Ice Cream Sandwiches & Tikka Naan: Chef’s Night Out with the Badmaash Brothers

Yo, that’s fucked up. You didn’t even
hit me back, man.>>I hit you up,
you’re really like, I’m in the Valley.>>I-
>>I’m not gonna fucking text
you after that.>>Why not?
Yeah, I had to go to the Valley.>>Chinatown is
the Valley for us. [LAUGH] It’s too far.>>Chinatown is two
blocks from your spot. [LAUGH] That’s fucked up.
>>Chinatown is two blocks away. [MUSIC]>>I’m Nakul Mahendro.>>I’m Arjun Mahendro.>>And, we own Badmaash
in downtown LA. [MUSIC] So, we’re both born and
raised in Toronto. At a very early age,
we were exposed to our father being
an amazing chef and doing all these great
things with food. And then also,
just the mix and match of cultures in Toronto is
absolutely amazing. It really allowed us to have a very wide
ranging palette, and understanding of
different cultures of foods, and flavors from
all over the world.>>Our father is
a trained French and Italian chef. About 15 years ago, he opened up an Indian
restaurant in Toronto. When he got rid of that, we moved to
Los Angeles and we thought, let’s open up
something that’s cool, approachable, but still
stuck to it’s roots. So, we said we’ll take
care of the restaurant, you just help us
out with the food. [MUSIC]>>Badmaash means, pretty
much bad ass in Hindi. We’ve just wanted to
create a really great restaurant that served
really good Indian food. And, we felt like LA was
really lacking that. We try to bring flavors
from all over Indians and celebrate them. We are Punjabi, so there’s more of a Punjabi
influence on our menu.>>Punjabi food is more
fun, let’s be honest.>>[LAUGH]>>Come on,
buttered chicken.>>Chicken tikka masala.>>[FOREIGN] like chicken
masala, [FOREIGN]. You want Punjabi food. I’m, I’m really sorry.>>Samosas. The best part about
being in the kitchen is mixing all of
this together. We also bring
a little bit of our French culinary
background. A little bit of our
Canadian in there. Our Chicken Tikka Poutine
is the best mash up. It’s a celebration
of our Indian and our Canadian background
on one plate.>>And, we wanted to
have fun, as well. Like, when we
first started, we had a dish called
Holy Cow Keema Pow. And, it was just like for
the one’s who eat beef, why can’t we have
amazing dishes? And, everyone says, what
Indian people eat beef?>>And then they’d go,
what you’re Indian?>>[LAUGH].
>>And, you’d be like yeah,
but your not [SOUND].>>I’m now doing
the butter chicken. We start off with
a little bit of sauce in here. There is definitely,
a special twist to it.>>Butter chicken
is considered like, oh, yes, it’s just
buttered chicken and rice, you know,
the usual. But, that chicken
marinades for 48 hours, we cook it in
the tandoor, we char it, we let it rest. Essentially, it takes two
days to get to the table.>>Yummy!>>Working together
as family has its ups and downs.>>I think it’s
pretty cool though, we all know our position. There’s no dad or
brother at work.>>Yeah.
>>It’s like you gotta get your piece
of the pie done.>>As a chef, our dad
is extremely strict.>>Right.
>>And, unforgiving. If it’s not perfect,
why are you even here?>>Okay. Enough?
>>He’s telling me it’s more than enough.>>[COUGH]
>>I don’t think so.>>It looks amazing now.>>Order up.>>And that’s it.>>[LAUGH].>>It’s the best. I wouldn’t have had
it any other way.>>He’s the number
one chef. He’s our father.>>[LAUGH] Oh, my God.>>[LAUGH].>>Anything else?>>You gonna come out
with and party, or what?>>[LAUGH].>>[LAUGH].>>We decided to hook up
with Lele from Sugarfish.>>We’ve been
the biggest fans of Sugarfish ever since
the grand opening of their Downtown location. We went the first day. And then, one day
there’s some guy some you never expect there’s
a some Italian guy with a thick Italian accent
and a baseball cap on. He was introduced to
us after his meal, as the owner of
Sugarfish, and we’re like, what?>>What?
[LAUGH].>>We also had
Alvin Cailan of Eggslut.>>Yeah, he’s wild man.>>He’s wild. We, we met Alvin I guess
when he was building out his location here
at Grand Central Market in Downtown. He would eat at Badmaash
few, few nights a week and that’s kinda how we
got to know each other.>>And then, we also
brought Ryan with us, who works in the kitchen,
cool dude, solid guy, hard worker.>>Are you guys ready to
get the hell out of here?>>Yeah.
