am going to do it again for Thanksgiving. – Always a hit at our home.

  43. Please check out my channel

  44. I Love stuffing

  45. That looks amazing! Great job @Jamie Oliver ! I cannot wait for the holidays!!! 🙂

  46. Remember, stuffing is evil.

  47. what the…no seasoning at all? no butter slathering the skin? hmm

  48. Made this last year, turned out delicious! 

  49. Thanks Jamie, this recipe will help prepare me a turkey delicious..it looks tasty .. !! Merry Christmas 2014 !!

  50. Jamie touched a lot of things without washing his hands, tch tch.

  51. Love it Jamie Fantasmo

  52. Going to try this for sure this CHristmas! Wish me luck!!! 🙂

  53. Great video thanks. What could I use instead of dried cranberries ? 

  54. ciekawy przepis 🙂

  55. I tried this last year, it was great

  56. Salt the skin for the last 40-30 mins (for a medium, feed 8-10) with sea salt, NOT table salt & brush the excess salt off the skin after

  57. I cooked it today… the best turkey I have already eaten!

  58. How do I keep the skin crispy? Because when I let the turky rest for two hours covered in tin foil, the skin is not crispy any more..

  59. whats the difference between this and a turky twizzler? chuby prik

  60. "Literally"

  61. Is the spoon still in there?

  62. i understood nothing but this was v pleasing to watch

  63. cant wait to make this your great jamie lots love you and your recipes

  64. huh? he only stuffed the front? did he seasoned the outside of turkey? no basting? I think he's prank in us!! that's it!

  65. must put garlic and carrot and celery and onion in the tray then at the end when the turkey is done we can make a gravy .yummi

  66. can I roast a turkey at a very low temperature for a longer period of time? would that guarantee more moisture

  67. This crap about not stuffing your Turkey needs to die. Only morons who don't know how to cook it properly need to worry about not cooking the stuffing or the Turkey all the way through and poisoning themselves. The other 99.99% of us have been doing it that way for generations and haven't gotten sick once.

    Stuffing from the Turkey is definitely worth the risk/reward, as the flavor is much deeper and better compared to something cooked in a pan with broth poured over it. My whole family practically fights over the stuff from inside the Turkey, and generally only eats the non-stuffed variety as leftovers afterwards.

  68. is there anyway the skin will tear during the cooking process? if so how do i prevent that

  69. Could the turkey be put in a brine before this for extra juiciness or is it too much? sorry noob question >.>

  70. What is a slow going turkey vs standard turkey?? I don't understand the cooking time explanation.

  71. I did this last year but used garlic butter and placed bacon over the skin. All came out amazing!!! Clementines give it a lovely christmassy smell and great taste…

  72. this is disgusting, watch –》 The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear

  73. wat can I use instead of dry cranberries for the butter

  74. I have followed Jamie's Guidance for this Christmas, guests and cook were satisfied ! The butter was great, the cooking time is right. Did the stuffing as well. It was first time I was attempting to roast Turkey, thanks for the fail-safe guidance. Would there be any suggestion for vegetables or side dish to come along ? (I did improvise 😉 ). Thanks Jamie Oliver for putting a Christmas atmosphere into our kitchen and plates !

  75. hey Jamie,

    What to do with two turkey's weighing 6 kilo together? Do we need to split the time or do we need to cook it as long as you cook your 6 kilo weighing turkey ?

  76. 12 weeks!

  77. I made my Turkey like that last year and it was delicious!!!! I'm going to do it this year too! Thank you Jamie for this amazing butter! 🙂

  78. No seasoning on the skin?

  79. Sorry Jamie, but YOUR "Awesome Turkey" just pales against MY awesome turkey.

    One good hint! I don't have to "FOIL THE BIRD!"

  80. Tasted so bland. Can't believe I actually followed his advice and used no salt anywhere

  81. I did it. Thank you it is very juicy.

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