How To Sharpen Shun Knife On Whetstone


  1. Great video. How fine is this compared to the suehiro rika 5k? I know compared to shaptons, the choseras are finer when you compare the same grit ratings.

  2. what are your opinions on the lansky sharpening system?

  3. way too much talking!

  4. Aย 3000 grit stone from Chosera sharpens and polishes at the same time.ย  Would you happen to know which Shapton stone does the same?ย  A 2000 or 5000?ย  Thanks, great video

  5. I use sand paper 3000

  6. Would be interesting to see you sharpen a Shun Vegetable cleaver as well (

  7. thanks again for the the review and the info…

    to remove the burr is there another way to do it???

  8. After sharpening and polishing, is it advisable to run the knife through with the butcher steel?

  9. I really like the pattern of the knife. It looks like shiny fish skin.

  10. What's your opinion on the calphalon katana series? Can their steel come close to your more expensive knives? I've never been able to actually hold it whenever I go looking for one so idk of its quality

  11. Hi, i just refunded my pair of Global Sai causs they just didngt feel that exotic, i purchased a pair of Masahiro Mv Pro, chef knife 21cm and utility 15cm. I read alot of great things about them maybe you could try them out? Also i have another question; I use Shapton glass stones, 500, 1000 and 6000. What flattening plate should i get, will the Atoma 400 work for my 500 stone? Thank you

  12. ?Do you recommend knives from damask steel

  13. I can absolutely confirm the use of the Chrosera 3000 for sharpening and polishing as I have just finished doing it on several Japanese knives and it works really well, Fantastic stone.
    By the way I have decided to try also a leather strap with fine paste after the 3000 to achieve a mirror polish. My knives are unbelievable sharp now and I am very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Your vids are the best out there for sure. I wish I knew about them a year ago. I have a Shun classic with a few scratches on the blade from bad sharpening techniques while i was teaching myself to use a stone. so two questions: 1. Can I polish the scratches of the blade while leaving the sexy pattern marks alone.
    2. I'm looking for a good value set of stones that go through the whole grit range and include grip mats. Something that dosent require to much soak time has large surface area. Thanks man.

  15. Do you actually use all your knives? Or you just sharpen them because you like to sharpen knives?

  16. Well done video. I was told by a professional knife sharpener that when you use a waterstone , you should never rinse the dust and metal slurry, because the slurry is whats sharpening the knife, not the stone itself. Would you agree with this? It seems the answer is no since you quite often rinse the stone with water. Please advise, as I would like to know the proper technique. Thanks.

  17. I have another question. I have an older japanese knife I bought at a yard sale that has tiny chips in the blade edge. How would you recommend I deal with this? Should i take it to a professional and have them file it down? After I sharpened with my stones (6000 and 1000) I tried to sharpen, it still didn't cut paper cleanly. It was rough. I'm not sure how to fix this. Thank you in advance for your advice.

  18. Hey dude,
    Love your work!
    Question, I have a Shun Premier 8 inch knife and I use Kasumi 240/1000 and 3000/8000 stones, being that the Shun is a chisel edge blade what is the best way to go about sharpening it without damaging the edge/making it a V?

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Do you work in a knife shop? Do you provide services? Website?

  20. Do you know of any good knife sharpening services that are mail in?

  21. Do you recommend calphalon precision series?

  22. Hi, can you do a demo on the Shun Nagare? It has just came out I understood.

  23. You can get a Dimond stone and it has 4 side with 4 different grit but it's not a wet stone

  24. Hi, I've always been wanting to stone sharpen my knives but am too scared to do my good knives, should I start with bad knives and bad stone or good both or just a good stone?

  25. when you are polishing, does the entire knife face touch the waterstone?

  26. love this knife more than any other chef knife I've got my hands on. Its my everyday knife both at home and in the kitchen at the restaurant I work at. one thing to keep in mind if you are looking to own a Shun Classic knife of any sort is that if you are left handed you need to order a custom knife since the handles are not ambidextrous.

  27. Your videos are very informative. I also enjoy your approach to knife sharpening, and teaching style. Thanks.

  28. hi great vid man,I'm fortunate to have a few of these beautiful knives and can't wait to try out your technic on them. (i like my chefs knifes to be razor sharp )

  29. Can you make a vedio about How to sharpen yaxell dragon chefs knife :D?

  30. Hey, Ricky, can I ask you what kind of video camera you use for your videos?

  31. nice vid, wondering if you have any thoughts on the edgePro sharpening system. It sets a precise angle, what angle are you going for with the shun?

  32. Where can I buy a long and wide whetstone any suggestion?

  33. I like your videos very much.Just getting set up. Wondering where I can get wet stone holder and water tub?

  34. Hey Ricky, quick question, how often do you recommend sharpening knives using whetstones? I use my Zwilling chef's knife at least a few times a week when cooking/meal prepping.

  35. What tool can I use without using a stone? For a classic shun

  36. How do you maintain the 16 degree angle? Hand sharpening seems very imprecise. What am I missing?

  37. Hi Burrfection! I have a Chefs choice Manual Sharpener with 15*. Is it ok to use it on Shun Premiers even if the knives are at 16? Thank you!

  38. How do you know what angle to sharpen this at? That's my biggest struggle is making sure I'm getting the proper angle.

  39. Have you reviewed the masahiro 1000 yet? Your videos are super relaxing for me. Thanks!

  40. I have the same knife and whetstone and this does not work. Save your money and just get a cheap knife from walmart or macy's.

  41. Just resurrected an old Shun classic 10 inch classic. Before watching the video I had given up on it. I was already envied at work with one and now I .have two ha ha.

  42. cool I have the same knife, bought the 3 piece set … ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. How come you stop after the stone and dont finish with a leather strop ? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Great videos! It looks like you prefer to sharpen both sides with your right hand on the handle and flipping the blade, do you find this more consistent/better than switching hands? (I'm just starting to use stones but I switch hands to avoid fatigue and i prefer working with the blade away from me so I can see the angle from spine to stone)

  45. Thank you! Great job๐Ÿ‘

  46. I am shocked that the way you sharpen is so different from what I was taught 60 years ago. But, you obviously know what your are doing. Time to open my mind to other ideas. I have two Russel stones, a hard Arkansas and a soft Arkansas that I bought 45 years ago. I have no idea what the grit is, but I would bet the soft is at least 2000 and the hard is probably 5000 based on how they feel. I've always produced the best edge of anybody I know, but I have a daughter-in-law who is working in a high end restaurant doing prep work and I don't want to sharpen her knives all the time. Besides, she is 300 miles away. I'm going to tell her about your videos.

  47. doesnt this knife have a convex grind?

  48. WRONG !

  49. Hey Ricky . Whatโ€™s a good combo stone of 1000 and 6000 ? And also whatโ€™s the angle of the knife to sharpen this particular knife ?

  50. What degree do you sharpen this knife at?

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