>>All right, let’s do this.
Let’s do dinner. Bottoms up. We’re going for dinner. We’re going to Alma, our
friend Ari Tamer’s spot. He’s doing an amazing
thing for Downtown, and LA, and you know, he, I think he represents
a young guy, who knows what he’s doing, and he’s
really striving for it. And, I’m, I’m starving. You guys are hungry?>>Yeah.
>>Hell, yeah.>>Yeah, okay, perfect. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH].>>My name’s Ari Taymor. I’m the chef and one
of the owners at Alma, and we do Californian
food, everything’s from the markets, and we do a
tasting menu every night. Downtown LA is
it’s really busy. It’s really vibrant,
really diverse. There’s tons of different
types of cuisine, and it’s, it’s a lot of
fun to be down here. [MUSIC]>>These
are Shigoku Oysters.>>Oh, my god.>>I love this on top. It was just like,
it blew our socks off. Really, like, such small,
tiny little bites, and such amplified flavors.>>I’m gonna
ignore you now.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>The Wagyu Ribeye Tartare,
honestly, it didn’t need anything else.>>Lele was like
what is this? I need to know
everything.>>What is in this?>>He called
the server over. He goes, find out where
you get this meat from.>>Yeah.
>>It’s grass fed beef garnished with
sunchoke chips, a little bit of dill. This is a sauce made
from oyster and a little more dill. We like to use meat kind
of, as a seasoning, and so it’s really just
early in the menu, not very heavy. It’s perfect.>>So, I think what chef
Ari really wanted to do there was show his diners
what really good meat is. So, he’s like, here’s
the best meat possible. You’re welcome.>>It’s good
with the wine.>>It’s good.>>That tartar dish was,
it’s like neck in neck for first,
with the next course.>>This is a slow
cooked egg yolk. They’re really nice farm
eggs from the market. Finished it with some
puffed amaranth and these are chives. It’s a really fun
play on textures. The yolk kind of has the, like the mouth
feel of a fudge. It’s this really rich
flavored soup that almost has no
dairy in it. And it’s,
sunchokes are one of my favorite vegetable so.>>I feel like everybody
fucks up soup man, but they fucking nail it.>>Almost kind of
our place to go, when we have a nice
evening to kinda relax, when we’re not in a rush
is kinda to enjoy a great meal, great service. So, that’s kind of our
like, our zen place.>>I mean, this chicken
was really good.>>The carrots
were better.>>The carrots
were great, but in my opinion the egg in
the tartar, number one.>>Yeah.
>>The vinia, number two. Then, the rest, but
everything good.>>I actually got like
inspiration from that. That’s how you know,
you’re, you’re fucking with a real good chef, is
when you are inspired to go back in your kitchen
and do something amazing.>>[LAUGH] [CROSSTALK].>>[LAUGH] I love you.>>I love you too.>>All right,
let’s bounce man, lets go to Horse Thief.>>Well, we’re headed
to Horse Thief. It’s like on the back end
of Grand Central Market. It is a really good
barbecue joint.>>Texas barbecue.>>They’re from Texas. They do Texas barbecue
the real way. They use all free-range,
organic meats. And we love it.>>That center
cut brisket is like meat butter. Honestly, I’m gonna
put this out there. It’s the best patio
in downtown LA. Whenever we go to
Grand Central Market, we’re always bound to
bump into someone we know, especially since
we know, like, a lot of the chefs and purveyors
and vendors there.>>Cheers.
>>Cheers gentlemen.>>Cheers guys.>>Thank you for
having us.>>Bang, bang.>>Bang. [MUSIC] You got barbecue, you got
beer, and then you have->>You’re staring-
>>This. You’re staring at
this right over here. This is what it’s about,
this brisket. The center cut,
you see all the fat. You see that smoke ring?>>This is Texas
barbecue and this is what it’s about.>>They focus on what they’re suppose
to focus on. Everything is top shelf,
top quality. I can eat that brisket
every single day for every single meal,
it’s awesome.>>And, how long do
you smoke this for? Brisket?>>About an hour and
a half per pound.>>Oh, yeah?>>So, 15 plus. [MUSIC]>>You know, don’t put
your fingers all over it. Come on! Yeah, you’re getting
the best piece. What are you doing?>>You’re too late. You guys complain and now
you don’t get nothing.>>Hey, you guys,
get the fuck out of here! Yeah.
>>I am so good and let’s just go home to
bed and Arjun was like, we’re going to Wolf and
Crane. And so, I was like,
you know what? Fuck it.
We’re going to Wolf and Crane [LAUGH]. Growing up, so
we had this what was it? 1982.
