How To Safely Make Tonic Water At Home || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends today in the kitchen we
are going to make tonic water and I know that as soon as I said tonic water
there’s probably already people writing comments down below about how dangerous
this is and you know what they they’re probably right it is a fairly not
necessarily dangerous but it is fraught with difficulties and one of the reasons
that this could be construed as a very dangerous thing to make is that the main
ingredient is cinchona bark and cinchona bark contains quinine and too
much quinine for certain people will cause problems too much quinine for
people who are on certain drugs will cause interactions that are problematic
and when you buy commercial tonic water in the grocery store or at the corner
store or at the liquor store it’s carefully measured how much quinine is
in that beverage well below the safe levels enough to give you the flavor
that you’re looking for and the bitterness that you’re looking for but
well within what is considered safe the problem with making it at home is you
have no clue how much quinine is actually contained in the bark for the
most part you’re not going to get a document saying certain percentages in
here so you need to be careful that you don’t use too much and a lot of the
recipes or formulas that I looked at had a lot of a lot a lot of chinchilla bark
in them which gave you a lot of quinine in the end beverage which could be a
problem so I’m trying to be very safe with the amount of chinchilla bark I’m
using I’m using chopped internal bark don’t use powdered and I sift it out all
of the powder to make sure that there’s none of that fine powder in there
because that fine powder will allow you to extract too much quinine so very
small amount of Kanchana bark in order to make sure that we have enough
bitterness the next thing I’m using is gentian route now gentian route is
incredibly bitter so the amount of bitterness that I’m going to get out of
the gentian route will make up for some of the chinchilla bark that I’m not
using in order to kind of stay in the safe side so I’m gonna put that in so
I’ve got females of water in here I’ve got the
barks in I’ve got it on kind of a medium-high heat I want to bring this up
to a boil if you’re only making bog-standard tonic water we would stop
at those ingredients actually no we’d add some citric acid and some salt bring
this up to a boil cover it let it boil for 8 to 10 minutes and then we would
move on to the part where we strain it out when we have the sugar but I’m not
gonna make bog-standard tonic water because one of the great things about
making this is when you make it at home can tailor to your own taste and you can
start to add other things to round out the flavor and part of this rounding out
the flavor also allows you to match it to your favorite gin so that when you
mix two together you get an amazing cocktail and I’ve had the great
privilege of sitting down a few times with one of the major gin distillers and
go through this process of making our own tonic to match their gin and of
course they do it with extracts so that you can quickly make five or six
different ones over the course of an hour and a half or two hours so you’ve
got all the extracts like orange peel and lemon and and that sort of thing I’m
gonna make it right from scratch I’m gonna use some of the components that I
really like from those experiments and we’re gonna make it here we’re gonna see
what happens so next in I’ve got cardamom allspice black pepper and these
are whole I didn’t crush them or crack them or
break them or anything I’m just putting them in because they’re gonna boil and
they’re gonna steep and we’re gonna get the flavor out of them next in is some
chopped lemongrass we have lime peel lemon peel and orange peel so as this
comes up to a boil I’m going to put a lid on it and I’m just gonna leave the
lid cracked a little bit so some steam can escape and we’re gonna let that go 8
to 10 minutes smells great in here absolutely
fantastic so I’m going to take this off the heat and I’m going to strain out the
big bits now depending on how fine your strainer is and if you have any small
floaty bits you may want to put this through a coffee filter if you don’t
have any little floaty bits or fine particulate which I don’t think I do
you might not I think I might do it just in case okay so I’m glad I took the time to put it
through a coffee filter because it really did trap a lot of really fine
particulate matter so liquid back into the pot and now we need to dissolve this
sugar into that liquid let’s give it a taste first oh it’s perfect
that’s perfect okay so the sugar in I’ve got the heat on that is the maximum
amount of sugar that that liquid will take we’re gonna bring this up to the
point where it is fully dissolved we’re going to keep stirring it until it is
fully dissolved and then I’m going to pour it off let it cool and then we’ll
come back for tasting so Glenn you have been talking about
this for a while you finally made it tonic yes it’s good to go there’s a round flavor there it’s got
the tart the bite that I like a boat on yeah but it’s got another flavor in
there that I’m not used to in tonic that is yes so instead of just doing the the
quinine bite or that really tart over-the-top bitter that that it usually
is I rounded it out with a bunch of other flavors okay and I think that I
haven’t quite got the ratio yet of of sirits yeah I think it could stand a
little bit more syrup it’s super syrupy it is ver serving a lot of the other
beverages we made yeah now I know at the beginning I said don’t go overboard with
the chinchilla bark because quinine is dangerous but of course you can play
with the mixture at you know what you want you could definitely bump it up you
could definitely put in some of the other bittering agents that I used right
so the gentian route certainly would add to that so you could add more I think
this is something that you can play with and you find your own balance of what
you’re looking for that’s the best thing about making anything yourself right so
you play with this tonic so that it suits whatever gin that you want to
drink it with and if you’ve got a favorite gin then you start to add in
those flavors that are in the gin or complementary flavors to the gym I think
this is quite nice I think I could actually drink this more than I could
drink a can of tonic water I like both mm-hmm so I’m gonna use this
in the cocktail series that I’m hoping to shoot towards the end of September
beginning of October they’ll start to show up on Friday nights so I guess the
first one that we’ll do will be a gin and tonic they’re stopping by see you
again soon just patrícia luck you


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  21. I quit drinking and now I like club soda. I feel like a good blend would be the 50/50 regular and potassium salt. I dont like tonic without booze.

