How To Smoke Chicken on a Gas Grill- Barbecue Tips Tricks Hacks

how to use a gas grill as a smoker how to smoke chicken on a gas grill hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I’m going to show
you how to make best barbecue chicken ever it’s very
simple easy and it’s very delicious and it’s
great if you want to have some nice high quality food for a crowd set up such as a potluck Super Bowl party things like
that the only three simple chicken drumsticks Creole seasoning and smoke because barbecue just isn’t barbecue without smoke so whether you use a smoker or a charcoal
grill or what I’m going to do today is use a gas
grill and apply smoke techniques to that and these are going to be
great you’re going to love it the first thing I do is prepare the
chicken you want to figure 3 drumsticks per person then we want to remove the skin the skin is not good for you and it doesn’t allow the rub to penetrate the meat so it doesn’t give it the same flavor you are not making fried chicken so you want to
take your drumstick hold it on meaty end and take paper towel and grab ahold of the skin pull it off should come off in one piece slides right off and there you have your drumstick I removed all the skin so my chicken is prepared and now I’m going to apply dry tub and you sprinkle dry rub you don’t rub it and allow it to saturate itself into the meat let it sit for at least
four hours overnight is best if you wake up in the morning
you are having guests later this is an easy recipe you can do in one day so you want to get your favorite
Creole seasoning I used to mix some and I have tried a lot of them my family prefers Emerils Essence so that’s what I am going to use today I go to the store I grab a pack of chicken a bottle of Creole seasoning go home and get busy preparing my smoked chicken drumsticks take your rub sprinkle it evenly over the chicken finished applying the rub so I’m take my tongs turn each one over apply the rub to the other side carefully turn them over once you get them all flipped over then take your dry rub and you sprinkle it thoroughly and lightly on this side I finished putting on the rub cover with plastic wrap and
put it in the refrigerator know that you can leave it for four
hours up to 24 hours but you are not supposed to put cold meat directly into smoker or grill take it out of the refrigerator one hour before you put it in the smoker come up closer to room temperature when you put it in the smoker it is 15 minutes until I put the meat in turn the grill on lowest temperature just 1 burner lowest temperature place the chip tray over the lit burner should be 300 degrees it’s been about 15 minutes come
up to temperature smoke is smelling delicious I’m going to
put the chicken on don’t add any sauce until the last ten or
fifteen minutes and put it out quickly so that you don’t let all your smoke and heat escape all the chicken is on come back and check in 15 minutes it’s been about half the time so I’m
going to turn these over to get them grilling on the other side there are about 15 minutes left so I’m brushing the sauce onto the chicken you
don’t want to do it before that because it will just burn and this way it on meld with the smoke
and make it extra delicious it’s been about an hour chicken is done at 185 degrees when the meat is firm the juices run clear and the meat pulls away from the bone sure you
use a perfectly clean dish and tongs don’t use the ones you used with raw chicken and if there was any
left over sauce discard it because you touched raw meat with it this is
going to be so delicious this is a real crowd pleaser get it into your pan get
ready to take it to the table to a party you will amaze your friends and
yourself how delicious this is try making the chicken please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


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  8. Going to try this recipe today. Very good videos with clear, concise instructions. For anyone that hasn't seen her video on how to use a gas grill as a smoker, it's a must see. Rick

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