How To Smoke Ribs On A Wood Pellet Grill | Z Grill’s Wood Pellet Grill | Best Rib Recipe!

hey everyone welcome back to Baum Grillin’z on today’s episode we’re doing ribs oh yeah all right I’m really
excited about this cook today we’re gonna be doing two different types of
ribs we’ve got the spareribs and we’ve got the baby back ribs now I want to put
them to the test I want to see which ones I prefer better so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna make them up in the same exact way with the same exact
ingredients and then we’re gonna throw them on our Z Grills over here now the
kind folks over at Z Grills sent me this grill to kind of check out and
review so we are gonna put it to the test today now what I already like about
this thing it’s kind of like I set it and forget it type grill you fill up the
hopper and it holds a ton of them then you’re gonna select your temperature and
it’s gonna feed those pellets through and just maintain that heat for you for
a long time it has a lot of space inside the grill as well and I really like that
so we’re gonna be cooking them ribs on this wood pellet grill and it’s gonna
make things pretty easy all right let’s get to it okay so the first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re going to start up our grill we want this thing to heat up for
about 10 minutes bring it up to the temperature we desire that way once the
ribs are all prepped and ready to go you can just throw them on I’m gonna need to
check the hopper make sure we got enough pellets in there oh yeah definitely do
now this hopper will hold up to 20 pounds of pellets this thing will go all
day long once we see the smoke rollin out of the grill we know we’re ready to
go and set it to the desired temperature today we’re going to be cooking these
ribs at about two hundred and thirty-five degrees now this is gonna be
a long process so bear with me it might get dark by the time we’re
ended I don’t know we’ll see okay so we’ve got our ribs here we’re just gonna
prep them real quick we’re gonna tear off that membrane off the backside that
way when we go ahead and season it it’s gonna really get into it if you have
that membrane on the back might as well not even season it
go ahead and grab it with a paper towel there we go yeah all right now we’re
gonna go ahead and hit these with some oil we’ve got some peanut oil here we’ll
just go ahead and squirt that on top just go ahead and rub that in and then
we’re gonna hit it with our first layer here now this is just kind of an
all-purpose seasoning it’s got some salt pepper garlic powder do that on the base
layer here and then we’re going to hit it with a barbecue rub nice coat of that
go ahead and flip them over we’ll do the same thing hit it with our all-purpose seasoning
make it a mess that’s why I’m outdoors why I love the outdoor kitchen here and
then our barbecue rub now you can tell that these here are the spare and that
is the baby back the baby back has more of a little curve to it well the the
spare ribs kind of sit a little flatter alright those are ready for the grill
our grill is up to ten for about 235 we’re gonna go ahead and set those on
there we’re gonna let them smoke in here for about two hours oh yeah got some
smoke rolling already what I really like about this grill is
that you just set that temperature the auger is gonna feed all your pellets and
maintain that temperature so then you have plenty of time to go do things that
you want to do oh yeah let’s do it all right I already got the ribs now about every 45 minutes to an hour
I’m gonna spray them with some apple cider vinegar water mix just to maintain
moisture in the meat oh yeah okay so it’s been two hours now that the ribs
have been on the grill what you want to do is you want to get some tinfoil all
set up ready to go that way we can just pull them off prep them again
wrap them up and throw them on as fast as possible so let’s do that
grab them ribs all right let’s grab them ribs
they are looking good I’m just gonna go ahead and pull them off real quick okay there we go all right those things
look really good already they look really good and they smell awesome too
so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put them on the foil now we’re
gonna start topside right there and we’ve got ourselves some honey butter
we’re gonna douse that thing and honey butter nice generous portion of honey
butter right there then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hit it with some brown
sugar just throw that on top flip her over do the other side same way honey
butter brown sugar now we’ll go ahead and wrap it up now
you’re gonna want to make this nice and tight you don’t want to lose any of that
stuff make sure no bones are sticking out
stabbing through okay so we’re gonna go throw that one on the grill real quick and we’ll do our other one alright well throw that on the grill as
well now you want to make sure that you have meat side down that way it can
maintain the moisture down there and it’s just gonna come out really good