  22. Quinine quite literally allowed the British to dab on their tropical colonies without being BTFO by malaria.

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    Peoples addiction to sugar, can best be seen through an analogy where someone goes for the natural "wholefood" use of Opium, which is admitedly not as strong as the factory made white heroin that is in everything these days. It's everywhere because otherwise people get sick & strung out unless they "snack" on heroin infused food several times a day.

    BTW, I recently saw the ad that I think you shot for I think a brand of whisky. You showed a part of it in your behind the scenes video. You are quite the cinematographer/post artist. Colour me Impressed!

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    Edit. Never mind, it's a syrup recipe, my bad.

  36. Greetings Glen! The one thing I keep asking myself and I'm sure there are others that ask the same questions to themselves is can you formulate a cola or a soft drink or even tonic water using an artificial sweetener. Alcohol itself is loaded with a lot of calories. I use the tonic water, a 4 oz chilled glass to relieve leg cramps especially when I am working all day and on my feet all day or if I am on my knees doing gardening and have shorted myself accidentally on hydration. The tonic water which is diet which I buy at Wally's World for $0.98 a bottle in the US will relieve those cramps in just a minutes. Yes it is the quinine and you actually have to limit yourself to the amount especially if you're going to be combining it with mixed drinks that may also have tonic water in.

    Have you ever noticed that when you sit on Old bar stool for any length of times you also get leg cramps. You think it has something to do with the selling of the quinine products? I used to work at evening Supper Club. And the owner taught me about this and how to spot people that are in need of a small dose of quinine. That especially when you're on your feet all day many people tend to develop the agony of leg cramps in the evening after work after they sit down to rest. Nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night experiencing the leg cramps after an active day. So I always keep a bottle or two on hand for a quick shot to gain relief. If you are a chronic leg cramp suffer talk to your doctor about the use of tonic water. Remember the dose is 4 oz of DIET commercial tonic water better if chilled. I love that grapefruit flavor and it makes it go down easier. I don't know what gives it that flavor if it's the quinine itself or the root you mention if it's some added ingredients. But it's something that I always have on hand. I have to do research to see if that root is available here in the United States.

    I'd like to add that I have tried making several of the products but never got further than trying to get the ingredients, Neroli oil. It is so expensive here in the United States not that it's used in tonic water. So I ordered it from Canada and lo and behold I got a letter from the Customs Inspection Department telling me that I was not getting my order of my Neroli oil. Contact them, I did. I was told by an agent that it is on the homeland security list of prohibited substance to be imported into the United States. I asked the agent if we were talking about the same type of flavoring used in the production of soft drinks. the agent could not tell me. All they knew was that it was on a list that was produced by Homeland Security as a costic solvent. I ordered 5 ml at 20 dollars plus shipping. No license or accrediated credentials, no product. I still searching for someone in the United States who has the product for sale.

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  39. F.O.T. Friends of Tonic. Years ago my cocktail of choice was a G&T. and then I found that both separate from each other , Gin to the left tonic to the right was just fine too. A cold glass of tonic on a hot humid day was about as refreshing to me as just about anything, including a dip into a cold mountain stream. I was a Schweppes guy through and through. Talk about brand loyalty. This recipe looks great!!!

  40. Great video as usual, really looking forward to the cocktails series 😀

  41. Sir, What kind of CO2 we used for this, from where we get this

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  43. I recall during in hospital ill with heart & lung problems (severe arrythmia) my father's doctor administered Quinine. I read food labels and since I noticed quinine in tonic water, I stay away from it.

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  59. Fascinating. I still can't get the "studio out in the back shed" out of my mind. Tonic water has been a real big issue of mine for years and years and years. Here in the United States until fairly recently, the main choices where Canada Dry, Schwepps and the cheap generic variety. Why ruin a good gin with garbage tonic water? The main ingredient, HFC's, high fructose corn syrup that ruins it and the questionable safety of that filth. Personally, I don't consume anything with that. At most bars, they STILL only have the junk tonic water that squirts out of the gun for the most part. Finally, several years ago, premium tonic waters have popped up here that are much better quality, use real cane sugar (still unhealthy) and have different flavor components depending on one's taste preference. Now, at least where I live in "Booze City 24/7", Las Vegas. Just about all the major supermarkets, specialty supermarkets and all the liquor stores carry the premium stuff. Fun to watch you make your own batches of it but would never attempt it on my own.

  60. I think you are pretty safe. Leg cramps were historically treated with 200 – 300 grams of quinine. I doubt you extracted anywhere near that.

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  95. Thanks for watching everyone! Check out our bagged Milk T-Shirts ( Full recipe in the description box above.

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