How to Spring Clean Your Weber Grill


  1. damn, i didn't learn anything, that video was kinda bad!

  2. Great tips Mike!

  3. I hope people do a better spring cleaning for their BBQ's than that.
    Take the time to clean the grill grates with soap and water and clean off the carbon build up especially on the charcoal BBQ lids so it doesn't fall on your food when your cooking.   

  4. The inside of the top of the charcoal grill had much encrustation on it. I can't believe you didn't at least hose it off. If its creosote that can drip down on your food, or the vapors can spoil the taste. If its rust, it can flake off and fall in the food as well. I'm rather disappointed in this video. 

  5. Good looking grill!>>>   I've used it three times, and it's just what you'd expect from a Weber.

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