really good okay we’ll close that up now we’re going
to let that sit for about two hours and then we’re going to check it to make
sure we have the right tenderness all right so those ribs have been in
there for two hours so we’re going to pull them out and check for tenderness
to see how it’s looking okay oh they smell so good oh yes all right we’re
just gonna let them sit for just a few minutes so I don’t burn myself and then
we’ll open them up and just check the tenderness of them
there’s the baby backs and they’ve got a lot of pull back on them little twisty
yep they’re moving a little bit there you go that’s good not falling apart yet
we don’t want that but they look good okay and then here are the spare ribs it
looks good too got a little bit of separation we go nuts there okay so I
think those are good so we’re gonna pull them out and then we’re gonna base them
up with some Famous Dave’s barbecue sauce now this is the sweet and zesty
now I’ve used this before on one of my pork steak videos and it was so good and
it works really good with these as well all right pull them out of here
well base them up and we’ll put them back on the grill and let that barbecue
sauce thicken up get a nice coat of this sauce on Errol
it’s gonna be so good you cannot wait ribs is definitely an all-day experience
but cooking it this way you can’t beat it
you just can’t especially when you’re outdoors and they’re around the grill
that’s what I’m talking about that’s that is that is barbecue right there
okay got a nice coat on them take them over to the grill slap them on babies spares OOP hit it with some more
barbecue sauce here want these things nice and sticky oh yeah that smell good okay those things are ready it’s pretty
dark out here now I told you guys it was gonna be a long cook oh those things
look really good oh man those things are right where I want them nice sticky right there what I’m talking about nice and sticky look at those things
that’s what I’m talking about look at them both look so good and they
smell amazing like always that grill worked really well for this
I’m really excited about it very excited okay I’m gonna let those cool down for
just a minute and then we’ll tear into them alright those ribs are ready now it’s
definitely dark out here this was a long cook but it was an
enjoyable cook the Z grills handled this fantastically I really enjoyed that
grill all right let’s chop them up and see
which one I like better baby back or spares at allow all right let’s at least
get a good look at him this is the baby back nice and tender okay that looks
really good all right here we go baby back rib mmm oh wow that’s good
comes right off the bone right when you bite it mm-hmm clean off the bone
perfect and that is really good really good
mmm oh wow okay here we go with the spares come in here ooh that’s that’s
pretty good-looking too mmm okay there’s the spares come take a look at that hmm
it’s nice nice and tender okay here we go Wow okay that’s really tender actually
really tender oh that’s good – that’s really good
I don’t even know I really don’t even know okay I’ve come to a decision I’m
gonna give it to the baby backs I really like the baby back ribs I just do this
maybe it’s just something different maybe it was just this rack I don’t know
but today I like the baby back better I definitely like the baby back better I
don’t know why they’re just a little more flavor there
but I don’t know if it’s just there’s a little more fat or what it is that’s in
it I don’t know where it’s just that cut over this cut I don’t know all I know is
they’re both fantastic I would eat either one of these happily
I would not push any of one of these away they’re both phenomenal
they are definitely amazing tasting ribs I mean I went through and I agonized
over this I chopped up that piece got chopped up that piece tried this right I
like the baby backs let me know what you guys enjoy down in the comments if you
like baby backs or if you like spareribs or if maybe there’s something that you
do that I don’t that might help sway me in any way let me know in the comments
you guys the Z grills that thing did awesome I’m really impressed by it it
really is a good grill now what I really like about these grills is the price
point they really are excellent at the price that they are you can’t beat it it
really is a good grill go check it out I’ll leave a link in the description and
you guys can take advantage of the sale that’s going on all right there you go
spareribs on the Z grill thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed
this give me a big ol thumbs up throw me one of those if you’re not subscribed
make sure you’re subscribed and hit that Bell button so you can be notified every
time we upload a new video or go live thank you guys and I will see you on the
next episode Baum Grillin’z out come yet clear what do you think tell me which
one which one do you like I know they’re really good huh right what are you doing


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