>>Chrysler. [CROSSTALK] Chrysler,
Chrysler Caravan. It was like the first
fucking caravan invented.>>The Oswald shit.
>>The worst car ever.>>Yo, it was so
old and rusty. This one time, I got
pissed off at Arjun. He was sitting on back I,
I close the door shut, and the door slid,
it went [SOUND] closed. And then, it [SOUND].>>And, it fell off.>>And, it fell off
of the fucking van. [MUSIC] Wolf and Crane is a really cool
Japanese-American bar. The thing I really
like is you get an artisan cocktail,
but they serve it fast.>>Yeah.
>>Oh.>>Cheers, cheers, cheers.
>>Cheers, buddy.>>Cheers, man.>>I was like, all right,
enough of the kid stuff. Let’s get this
party started. By my fourth
shot of whiskey, it just kind of felt
like I was shooting. It was like tasty. This was like
a Cosmopolitan.>>She did it.>>I did not.
>>She hit the table. All right,
it was my knee I think.>>Yeah,
we are driving to our restaurant which is
walking distance.>>We never drive.>>We never walk.>>We never drive,
we never walk. We just take Uber.>>We just go.>>Somehow,
we just levitate to the restaurant.>>We just go.
>>Yeah. We just end up there. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] So, we already
had this beautiful meal, then we had barbecue,
then we had all these drinks and we’re kinda
just like, drunk food! [LAUGH] Got some
drinks down, Ryan let’s
cook something.>>Every time we have a
party here, our wine rep knows because we just,
we like champagne.>>Everybody, cheers.>>Come on.>>And
we’re just gonna do some lamb burgers
right now. But, we’re not gonna do
them the way that we do them for the guests. We’re gonna do them the
way that we need to do them for right now, cuz
we’ve had a few drinks. This is why we go out and
get drunk. So, we’re going
straight up poutine, Montreal style. The ladle and the pot, the double
dragon, right here. We’re gonna start
this family style. This is actually
like a play on our, on our poutine. You wanna do some butter
chicken sauce on it? Just fuck shit up? I’m doing something
that we said we would never do. Now, normally,
you would have, you would have
chicken tikka, if you were in Punjab you
would have chicken tikka. Like, after going out
drinking, fuck it, Johnny Walker Black and
Scotch. You go to a [FOREIGN], which is like a roadside
fucking cafe, which is just
a tandoor and a few Indian guys, and
you have Chicken Tikka. In Toronto, where we
were from, we’d go in and we’d have
a fucking poutine. So, I got Toronto
on the bottom and I’m putting India
on the top. So, I got my
chicken down. I’m just getting
my sauce going and we’re gonna do this. It only happens for
you guys.>>[SOUND] You grab
a fork and you go for it.>>Whoo.>>It was really tasty. And, that cheese was all
melty and the chicken was so soft, and
the fries were so crispy. And, the flavor of
butter chicken sauce and it was awesome.>>I am making
a special dish.>>It’s a surprise.>>It is a surprise.>>Ryan, he decided
to do some pizzas, some naan pizzas. And, this is something
that, you know, chef has done before. Ryan’s kind of
seen him do it. I mean, loaded it up
with chicken tikka and green peppers->>With the tomato
chutney.>>Red peppers, tomato
chutney as a sauce, all on naan dough. And, it was beautifully
soft in the middle and super crisp on
the outside. It was perfect. We had our friends from
Grand Central Market, followed us. We met some people
at Wolf and Crane. They also came by. We had Russell and Wade
there from Horse Thief. Parle-G is like the
fucking cookie in India. This is like, if you are in India, you
fuck with this cookie. And, my brother and I, we first fell in love
with this cuz the girl on the front, she’s kinda
just going like this. And we were like, oh,
what is she doing? She’s throwing
up gang signs! She’s fucking,
it’s Bloods and Cripps over here! So, that’s what we’re working with right now,
and just to have some fun we’re gonna throw
some ice cream. We balled this up
a little earlier. We made little ice
cream balls over here. We’re, we’re just
gonna do some, Parle-G ice cream
sandwiches. [MUSIC] You wanna do it like
this, you wanna hold it, and you wanna bite
it fast, so it. It’s the crunch
like this.>>If we were supposed to
have an amazing time and be with amazing people
then last night was an awesome success. We really had
a lot of fun. We don’t normally
get to go out and have a good time. We’re normally the ones
throwing the party which is a good time for us but
it was really great to go and have some drinks
and have some bites.>>Fuck, yes. Everything is awesome. Now, get the fuck out! [LAUGH] [NOISE]


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